Lady Lynn de Forrester Rothschild and Her Minions Criticize Their Own Capitalism and Advocate Sustainable Agenda 21 World Communism, Redistribution of Our Wealth to Rothschild

Abstract: In late May 2014, Lynn Forrester de Rothschild, the wife of the head of the Rothschild dynasty, Evelyn de Rothschild,  arranged a conference called “Inclusive Capitalism” with her favourite capitalists and henchmen as well as Bill Clinton and Prince Charles of England, among others. The theme was by which means they could increase the turnovers of  corporations – at the same time making it look like charity in order to win public sympathy.

In the “Project Syndicate,” Ms. Rothschild emphasizes Unilever´s worldwide program for hand hygiene as an example, which would, by the way, multiply  the sale of Unilever’s Lifebuoy soap.  Ms Rothschild points out that 2.3 billion people have no sanitation, and that 1 billion people go to bed hungry every day. Of course, governments must then ensure to make  these potential customers able to buy. Furthermore Dove products are marketed with an accompanying women’s self-esteem campaign – to create sympathy for Dove products.

Mrs. Rothschild blames a corrupt free market for the problems of the world and promotes the sustainability of  the Communist Agenda 21.  Not surprising, since Communism is the child of Nathan Rothschild and his cousin, Karl Marx – Nathan financing Marx for the Communist Manifesto. However,  the roots of this ideology is the 6-point program of Mayer Amschel Rothschild and Jesuit Adam Weishaupt.

The Rothschilds´ advantage in communism is that all Land  “nationalized” by the coming one-world government will be owned by the Rothschilds. The redistribution of our possessions will go  into the pockets of the  Rothschilds through taxes, confiscation of our savings for the “common good”, saving the world from the fake man made global warming (Prince Charles). Therefore, all  “Inclusive Capitalism” participants  agreed that higher taxes and redistribution of our – of course not their own – wealth  is indispensable. All of them have enriched themselves theough “our governments.

What these “philanthropists” did not mention is that they have created and corrupted the free market – through bribery of/threats to our corrupt politicians, revolutions, wars, the Rothschilds funding both sides; and furthermore through Rothschild´s control over the assets and money (500 trillion in private ownership) of the world by their control/ownership of the central banks, their Wall Street and London City banks and big corporations.

Using Bill Clinton´s subprime loans Rothschild´s JP Morgan Bank invented the  CDO fraud: trading valueless mortgages and by means of Rothschild´s Basel mark-to-market rule, JP Morgan had big banks (Northern Rock, Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns, the Washington Mutual insurance, etc.) go bust – then with the help of Rothschild´s FED and Goldman Sachs Secretary of the Treasury, Hank Paulson, the Bank bought them for a song with taxpayer bail-outs.  Threats of martial law and death were expressed against Congress members.

The starving 1 billion people owe their misery to Rothschild´s Goldman Sachs: Goldman Sachs buys enormous quantities of wheat, holding the futures until the price has e.g. quintupled, and the poor can no longer afford to buy it.
With $ 5 they can buy wheat futures worth $ 100 (replication).
Goldman Sachs has given southern European countries secret loans, so they could dress their economies up to join the euro. Goldman Sachs took over essential parts of the national income of these countries as security,  interest to Goldman Sachs then having to be paid by Northern EU countries as bailouts.

The debtor countries are sinking deeper and deeper into the debt quagmire and dependence on Rothschild´s IMF and  Rothschild´s  Germany Ltd. (The supranational 4th Reich of the Nazis).
Goldman Sachs´ CEO Blankfein says he is doing God´s work (work of his puppeteer, Rothschild).

This is the truth about the foxes of the “Inclusive Capitalism” now so nicely speaking to the geese – and in full agreement with the the world, UN and China.


“Competition is a sin”  ( John D. Rockefeller I).

“At its core, Inclusive Capitalism is concerned with fixing the elevator of the economist Larry Katz’s famous analogy that portrays the American economy as an apartment block in which the penthouses have increased in size, the middle apartments are more and more squeezed, the basement is flooded, but what “gets people down the most” is that the elevator is broken”. Inclusive Capitalism Initiative”.


