The Horror of War. Putin Confidant: “There will be war in Europe”. West Maximally Provoking Russia. King George V Insisted on WWI

“A confidant of Putin´s  said that in the light of the geopolitical conflict over the Ukraine, the Yukos judgment by an international court (Russia must refund former  shareholders 50 bn. dollars) is irrelevant:”There will be a war in Europe. Do you really believe that this  then plays a role?”  Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten 29 Juli 2014.
The statement was first brought by the Financial Times on 28 July 2014.

The US Congress prepares legislation , which will almost certainly trigger this war: The Russian Aggression Prevention Pact of 2014.

war profitsOn the first of August, we will  commemorate the outbreak of WWI with over 16 million deaths and 20 million wounded. There were 7 mio. civilian dead.  On 4 August, the UK joined WWI. At the same time an uncanny Western cold war propaganda is being aired  – this time against Russia. The Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, Martin Dempsey, and the Pentagon compare Putin with Stalin! If a confrontation with Russia really happens the losses in WWI will be negilgible in comparison to the losses in such a WWIII. For Russia  only has the nuclear weapons option at present.
So, a reminder of the cruelty of war is appropriate.

nathaniel-rothschildI have previously described how British nobility had intermarried with Jewish finance elitists  – and how King Edward VII  was entirely dominated by Jews, in Particular Nathaniel Rothschild (right) was his “Rasputin” – and how the Rothschilds instigated WWI to crush a flourishing Gemany without a Rothschild central bank. And they wanted to promote the Judeo-Masonic NWO as well as  revenge on the Czar´s house and the establishment of Israel (Balfour declaration)

King George V  was highly loved by the British Jewish elite, incl. Rothschild.

The Telegraph 26 July 2014: A letter was  written by Sir Cecil Graves, (Foreign Minister) Sir Edward’s (Grey´s) nephew, who met with the King (George V) a month after his uncle’s death in 1933
The letter was unearthed by Sir Edward’s great-great-nephew and grandson of Sir Cecil, Adrian Graves. Mr Graves inherited Sir Cecil’s papers.

George-V-and-Edwar_2987549bThe King “told me of the interview he had with Uncle Edward two days before the outbreak of war. It lasted for one and a half hours,” Sir Cecil wrote.

“He told me that Uncle Edward had said that he could not possibly see what justifiable reason we could find for going to war with germany. “HM said in reply, ‘You have got to find a reason, Grey.’”

The King told Grey “that, if we didn’t go to war, Germany would mop up France and having dealt with the European situation would proceed to obtain complete domination of this country. “For that reason,” Sir Cecil wrote, “he felt that it was absolutely essential that whatever happened we had got to find a reason for entering the War at once…
Comment: The old British equilibrium policy  on the Continent. Previously,  France dwas the enemy.

“The next day he had a private letter from (Illuminatus) Poincaré [the French President] urging our participation in the War, and almost at the same time a telegram arrived from King Albert [of Belgium] about the violation of Belgium.
He sent this straight across to Uncle Edward with a note to the effect that here was the reason and there was no need for him to try and think of anything.” On August 3, shortly after receiving the King’s note, Sir Edward gave a speech to Parliament in which he said “it is clear that the peace of Europe cannot be preserved”.
He returned to his room in the Foreign Office and made the now famous remark as he watched the lamps being lit outside: “The lamps are going out all over Europe; we shall not see them lit again in our lifetime.” The following day Britain was at war.

King and bankers did not care about the numerous casualties of the king´s demand.

Jens Darup-Croisilles trenchLeft German trench at Croisilles, France, shot by Leslie Smith´s (see below) Grandfather with the Danish name of Jens Darup (Darup is a neighbouring village to my home). 6.000 German occupied Danish North Slesvigers were forced to die on German side in WWI for a cause they disgusted. Some Danes joined the British forces  – like Thomas Dinesen, brother of author Karen Blixen (Out of Africa). He loved the war! and was awarded the Victoria cross (wrote “No Man´s Land”, which I have read).

 This is what WWI was

Reports from a British WWI front Chaplain:
The Guardian 27 July 2014 Harry Leslie Smith: Rev. Richard Griffiths served as a chaplain to the forces in the 24th Field Ambulance VIII Division in France. He wrote about his experiences in a detailed journal; the extract below describes the execution of a deserter

3 June 1915: I received the shocking confidential information that one of the men was condemned for repeated desertion and cowardice and is to be shot. The message came late last night and I have been with him most of the afternoon. I sat on the edge of the dug-out talking, with him crouched on the straw. The bullets and shells did not matter, as this lad pleaded with me to do all I could for him, and I tried to bring him to truth, honour and God. Many thoughts weighed up.

Pro: His youth, not yet 20. His circumstances – an only son and his mother a widow. His health – he repeated that his head troubled him, and he did not know what he was doing.
Con: The selfishness of a man wishing other people to face dangers for him and unwilling to take his share. What right has any man to ask that? The need of discipline – on two battlefields he had run away, after being warned.

4 June 1915: 4.30am: It is all past – the hideous business. The actual agony was over in three minutes and the burial in another five. Everyone was assembled by 3.30am. He was a man who had made many scenes, and it was thought I should not speak with him again, and I felt that that was right. The sandbag bank, the hollow in front of it with the stake. The trench made for the purpose, along which were lined small detachments from other battalions. The firing party about 20 paces in front. The Provost Marshal, the Colonel, three or four officers, the doctor. I put on my black scarf and stood at the side, almost too stunned to pray. Behind came the prisoner, scarcely able to walk, pleading and groaning. As he turned the corner he suddenly dashed from his guard and ran wildly across the broken ground, stumbling, panting, able in his despair to reach an astonishing speed, and for the time, to outdistance the men, laden with their equipment. He was eventually caught, and as he came back facing us, he presented a pathetic figure. He was tied to the stake. His eyes were bandaged. “Past 4 o’clock,” said the Colonel to the Provost Marshal. A sudden quick crack and the huddled earthly form was separated from the soul gone to the beyond.

304 British soldiers were executed for “cowardice” and desertion during WWI.  Many of these “cowards” suffered from shell shock (video).

for king and country

For King and Empire: They were humans – with life before them, but for many of them very soon behind them. Was their king and his Rothschild friends  worth it?

4 June 1915, later: The strain of this morning has been rather much. Other men have gone from us, so many now, good and gallant – known to be sinful, some of them, but redeeming so much by dying bravely. One likes to recall them at a time like this. That abject cry: “Can I have the bandage off, sir? I want to see the sky” – cut short with the sharp crack, the quiet thud, the absolute silence, the stillness. The quick “about turn” to the firing party. The swish of an enemy bullet in the long grass across the path – it was difficult to pray.



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    Read sidney warburg Hitlers secret backers for even more support of this history.

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    yes putin is right i support him abosuluteley.

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