This Is Our Children´s Muslim Future, Because We Do Not Stop Our Masonic Politicians´Mad Mass Immigration

“Our minarets are our spearheads, our mosques our barracks, their domes our helmets and the faithful our soldiers.” ( Aug. 21, 2007, Turkey´s Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan).
An he said about the often used term “moderate Islam“:”These descriptions are offensive and violate our religion. There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam. And that´s it!”

Dear readers.
Islam will be the dominant religion in the UK in 10 years  – many young Brits converting  The Commentator 13 June 2013:   By the year 2050, Britain will be a majority Muslim nation. The same is true of Denmark: Non-Western immigrants and their descendants will be in the majority in Denmark some time between 2035– 2047 – see graph below. The declining blue line is the number of Danes. The ascending lines are the number of the non-western immigrant population in Denmark under certain preconditions – extrapolations based on  the figures of Denmark´s Statics. Here is the future of your children/grandchildren



For as the development is now, we are handing them out to Islam. Everywhere in the Muslim world, Islam is showing us killing and humiliation of Christians, who have to pay the yisha tax to muslims,  just to try stay alive! This is what´s in store for our children and grandchildren once Muslim majority or mass terror (like in  Medina after Muhammad arrived) has introduced the Sharia in Europe. The Muslim Masonic Brotherhood has the plan for it.

The Daily Mail 28 June 2014: Abu Waleed, 35, was seen at event in Cardiff bedecked with ISIS flags.
Jobless Waleed – whose real name is Shahid Janjua – lives in a council house in Hounslow, West London, and claims benefits for himself, his wife and three disabled children.



Waleed says that under a British sharia state, non-Muslims will pay a tax called jiziya for protection. “We cover up all the women and put a niqab on their faces, including Queen Elizabeth and Kate Middleton as well, the whore, the fornicator”.
The preacher adds that when Britain becomes Muslim, a Christian must open his house and accommodate a Muslim at all times, giving up his bed and sleeping on the floor.

Much more on this Dhimmi state  can be read in Andrew Bostom´s article in The American Thinker 24 Nov. 2005.

Al Qaeda splinter group Isis has been joined by three young Welsh jihadis.  Here Abu Waleed pupils declare they will join ISIS in Iraq. Also, US Muslims have joined ISIS. At least 100 Danish Jihadists have joined this Al Qaeda fraction in Syria, fighting for its now proclaimed Caliphate – the Middle East tool of the US NWO for the Muslim brotherhood.

Omar BakriThe Independent 29 June 2014:  Omar Bakri was expelled for lifetime from the UK in 2005. Now he is applying to return for being torturtred in Lebanon – as he says (not verified). Bakri has been accused of founding militant Islamist groups Hizb ut-Tahrir and Al Muhajiroun, and of glorifying terrorists including those that perpetrated 9/11 and 7/7. He helped convert Michael Adebolajo, who took part in the murder of Lee Rigby and was a member of Al-Muhajiroun.

The Commentator:  When Muslims become a majority in large cities, will they not have a democratic right to teach Arabic, enforce a dress code and impart their deeply held ethical beliefs? By what principle would secular democratic Britain deny them this right? Britain (along with the rest of Western Europe) has experienced over the last sixty years what the UN refers to as one of the greatest population shifts in history. No country, no society, can have such a degree of foreign cultural settlement without its own culture being radically altered.

Men like Walleed and Omar bakri are coming at the invitation of “our” politicians with in the “advanced status” framework of the Euromediterranean Process and the Union  for the Mediterranean as well as as “suffering” refugees  in vast numbers.  Bet that most of our children will convert to Islam rather than live as dhimmis? For what cause did most of us  give them not to? We are spirtually dead – and so are they, mostly. They will be brainwashed  – becoming robot killers, too. When there are no more kufrs to kill they will still have infidel Muslim sects to wage war and killing on. For we are not resilient like Christians in Muslim countries. We are decadent.

Have you tried to put “our” NWO politicians under pressure to quit their mass immigration? Hardly. We have given up the bulwark against Islam, Christ and our values ​​associated with him, long ago – thanks to Adam Weishaupt´s / Mayer Amschel Rothschild´s communism – subsequently have little human value and thus deserve this future. Like all previous superior cultures, we shall therefore succumb to the barbarians.



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2 Responses to This Is Our Children´s Muslim Future, Because We Do Not Stop Our Masonic Politicians´Mad Mass Immigration

  1. Leon says:

    Apparently you have mixed up all the things together! While you are true about the hidden Masonic/Illuminati nature of the Western leadres, you have ignored or failed to make a coonection between the “Muslims” you’re reffering to and the agenda/ people behind this sinister move. It’s the very government mentioned by yourself, and they’re doing it on purpose. I remember the news reporting on thousands of extremists form the UK flying to Middle East to enter Syria and kill people. Was the British govt unaware!? Of course, not. Is the British govt blind about their plans to spread violence in the World? The UK and the European intelligence know much better than you. IT IS PART OF THE PLAN. Wahhabiism itself was created by the British colonial government almost 2 and a half centuries ago, and this is the fruit! Real Islam seems to be dead under these circumstances. Good Muslims never force other people to do whatever they like. I know good Muslims living with Christians and Jewish people, but the Satanic US and European governments never wanted peace. The rest is a show. Wasnt it the CIA who engineered the Al-qaeda group in Afganistan? Wasnt it the US troops in Iraq who released Al-Baghdadi in 2009? and this is their ISIS! Maybe those disgusing wahhabi videos is directly part of the job.

  2. Anders says:

    Hello. Leon.

    I don´t see any disagreement between us. What you write is entirely my opinion, too.

    Nevertheless, acc. to the Koran, Islam has a plan to rule the world – killing infidels. Emigration is part of the Islamic game – as confirmed by Ayatollah Khomeiney: “Our best weapon is the thick bellies of our women”! And our governments are inviting , by NATO´s wars chasing Muslims by the millions up here, thereby destroying our culture and welfare states.

    The Koran forbids friendship with infidels 3:28, 5:51.
    The Koran commands endless war and terror on infidels: 2:190-192, 2:216, 3:127, 141, 8:39, 8:60 (spread terror), 8:65, 9:1-5
    The Koran commands emigration to spread Islam to the whole world: 2:218, 4:97.
    Allah lets Muslims inherit the lands and houses of Christians where no Muslims had previously been: 33:27
    Infidels are apes and swine.

    This is the program of Islam: The world Caliphate – with the blessing and paid by of the NWO´s and our miserable, treacherous politicians and media.

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