Those who caused all of this calamity to mankind now present themselves as the would-be saviours of mankind! And in full agreement with the world, including  Denmark, too, as well as China, the LDC countries and the UN. It is about the one world government, the sustainable Communist Agenda 21:

New American 20 June 2014.  “Declaration of Santa Cruz: For a New World Order for Living Well”.
In their final declaration, signed by more than 130 rulers from around the world, the socialist regimes incl. China called for what amounts to global tyranny, central planning, and massive wealth redistribution from Western taxpayers to oppressive Third World governments. Everything must be in “harmony” with “Mother Earth” under a “sustainable” UN “international climate change regime”. They demanded to empower the UN General Assembly as an “emblem of global sovereignty” and advancing a global reserve currency run by the IMF, the radical screed demands a dramatic planetary transformation.UN Secr. General Ban Ki-moon urged the countries to keep pushing “sustainable development” and global-warming alarmism with the goal of foisting global governance on humanity.


evelyn-de_rothschildNew American 13 June 2014 Top insiders representing institutions that control some $30 trillion in assets met at a Rothschild-sponsored “Inclusive Capitalism” summit in London in late May 2014 to push what sounded suspiciously like global tyranny.
The conference was convened by Lynn Forester de Rothschild,  married  to the head – Sir Evelyn de Rothschild – of the Rothschild dynasty (the couple seen left above with the Olympic Illuminati torch).

prince-charles-lucifer-all-seeing-eye-signprince-charles-jewAttendees and speakers included Prince Charles (left – Lucifer´s all-seeing-eye sign – right subservient to Rothschild´s Talmudic/Pharisee NWO) on  humanity’s alleged role in “global warming” — with no temperature increase in 18 years –  demanding a radical redesign of society and business.  International Monetary Fund (IMF) chief Christine Lagarde quoted Karl Marx, former U.S. President Bill Clinton, Bank of England boss Mark Carney, former U.S. Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, and more participated. Also in attendance: pension-fund bosses, Big Business CEOs, and other top figures. Among the “supporting organizations” for the summit were the CIA-linked Ford Foundation and the globalist Rockefeller Foundation (which falsely writes: “For more than 100 years, The Rockefeller Foundation’s mission has been to promote the well-being of humanity throughout the world.”)

inclusive-capitalism In a column about the conference written by Unilever CEO Paul Polman and Lynn Forester de Rothschild, the CEO of E.L. Rothschild and co-chair of the neocon “Henry Jackson Initiative for Inclusive Capitalism,” they lament that less than half of the global population trusts government. “Disillusioned with both state and market, people increasingly ask whether capitalism, as we practice it, is worth the costs,” the two continued.

US trust in authoritiesTo the right, you can see US Americans´ mistrust in their authorities

soros“We see this in movements such as Earth Day and Occupy Wall Street. In many parts of the world — from the Arab Spring countries to Brazil, Turkey, Venezuela, and Ukraine, frustrated publics are taking to the streets.”

slavery-to-state“Addressing the failures of modern capitalism will require strong leadership and extensive cooperation between businesses, governments, and NGOs,”  (as in Obama´s USA – right) Polman and Rothschild write.
“Though our work has only just started, we are convinced that within a generation we can redefine capitalism and build a sustainable and equitable global economy,” they added.

Finally, the two tout radical crony-capitalists like the “World Business Council for Sustainable Development and the “Consumer Goods Forum” for “uniting key industry players and putting pressure on governments to join forces in the search for sustainable capitalism.”

monsanto1Last year, even corporate giant Monsanto officially joined the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. The group of powerful interests includes bailed-out mega-banks and Big Oil, all united in pushing the UN’s totalitarian-minded “Agenda 21 and here    scheme for “sustainability” – (now adopted by the UN plenary Assembly).

From the IMF boss  to crony capitalist CEOs and central bankers the globalist bigwigs consistently blamed what little remains of the free market for the horrific failures of socialism, central banking, and Big Government,  in which currencies and interest rates are controlled by privately owned central banks (which are under Rothschild control) ; where the fastest way to get rich is to buy politicians.
Ironically, many of the attendees, enriched by fleecing taxpayers via government  were tripping over themselves to advocate more wealth distribution and taxes.

John McManus, president of The John Birch Society: “What these pariahs and greatest advocates of socialism like  Stalin, Hitler, Mao Tse-tung, Castro, and a swarm of lesser-known criminals” established is the way America and the rest of the world is heading.
It is called the ‘New World Order,’ and it is being created by government leaders, monopolistic ‘crony’ capitalists, and international socialists,” he said.

Nathan-Rothschild-and-famed-quoteCommunism is Rothschild´s child.  Marx was a Rothschild cousin and  Nathan Rothschild (left) paid Karl Marx (right)   for drafting the Communist Manifesto  and here

Karl_Marx_001 Ever since the French Revolution, every Revolution has been triggered by the Rothschild Illuminati acc. to Adam Weishaupts Communist 6 point Program and Hegel´s dialectics –  through Marx´s Communist ideology – with the main purpose of eliminating the teachings of Christ.

