UN´s Sneaky Take over of World Governance: Law of the Sea and of the Internet

Many initiatives to build the New World Order are covert and unknown to the public – although they are of the utmost importance, depriving us of our freedom and wealth. e.g. there are concrete efforts, to introduce a top secret global taxation by the UN  as well as to transform the IMF into a  global central bank

The US senate has long been after the free internet – under the leadership of John D.Rockefeller IV, who does not like criticism of his New World Order initiatives. Under the guise of antipiracy legislation, he and his consorts want to shut down critical websites. The White House also supports control of the free internet which reveals their dirty tricks concealed by their bought MSM.

I: The UN was created to be the bureaucratic one world government and is now taking over control with the worldwide web.
New American William F. Jasper 23 Aug. 2014: The United Nations will convene its 9. Annual Meeting of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) on September 2-5 in Istanbul, a gathering that is bound to have a profoundly negative impact on worldwide freedom through the UN’s designs for “global governanceover cyberspace.

The IGF is stacked from top to bottom with communists, socialists, and globalists – just like the UN.

The Turkish host government is  infamous for censoring the Internet and being “the world’s leading jailer of journalists”.
1. The person overseeing the Istanbul meeting  is Wu Hongbo, under-secretary-general of the UN’s Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA), his real bosses being leaders of the Communist Party of China (CPC) which is aggressively controlling the Internet.

Hongbo will be joined in Istanbul by fellow CPC comrades, folks who have helped build and maintain China’s shameful “Great Firewall” used by the Communist regime to spy on, censor, restrict, and police Internet usage.

RUSSIA ELECTION2. Among those representing Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin at the IGF/Istanbul is Duma member Robert Aleksandrovich Schlegel, the  spokesman for the Russian Internet Governance Forum, Schlegel was press director of the “Nashi” movement, Putin’s version of the Hitler Youth. A recent article in the International Business Times reports the sorry plight of Internet freedom under Putin’s regime. Schlegel is a leading pusher for imposing Putin’s model of cyberspace control on the entire Internet.

3. The Internet Governance Forum  is dominated  by leaders of the Socialist International, which traces its lineage to the First International founded by Karl Marx. Its members are completely at home inside the United Nations.

socialist-international1socialist international2Prominent Socialist International members have dominated many of the UN’s agencies, departments, commissions, and conferences for decades.
Perhaps the most significant person in the Socialist International orbit regarding “global governance” of the Internet is High-Level Panel member Nitin Desai, a former UN under-secretary-general and former secretary-general of the UN’s World Summit for (Communist) Sustainable Development. “Climate change is the mother of all externalities —  and potentially catastrophic in its impact,” he said at the 2012 UN Rio + 20 Congress.

II. The forces behind the warfare against the freedom of expression in the internet
The New American 20 Aug. 2014 William F. Jasper:  Press release from
1. Chatham House on January 22 of this year
: “Carl Bildt, Sweden’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, will chair a new Global Commission on Internet Governance, launched by The (i.a. Rockefeller supported) Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) and the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA, also known as Chatham House).”

round-tableThe Royal Institute for International Affairs is the British cabal of globalists who serve as the de facto governing class of the U.K., in much the same manner that its New York-based sister house, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), operates in the US.
Comment: Like the CFR the RIIA is an offspring of Rothschild´s/Cecil Rhodes´ Round Table.

2. The effort to transfer that control to the UN — including Internet taxing, censoring, and surveillance powers — is already far advanced. The Obama administration has already begun the phased transfer of Internet control to a nebulous and uncertain governance structure that has been set up as an innocent-appearing transition platform that, ultimately, is set for transfer to UN control.

chertoff3. In a recent essay entitled, “The Strategic Significance of the Internet Commons,” former Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff (right) describes cyberspace and the Internet as a “global commons”.

Published in the Summer 2014 issue of Strategic Studies Quarterly, a journal published by the Air Force Research Institute, Chertoff writes: Cyberspace, much like the high seas, air, outer space, and Antarctica, should be viewed as the newest global commons.… Cyberspace is a strategic resource that is essential to today’s global economy yet poses unprecedented risk and vulnerability. Like the development of global governance for the high seas and outer space, cyberspace needs global governance

law of the seaIII: Chertoff seems especially enamored of the  UN Convention on the Law of the Sea.  But the UN has no direct operational role in the implementation of the Convention.  This is revealing, inasmuch as LOST has been a cauldron of controversy for decades, since it would: a) challenge the sovereignty of our inland and coastal waters; b) give the UN pretended legal authority over “all ocean space”; c) give the UN a huge constant revenue stream from seabed mineral rights and sea lane taxes ; d) subject our naval operations to UN interference; and much more.

Moreover, LOST may confer upon the UN, for the first time, the ability to tax Americans directly as well as endless litigations, by foreign NGOs and dictators, all without congressional approval and against  every productive enterprise (oil, farmers, manufacturers e.g.).

Nonetheless, Senate ratification of LOST is a “top priority” for the new Obama administration as well as Senator Hillary Clinton, Secr. of State John Kerry, Vice President Joseph Biden, ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, Clinton’s former Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott, head of Brookings,  who approvingly predicted in his 1992 Time magazine essay, The Birth of the Global Nation,” that someday “nationhood as we know it will be obsolete; all states will recognize a single, global authority.” Strobe Talbott, a foreign-policy adviser to Barack Obama and Susan Rice’s Brookings boss and mentor signed a letter to Senate leaders in 2007 urging approval of LOST. Leon Panetta, President Obama’s choice to head the CIA and later Secr. of Defence, is also a major LOST promoter.
Also, Pres. Bush jr. promoted LOST (NSPD-66)

global governance 2025In his April 8, 2004 testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee, William J. Middendorf II, a former secretary of the Navy and former ambassador to the Netherlands and the Organization of American States, identified “loss of sovereignty” as the most important problem with the Law of the Sea Treaty.


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