James Foley. The Free Internet Has Unmasked MSM: Damage Control – Execution Being Staged Goes Viral

As demonstrated by e.g. this blog, the beheading of James Foley was a staged media scam on behalf of their Illuminati owners to justify US/NATO attacks on Syria.

Now, the whole world can see what scum these MSM is – but only due to the endeavours of the free internet.
That is the reason why the Illuminati and their politician puppets are making an extreme effort to control the internet: They want to kill the truth for their own satanist and here purposes. I shall report on that effort in my next post.

In fact, the whole war on terror is a scam. It has only one purpose, viz. to control us in the one-world state  and must, therefore, go on perpetually – as George Orwell said.

NB: I cannot recommend my readers enough to listen to  this Interview with Henry Makow. In it, the whole secret behind this deception of the world is being clearly explained.


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