Inclusive Capitalism is a world left to the mercy of Rothschild´s corporations with chosen governments as their errand-boys – an already established situation
Here follows a small excerpt of the damage the Rothschilds have done to the world:

1. Considering the fact that governments murdered hundreds of millions of people in the last century due to Rothschild intrigues – (and they manipulate and lie to  us) it is easy to see why people mistrust governments. See Rothschild´s guilt of  WWI and here as well as 2. WW2  and here. Besides, Hitler was in all probability a Rothschild and here. To this comes the financing of the Russian Communist Revolution.

Occupy Wall Street, meanwhile, was bankrolled by billionaire statist George Soros. Of course, aside from the outside role (especially of Rothschild agent Georg Soros´Open Society) in fomenting many of those protest movements, every one of the discontent countries mentioned is ruled by tyranny of some variety — especially of the socialist and Islamist sorts.
The whole article  can be read in “Project Syndicate 23 May 2014“.

3.The Rothschild dynasty owns 500 trillion dollars – more than half of the money of the world – and control the rest through their central banks, incl. the FED and the ECB, the World Bank, the IMF, the Global Environmental Facility, their Wall Street and London City banks that again are the loaners to governments and minor banks. They own/control Corporations. Nevertheless, Mrs. Rothschild and Prince Charles preach socialism – for us – not for themselves. They want the socialist battery hen Agenda 21 to take  our wealth through their central banks, brainwashing, our governments and the robbery of our wildernesses.

morgan-Rockefeller4. The Rothschilds have shaped and corrupted the capitalism that Mrs. Rothschild is now accusing of making people poor.
At the behest of Bill Clinton – who was also a participant at the their “Inclusive Capitalism” Summit in London – the Fannie Mae Bank expanded mortgage loans to people who could not afford them – and Rothschild´s JP Morgan bank  then invented  the subprime mortgage and CDO fraud, selling  valueless paper scraps worldwide with no security at all. When, therefore, and due to the Rothschild Basel I mark-to-market rule  and here the Northern Rock crashed, Rothschild took control of it – but had the state pay for it!  Lehman brothers,  and Bear Stearns, therefore, crashed and started the worldwide crisis. These banks – and the Washington Mutual Insurance –  then were taken over for a song by Rothschild`s JP Morgan Bank with taxpayer bail-outs via Rothschild´s  FED and the US Treasury.

When the US Congress tried to stop this bail-out madness at taxpayer expense, US treasurer, former CEO of Rothschild´s Goldman Sachs, Hank Paulson, and his cronies threatened Congress members with martial law (video below) – even death threats were made.

5. In their article in the Project Syndicate, Mrs. Rothschild even states this sad fact: “As the cost of inaction rises, governments and businesses must continue to respond. None of us can thrive in a world where one billion people go to bed hungry each night and 2.3 billion lack access to basic sanitation” – and thus are without reach of the bankster-robbers.

blankfeinSad, indeed. But who is to blame? No one else than Rothschild´s Goldman Sachs, which has introduced murderous grain speculations, buying mountains of wheat by futures, holding them until wheat prices soared astronomically and the poor could not afford to buy wheat. Goldman Sachs even introduced “replication”: With just 5 dollars they can hold 100 dollars wheat futures! “I am doing God´s (Rothschild´s) work”, says Rothschild puppet,  Goldman Sachs CEO, Lloyd Blankfein.

Putin-socialism idiocy6. Furthermore, through our corrupt politicvians, the Goldman Sachs vulture has taken over the assets of many European countries – e.g. in Greece – against secret loans that northern European taxpayers have to pay the interest of in order to  safeguard South European states and banks from bankruptcy, while they are sinking deeper into the debt morass. greek-riots
Everybody except the Rothschilds, who are thereby enriching themselves, is thereby growing poorer – and strict austerity measures and dismantling of welfare states, poverty and unemployment, riots are the consequences. However, the Rothschild / Rockefeller EU is growing increasingly  stronger at the cost of democracy  – and Rothschilds one-world government is drawing closer.

Mrs. Rothschild: You ought to start with yourself and your family and make your dynasty as pious as you seemingly wish.
Because only you have the money, power, and our corrupt politicians in your pockets for it. However, you are limiting your efforts to   indifferent profitable assignments including actions like  Unilever’s social missions: “for example, Dove products are marketed with an accompanying women’s self-esteem campaign, and Lifebuoy soap targets communicable diseases through its global hand-washing programs (to sell more soap!). Coalitions are being formed to tackle issues ranging from illegal deforestation to food security” (where 1 bn  have no food and 2.3 bn no access to sanitary conditions!). How inclusive!

georgia-guidestine-textFor you want your Agenda 21 dictatorship through i.a. economic crises, to reduce mankind to 500 mio slaves,  living  like battery hens in the supranational Nazi 4. Reich and to have the world for you and your kind alone. And you already have the coup de Grace for the world ready.


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