Downed Malaysian Passenger Aircraft MH17 Was Significantly off Course – to overfly 5 Ukrainian Anti-aircraft Misslie Batteries. Their Radar Was Active at the Time of the Shoot-down.Why?

Infowars 18 July 2014: The US and Ukraine have a tradition of false flag operations, i.a. 9/11 and shooting down civil aircraft to blame the crime on somebody else.

Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten 18. Juli 2014: The Boeing 777 (MH17) of the Malaysian Airlines, which was shot down on Thursday over the Ukraine obviously significantly deviated from the normal flight path.


J Just before the aircraft  was shot down it deviated from the usual route to the north of the territory of Donetsk, as the flight data of FlightAware show. The ten aircraft, which flew the same route before flight MH17 flew further south.

The Russian Defense Ministry has registered radar activities of a Ukrainian rocket position at the time of the crash, according to a report by the news agency RIA. Thereby,  a  Buk-type missile system, which is used for defense against fighter aircraft, helicopters and cruise missiles, is meant.

A possible explanation for the launch is that Ukraine wanted to shoot down a plane with Putin on board. The Russian government machine MH17 looks deceptively similar to the MH17. Therefore, the Ukrainian army MH17 have accidentally shot down.

Ria Novosti 18 Juli 2014The Malaysian Boeing 777 that crashed on Thursday over the Ukraine flew in an area where five Ukrainian anti aircraft  missile batteries are effective, according to the Russian Defense Ministry.

“Russian radio-technical equipment has registered the operation of the radar station Cupola on July 17,” the agency said on Friday. This radar station belongs to the Ukrainian battery of anti-aircraft missile systems Buk-M1, which is stationed in the area of Styla, 30 km south of Donetsk. “The technical characteristics of Buk-M1 enable data exchange between several batteries on air targets. Therefore, the rocket could be fired from each of the batteries in Awdejewka (eight kilometers north of Donetsk) or Grussko-Sorjanskoje (25 km east of Donetsk), “said the Defense Ministry of Russia.

The Pentagon makes Russia responsible for the downing.


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