Fingers of 2 Unstable Men on the Nuclear Triggers: Weeping Vladimir Putin – Drugged Obama a “Terrified Little Man in a Big Job He Can’t Do’”

I: At a state visit to Mongolia, pres. Vladimir Putin is obviously weeping during the ceremony of the national anthem. He seems to be under great emotional stress.

II: Also, Pres. Obama seems to be mentally so unstable that ret. Lt. Colonel Ralph Peters, Fox News 4 Sept. 2014 stated: Obama ‘Is a Terrified Little Man in a Great Big Job He Can’t Do’
Peters said that Obama won’t be able to get states in the Middle East to step up and support the U.S. “because they cannot trust Obama.”

Furthermore,  Lt. Colonel Ralph Peters said in Newsmax 2 Sept. 2014: “I’m starting to feel like he can’t make a decision, that we have a president who has a real psychological problem, that he can’t face responsibility.”

Peters said Obama has “remarkably little curiosity about the world,” which may explain why he reportedly ignored his own daily briefings over the past year that ISIS was a growing threat.
Obama was “throwing away the tremendously hard-won inputs our intelligence community was trying to send to the White House,” Peters said. “We may just have a president who is just incapable of rising to the challenges of the office.
As a result, the world sees the United States as weak and indecisive, he said.

Another site brings this bizarre behaviour by Obama at a telephone conversation with British Prime Minister David Cameron. This behaviour suggests that Obama is drugged.





obama-cokeRet. Lt. Colonel Ralph Peters´ last assignment was to the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence. He is a frequent commentator on Fox News.

Another explanation in the case of Obama
is that this Muslim Brother does support the  IS(IS) Caliphate.
However, Obama does have a  drug past  – and some think that he is still taking drugs.




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