Increasing Dissatisfaction with NWO/EU Dictatorship. Rapidly Growing German Anti-NWO “Vigil for Peace” Working for the Plan of Putin´s “Brain” and New Rasputin: “Russia Must Conquer Europe”?

The EU has never been a project for the people – but for the bank elite.  The origin of the EU  was the American Comittee for a United Europe (ACUE) of the U.S. Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), designed with  with the Nazi IG Farben as its model with its Nazi officials as architects and even masterminded by the SS.  So-called EU-fathers (Coudenhove Khalergi, Joseph Retinger, Spaak, Schumann, Monnet) were only paid CFR puppets.

Former German Foreign Minister,  Joschka Fischer, is a „Distinguished Diplomate“ of the Council on Foreign Relations and has worked with George Soros and the Danish Prime Minister and probably next EU Council President, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, to found  the “European Council on Foreign Relations“.

The CFR wants to govern the world by David Rockefeller’s “Studies Program”  – and is the actual U.S. government. As U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton  admitted to take her orders for the US foreign policy from the undemocratic, unelected Illuminati Club, the CFR. The CFR  was founded by the forces behind the US FED  – above all by the Jesuit, Edward Mandell House. Through the TTIP,  the EU/ Union for the Mediterranean/the countries of the Euro-Mediterranean Process are to merge with the United States-Canada.

The NWO ringleaders and here and here and here as well as their corporations and dominant undemocratic Societies behind the EU are becoming more and more obvious to people. In Germany a growing movement called the “Vigil for Peace”was founded by Lars Maehrholz and supported by Communist Jürgen Elsässer: Every Monday  silent protesters congregate  against the the U.S. FED, the EU-US coup in Ukraine, NATO/U.S. wars of aggression and the lies/silence of the mass media. They are largely ignored by the mass media – but are being gravely threatened: Maehrholz has received several death threats and seen the car of his friend explode after several  email bomb alerts. The police would not investigate the case.

Luke Rudkowsky is an American investigative journalist and against the NWO. He is co-founder of the “We Are Change” movement. He has been convicted of embezzlement – and supports the “Vigil”.

Here is an interview with Luke Rudkowski. From the 8:20 min mark, he is being interviewed about the “Vigil”.

Another activist in the “Vigil” is Pedram Shayar of the socialist  Attac Organisation  which is a radical globalist and environmental organization calling for “the common goods of humanity (health, education, water, air, biodiversity …) must be given an international status, which ensures their protection  and  its preservation on devoted financing through global taxes .”
It was founded by French  leftist politicians  and demands democratic control with the World Trade Organisation and international financial institutions like the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the European Union, the North American Free Trade Agreement, the American Free Trade Association, and the G8.

Such demonstrators are being increasingly seen as “terrorists” – as is any one opposed to the NWO system. Here is a video showing how an American journalist was arrested and threatened by the FBI for protesting against animal testing. Other demonstraters are also considered terrorists, because they have deviating opinions, are independent and therefore pose a threat to the NWO/Big Brother dictatorship.

On the blogs, many Italians speak against the EU.
Deutsche Wirtschaftsnachrichten 11.Juni 2014: They rebuke the Northern countries for enriching themselves by the debt of southern Europe: strong Germany rules, dictating the rules in her favor and buying up Italian government bonds (and thus Italy). Italian companies migrate to low-wage countries, more Italians are rapidly losing their jobs. “Therefore, demands for Italy to leave the EU and the euro  are increasing. So, a common fiscal policy cannot work at all. In Italy, 15 mio. people are threatened by poverty and here.

Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten 4.Juni 2014: Higher prices and low inflation result in social conflicts in Europe.
Therefore, accelerated money printing has been decided. Rothschild´s  central banks will be the largest owners of the States. The IMF presented a program for savers, investors and retirees having to pay for the debt orgy DWN 26 Juni 2014.

DWN 24 Juni 2014:  The EU is apparently planning to set up a new police unit, to act in all Member States namely to protect all the refugees  so generously being invited into the EU. But the police powers may be extended to other areas without further legislation.

eurojust_color_473Besides, the EU is in advanced stage of preparing a European Prosecutor.

