Swedish Prime Minister Moves to White Neighbourhood, Saying: Open Your Hearts! No Money for Swedes: Everything Must Be Spent on Unlimited Immigration

For many years, the politicians have been  concealing the truth: Their ideological Muslim mass immigration costs us our welfare state and sends us into poverty. Here is the proof:

For many years, Sweden has been an immigration madhouse and one of the most virulent germs to demographically kill the European white race in a suicidal ecstacy – welcoming practically all setting foot on Swedish soil from the failed Muslim world. In return Sweden is now a failing state itself.
When accepted there the immigrants can freely move to other states where by and by the welfare is temporarily more favourable (Schengen), until those states also fail. All this is a part of a fiendish plan of our parliamentarians to destroy our European societies completely acc. to Tony Blair´s speech writer, Andrew Neather and Danish Parlamentarians.

euromediterranean processThis NWO disease has a name: The Euro-Mediterranean Process aka the expanded NWO-regionalized  Union for the Mediterranean in which the European media and citizens have been paralyzed by dictatorial brainwashing censorship in the name of “political correctness”. So, the entire Swedish and European populations are totally paralyzed and putting up with their own destruction.euro-med

Now the Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt has the nerve to start his election campaign by telling the Swedish electorate that they will become impoverished through his sick ideology which is nothing but Weishaupt´s/Rothschild´s  program to kill off nation states and Christianity by means of corrupt politicians. His ideology is even a racist war against the white race (EU father Coudenhove Khalergi and Nicolas Sarkozy).  In former days this was called high treason. Now it is the highest virtue of the NWO.
To the following story belongs that Reinfeldt is now moving to a white area, leaving the suffering through his multicultural anarchy society policy to  his fellow humans, while he is in safety.

fredrik Reinfeldt Fria Tider 16 Aug. 2014:
◾Astounding statements in the Swedish Prime Minister’s speech today
◾Admits high costs of immigration – urges Swedes to bite the bullet and pay
◾ “Open your hearts!” said Reinfeldt …
◾ … and move yourselves to a white neighborhood after election.

During 2014 and 2015 a total of 400,000 immigrants are expected to ask for a residence permit in Sweden, the Migration Board’s forecast shows. If the figure holds, it will total  1 million people in five years, and now Fredrik Reinfeldt for the first time acknowledges that mass immigration is not profitable for the Swedes.

reinfeldt + hand to cheek– I can already say that it will lead to huge costs, said Reinfeldt before his summer speech  in Stockholm today.

The prime minister, who has a monthly salary of 148,000 dollars and plans to move to a white neighborhood in Täby after the election defeat in the fall,  strongly advocated an internationalist leftist perspective, viz. that Swedish taxpayers should help him  “make a better world” using tax money.

– Now, I beg the Swedish people to be patient with this. To have solidarity with the outside world. We need to pull together to make it. In the long run, we are creating  a better world in this way, Reinfeldt said during his speech.

swedish-women-rape-victimThis 14-year-old Swedish girl was raped by a Gambian gang in her home town, beautiful Jönköping and got pregnant. This is Reinfeldt´s solidarity and concept of being a humane superpower! By humanity he means the free hustle and bustle of more and more Swede-scorning immigrants – for in his view,  the Swedes are obviously just tax payer cattle – not real humans. His better world is for the Muslims – at the cost of the Swedes.

Sweden, my friends, is something of a humanitarian superpower, he noted further.

Investments in Swedish poor pensioners or unemployed youth will not be made.  Sweden simply lacks the money for the Swedes since everything must be spent on  immigration, Reinfeldt explained.
– It will cost you money, we will not be able to afford much else, but it’s really people fleeing for their lives.

– It leads to discussions at home in Sweden, what it will cost, and I can already say that it will lead to great expenses, he revealed to reporters.

The 49-year-old with a high income then explained to the Swedes that it is just to bite the bullet and pay for the increasing immigration.

Open your hearts!  Fredrik Reinfeldt exclaimed in his speech.

reinfeldt-freemason-signAftonbladet 17 Aug. 2014:  Fredrik Reinfeldt also said that Finance Minister Anders Borg
will bring up how this will affect the state budget.

fremason-square-angleFredrik Reinfeldt is a Bilderberger, of course (2006 – he flew on Jewish tycoon Wallenberg´s jet   to Toronto). Left he is making the sign of the Masonic emblem. Acc. to Sveriges Radio.blogspot 5 March 2014, Reinfeldt has illegally granted Swedish tax kroner for Afghan heroin production.
In an interview with ‘Aftonbladet’, Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt said that he hates Nationalists and immigration critics. “It is obviously deeply known that I do not like xenophobia and racism,” he says.

This is the way all of Europe is going: due  to a sick NWO ideology about creating a racially mixed homogeneous mass, a soulless world population, Europeans are being deprived of their welfare, security, democracy and identity in favour of  more and more Islam like this: Sura 9:5 – “Fght and slay the Pagans wherever ye find them, an seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem” and there is much more of that kind. For “There is no such thing as moderate Islam. This term is ugly and offensive. Islam is Islam, and that´s it”,  says Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan.

It is grotesque that we are forced to pay for this outrage and to be demographically crowded out by such an inhuman culture in our native lands,  that we put up with it without giant demonstrations and without voting politicians out. Therefore, we are giving our children the heritage  seen everywhere in the Muslim world today.  We are outrageous, too.

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  1. Martin Voigt says:

    “Während der Besatzung Deutschlands muss die Einwanderung und Ansiedelung von Ausländern, insbesonders ausländischen Männern der Dritten Welt, in die deutschen Staaten gefördert werden.” (Dies schrieb im Jahre 1943 (!) der jüdische Harvard Professor Ernest Hooton)
    Scheinbar gilt das auch für das schöne Schweden. (Ulla ich habe Dich und dein Land oft vermisst).

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