Climate/Environment I: In Spite of His Statements, Barroso Considered Them Unimportant

illuminati-horus-osiris-eye-200barroso-eu-one-eyeIn May, I wrote on José Barroso´s swan song in which he praised the secret TTIP and spoke of a Europe from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Furthermore, he disclosed his and the EU´s real  task:  “Global Europe was one of my main tasks.” And he said the world system also adapts itself to forging a new world order and a world government. “Either we contribute to its reshaping or we miss the future.”.

UAH GlobalMonthlyTempSince1979The global surface temperature graph is from the University of Alabama Huntsville

I have previously often described the  NWO climate fraud and here and here and here here and here and here and here and here as well as its purpose, the NWO Agenda 21,   and the scientific obituary of the  EU´s gigantic “man-made CO2-global warming”  hoax: A One World Eco-Regime through “Extraordinary Crisis” – Governed as in China. The EU´s Climate Commissioner even had the nerve to publicly state:  “EU policy on climate change is right even if science was wrong.”
This even after  Phil Jones, the Climate Gate chief imposter, confessed, there is no global warming since 1995, and  Rajendra Pachauri, the IPCC chief, openly admits that the “climate problem” is just politically commissioned work. But the climate fraud is also a huge source of revenue for the bankers at our cost.  The hypocrisy is clearly visible here and here

 José Barroso knows about this lie – but has constantly been boasting of the EU being committed to playing a leading role in global climate policy making – not least  up to the UN 2015 summit in Paris, where countries are set to agree a global emissions deal, and here.

barroso666He has preached that by 2020, three objectives should be enforced in the EU countries: The share of renewable energy should rise to 20 percent. Greenhouse gas emissions should fall by 20 percent. Energy should be used by 20 percent more efficiently, based on 1990.

And here comes the truth about the former Maoist  Communist Barroso: He has become the banksters´ man.
On 22  Jan. 2014, he even said:An ambitious 40% greenhouse reduction target for 2030 is the most cost-effective milestone in our path towards a low-carbon economy. And the renewables target of at least 27% is an important signal: to give stability to investors”.

With only weeks remaining before the Commission President steps down, tongues are beginning to loosen at the EU executive.

barroso-ordrer-of-malta-nwohead-of-the-knights-of-malta-thumbEurActiv 5 Aug. 2014:  Barroso wanted to be ‘big on the big things and small on the small things’ and the environment was one of the small things,” an official said.
A lot of environmental plans were blocked, one senior EU official told EurActiv.Barroso’s general attitude was that environmental stuff doesn’t matter.”

It now appears that key legislative proposals put forward by the Commission’s own environment directorate were quashed by Barroso and his secretary-general, Catherine Day, after being deemed unimportant.
“If you look at the Commission’s work programme for 2013-14 you will find a lot of environment proposals that didn’t happen,” one senior EU source told EurActiv.
“They didn’t happen because we were told that they couldn’t happen,” the source said.

The Commission’s 2013 work programme included plans to revise the strategy on ‘gender-bending’ endocrine disruptor chemicals (EDCs) to better protect public health and the environment.

barroso-pthAlthough biomass makes up 50% of Europe’s renewable energy, a lack of carbon accounting rules means that it can be imported from non-Kyoto Protocol signatory countries such as the USwhose exports to Europe doubled last year – with no guarantees that forests have not been felled to produce it.
In April, Commission officials announced that the publication of draft criteria for bioenergy had been postponed until after 2020. Catherine Day is widely believed to have been one of the blockers.
All that now remains of an EU commitment to publish guidelines to ensure binding sustainability criteria for biomass by 2014, is a staff working group document which considers a variety of non-binding options.

Why did Mr. Barroso block climate and environment initiatives.
Not because he knew they were fraud – which he no doubt does know.
1. Barroso´s and Day’s hands were tied by conservative member states.
But there are stronger forces in play
2. Environmentalists single Barroso´s  perceived tilt to business interests out when it comes to green legislation.
A senior EU official said: The endocrine strategy was blocked because of lobbying by the cosmetics industry”.
A separate proposal to scrap the Fuel Quality Directive ended up in the 2030 package. A senior official said: “I think the pressure came from the US and the fossil fuels industry.”
Earlier this year, the Green MEP Claude Turmes complained to EurActiv that “the manipulation from Barroso and Catherine Day around the 2030 [climate and energy] package is just gigantic. It is intended to please the British and destroy EU policy on renewables and energy efficiency.”

Now, these investors meant much more to Mr. Barroso than his words to the public.  No wonder – Mr. Barroso is in bed with  Rothschild´s  Round Tables,  the European Round Table of Financial Services   – Rothschild´s EU controller and The European Round Table of Industrialists.

Barroso-Round-table of industrialists


EUObserver 15 Nov. 2013  describes a secret meeting between Barroso and The European Round Table of Industrialists  on 19 Febr. 2013, where the Industrialists presented their demands to the EU´s labour market and other policies – incl. wages.   Arbejderen DK brings the above photo from the meeting with the names of the participants – incl. Barroso and writes: “On March 18, 2013 The European Round Table of Industrialists ‘s top officials met with the leaders of Germany and France. There is no record of that meeting. But two days later, on 20 March,  Barroso presented the EU suggestion  that EU countries must enter into binding contracts with the European Commission on their reform programs. It was to be be mandatory for euro countries.

Barroso and de Larosiere present a report of a a high-level group of financial experts in BrusselsIn 2009, Barroso had ordered a survey of the finance control authorities which totally neglected their duty to control – and so paved the road for the financial/economical crisis. Chairman of the survey  of the High Level Group on Financial Supervision was Barroso´s good friend, Bilderberger and former Trilateral Commisioner, Jaccques de la Rosiere, a former chief of the IMF and the Banque de France.

This Group consisted of very prominent people from the Wall Street banks – and Wall Street´s power house, Ottmar Issing. The High Level Group was dominated by the very kind of people with strong connections to the financial industry that created and here the crisis in the first place. The Commission has again gone for a process ‘behind closed doors’…

barroso-dalli-2EurActiv 3 July 2014The European Ombudsman has launched an investigation into allegations that the European Commission – especially Barroso – has held undisclosed meetings with the tobacco industry, almost two years after the former health commissioner John Dalli (right – cash-for-influence) was forced to resign for the same reasons. The complaint was introduced by the Corporate Europe Observatory.
Under the UN rules, all meetings with tobacco industry groups have to be made public in order to limit as much as possible the lobby’s influence over health policy-making.

Follow the money – and you will find Barroso and the whole EU system there, created as it was by Rothschild´s CFR and modelled  after Hitler Germany´s IG Farben.



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