US and NATO Child IS(IS) Seems a False Flag of Muslim-Brother Obama for Planned Western Intervention in the Middle East

The Telegraph 8 Aug. 2014: Barack Obama has authorised airstrikes over Iraq in order to prevent “genocide” from being carried out by Islamic State jihadists. Mr Obama announced that he would approve targeted strikes on the fighters should they advance south towards the city of Erbil. “The US “cannot turn a blind eye”, he said. Mr Obama vowed he would not send combat troops to Iraq.
This is what Tony Cartalucci calls “implausible deniability. Now the UK, too, is considering bombing IS(IS).IS(IS)_message

And IS(IS)  is ready to play its part to escalate the game

IS is systematically killing Christians in Iraq – giving the choice between conversion to Islam or death – killing even Children.

The Telegraph 8 Aug. 2014: Listen carefully to senior administration officials, and it is clear that the mandate extends far beyond protecting Christians and the town of Erbil – to preventing Islamic State from destroying Iraq.


IS-beheaded childIS decapitates Christian children in Iraq. Now Obama has his strong argument for intervening in Iraq (by and by in Syria as well, as the Caliphate comprises parts of Iraq and Syria).
But I wonder why there is no more blood on the clothes of the girl: Decapitation is a very bloody affair. Was she first killed and then decapitated? Why should IS make double work? Or is the decapitation staged postmortem?… You cannot trust either side.

The strange thing is that the US and NATO have trained, funded and equipped the ISIS (now IS, like Al Qaeda an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood and here) alongside with Al Qaeda! But also Israel has trained and funded Al Qaeda (aka IS) – as well as treated their wounded in Israel (U.N. Disengagement Observer Force UNDOF ), sending them back to battle in Syria afterwards.

Activist Post 6 Aug. 2014 Nabil Na’eem, the former al-Qaeda commander recently gave an interview to Al-Maydeen where he stated that these organizations of Islamic terror were in fact controlled by the CIA:For instance, Issam Hattito, leader of the Muslim Brotherhood fighters (sister organisation of IS) in Syria is residing in Tel Aviv.

It seems the US is looking high and low for a justification of intervention in the Middle East – and now they let their Muslim Brotherhood daughters, Al Qaeda and IS produce it for them .

It was The Chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Martin dempsey and defence Secretary Chuck Hagel who stopped Kerry on his warpathacc. to The Wall Street Journal 9 April 2014 , which goes on: “The report places the war drive on Obama: “The current debate erupted in January after the White House put back on the table several proposals developed over the past two years, including strike options that Mr. Obama weighed late last summer to punish Mr. Assad for his alleged use of chemical weapons, the officials said.”

We remember John Kerry´s Hitler-like war speech, where he declared war on Syria due to the false Flag gas attack at Ghouta – recently shown by the famous US MIT University with certainty not having been committed by Syria! On 26 Aug. 2014, I wrote that the “corpses” in the morgues dod not look dead!  It was just as mendacious as Colin Powell´s UN address before Iraq War II.

Acc. to Veterans Today on 3 Sept. 2013,  private emails of Col. Anthony J. Macdonald, who is the General Staff Director, Operations and Plans Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence of the US Army Staff more than indicated that Ghouta was just a stuntto have the US attack.

What is Obama´s real role in this obviously orchestrated increasing chaos in the Middle East? That he is a Muslim, he confesses himself in this video.

But he is also a descendant of the English king John Lackland  and a relative of 7 US presidents , even Winston Churchill. He was groomed for president by Illuminati VIPs like Brzezinski and David Rockefeller, although he was born a British citizen in Kenya. The Constitution, which Obama largely bypasses by executive orders, demands a president to be born in the USA.
But there may be an even more surprising aspect about him.

Acc. to Western Journalism, he is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, the mother/sister organisation of the ISIS. Obama´s government is full of Muslim advisers. See video.

Some think he is the chosen leader of the Muslim Brotherhood – even the Caliph of the world Caliphate which IS(IS) says it is building!!

Anyway, Obama and his administration openly and repeatedly convene with the Muslim Brotherhood organisation ISNA – a declared financer of Hamas and other Muslim terrorist groups.

Obama´s  Department for Homeland Security is just as infiltrated by Muslims as his Government. Oddly, note that critical politicians blame Obama for supporting Israel´s enemies – and, by the way, also the USA´s enemies:

If all this is true – and it seems so – then Obama´s policy in the Middle East will lead to total chaos and disaster for Israel and the world. Considering that his IS(IS) also claims large proportions of Russia it will also mean confrontation with Russia.






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