Measures to monitor the attitudes of EU citizens are in preparation: Society does not punish the perpetrators, but those from whom it fears that they might commit a criminal act. “Prevention of extremism and the fight against racism, anti-Semitism and xenophobia are defined and implemented as a permanent internal political core mission.”

eurogendforThe  EU already has a gendarmerie, the Eurogendfor to deploy, if the police cannot cope with local uprisings or riots.

Jean-Claude Juncker – upcoming EU Commission President: “We decide on something, leave it lying around and wait and see what happens. If no one kicks up a fuss, because most people don’t understand what has been decided, we continue step by step until there is no turning back,” he said of the euro’s introduction – step by step until there is no turning back “

Jean-Claude-Juncke_2930386bJean-Claude Juncker: “When  it becomes serious you must lie!”

One pillar of this dictatorship is the policy of the Euro-Mediterranean Process – set by the EU in Vienna in 2006.

The EU is an immoral colossus with feet of clay. Its financial ideology was wrong from the beginning – and now the EU-Masonic puppets  are taking to Communist methods: confiscating from people´s savings and pensions.  The EU  will fall as soon as a stronger power decides it. And this power is ready:

Putin’s Rasputin and “brain”, Alexander Dugin: To be secure, Russia has to conquer Europe. Europe would then be happy under Russian rule, and the many immigrants who (with the help of “our” corrupt politicians) crush our culture would be sent back home.
Many Germans are beginning to see this desperate “way out” into another dictatorship as the only option to the CFR-Rothschildbanks-EU dictatorship.

Is the anti-NWO “Vigil for Peace” working for this plan?
Their leaders´ leftist background and the widespread sympathy for Putin in Germany might indicate this. They are not protesting against Putin´s persecution of people/journalists with deviating opinions in Russia nor the annexation of the Crimea – provoked by NATO/EU/US, admittedly and here. The NWO lives and develops by Hegelian dialectics: Thesis and antithesis.

elsässer-russische-FahnenOn Jürgen Elsässers Blog, a bitter debate is now unfolding a power struggle between amateurish Lars Mährholz, who wants to keep the demos free  from any partiality, and professional  Communist activist Jürgen Elsässer who cherishes deep Russian sympathies and participates in Russian demonstrations for  the same themes. He invites his Russian friends with Russian flags for the Monday demos.

I have studied the Vigil” a little more closely – suspecting Hegelian dialectics here
 Mittendrin (Hamburg) 11. April 2014: Flyers originating from the American I-UV was seen with participants who have the confidence of the organizers – and studied by “Mittendrin”. Rothschild is made the scapegoat.
OPPT-LogoIUV is a shadowy organization subordinate to  One People´s Public Trust, which is an occult Illuminati organization with a Buddhist New Age Religion and an ATTAC-similar program. The figure 1776 in their pyramid logo, which is illuminated from above (reversed from below from Hell), refer to the founding year of Weishaupt’s / Mayer Rothschild´s Illuminati. The OPPT has had  all the world’s governments declared bankrupt and ousted by a UCC court!
Here we have here a clear NWO antithesis.

So what do the Europeans want? To starve under the austerity of the EU of the CFR-Rothschild Banks, to be wiped out by Muslims and enslaved? Or do they want to be governed under the “Ural-Union” by Dugin /assassin Putin, who was supposedly anointed to be the Antichrist of the Illuminati, and their corrupt Jewish oligarchy government,  to be subjugated by his KGB/FSB cronies – as well as to stand on their side in the fight against the “Great Whore” (Rev. 13, 17, 18). Or do they want be burned with the Whore by the scarlet beast within one hour? Or should we distance ourselves from both to die as humans,  not as a soulless subservient, wagging animals? This is the question that  everyone faces. Because this conflict is drawing to a dramatic climax – and the EU of the CFR/Rothschild Banks is to perish, too, in that process -or  become just an Agenda 21 one world Government region.





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