EU Made Poverty among Europeans Rapidly Increasing as Social-dependent Muslim Immigration Explodes

9 Whosoever transgresseth, and abideth not in the doctrine of Christ, hath not God….
10 If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed:11 For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds. (2. John).


The EU has a plan to fight poverty in Europe
People wait in line for a free meal
EU Press Release 10 March 2014: With more than 120 million people in  the EU at risk of poverty or social exclusion, EU leaders have pledged to bring at least 20 million people out of poverty and social exclusion by 2020 through the Europe 2020 strategy for smart, sustainable (i.e. Agenda 21) and inclusive growth:
*  24% of all the EU population (over 120 million people), are at risk of poverty or social exclusion – this includes 27% of all children in Europe, 20.5% of those over 65, and 9% of those with a job
*  Close to 9% of all Europeans live in severe material deprivation – they do not have the resources to own a washing machine, a car, a telephone, to heat their homes or face unexpected expenses
* 17% of Europeans live on less than 60% of their country’s average household income
* 10% of Europeans live in households where no one has a job
* There is a wide gap in performance between the welfare systems in different EU countries – the best reduced the risk of poverty by 35%, the least effective by less than 15% (EU average 35%)
* 12 million more women than men are living in poverty in the EU
* Specific populations such as the Roma are especially challenged: two-thirds are unemployed, one in two children attends kindergarten and only 15% complete secondary school.

Now,  this is horrifying. Good that the EU is there to fight poverty and monitor nation states doing it!??
The European platform against poverty and social exclusion
  is one of seven flagship initiatives of the Europe 2020 strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. All EU member countries have translated the Europe 2020 targets into national targets and growth enhancing policies. These individual efforts need to be coordinated to achieve the desired impact on growth and better cohesion.
EU countries’ economic and structural reforms are being monitored through the European Semester (EU Commission to accept national budgets before these are presented to national parliaments).

The EU is the main factor in creating that poverty, however.
Among the completed platform targets one finds this: 15 “Present a “New European Agenda on Integration” to better support the efforts of Member States in promoting third country nationals of diverse cultural, religious, linguistic and ethnic backgrounds to participate actively in European economies and societies.”

immigrants_africains_031. Through Mass immigration, the EU is impoverishing and endangering us:
EurActiv 9 June 2014Italy has rescued about 5,200 men, women and children  from overcrowded boats in the Mediterranean Sea and recovered three dead bodies since early Thursday (5 June). This year, so far 40.000 boat refugees have been “saved” by the Italians

In Denmark and Sweden immigration cost 30% of the state budgets in 2001. In Norway, every non-western immigrant costs 4.1 mio. NKr during his lifetime. In Denmark the costs of immigration is now above 100 bn DKr annually.
Imagine what the taxpayers could otherwise have had for that money: Welfare that is now being dismantled into increasing poverty for native Europeans.

Nevertheless, the EU Commission unblushingly lies: EU Press Release 13 June 2013: “OECD report “International Migration Outlook 2013″, published today also rebuts the myth that migrants constitute a burden for the welfare states – they are not more recipients of benefits than natives.” (Commissioner Andor):

which, considering their numbers would in itself be impoverishing us. However, this video gives quite another version: The increasing number of poor and unemployed are mostly immigrants – who mostly have no education at all.

2. EU´s austerity program to save the political, but economically impossible euro-project is creating loss of jobs, poverty, low morale, emigration of the best  for generations, and political dependence of Southern Europe  and Germany on the “German” 4. hostage Reich under supranational bankster corporation control.
As German Vice-Chancellor Siegmar Gabriel declares, Germany is only a Corporate NGO without a government – in fact a scape goate for the NWO:

The EU is making the lives of many Europeans, especially in the euro zone, more and more hopeless.
DWN 25 Jan. 2014: Poverty is increasing significantly in Europe, a way out seems impossible to many. Even a steady job helps only one in two out of poverty. This is the conclusion made by EU Social Commissioner Laszlo Andor.

Poorhouse Europe: Millions of people have no money for food
Deutsche Wirtschaftsnachrichen 11. Okt. 2013 45% of the job contracts  concluded in Germany since 2008, are so-called mini-jobs – often without any social security. More and more people must ask for help despite income derived from work.

suppenkücheThe poor are getting poorer, large parts of the middle class is slipping into poverty, and unemployment among young and old increases.
In the past three years, the number of those having to be supplied with food increased  by 75% in 22 European countries. 43 million people can no longer afford their food and rely on soup kitchens.

The national Red Cross organizations in the Balkans, but also in France, Italy and Portugal report a new group of people who need to ask for help: Working families who cannot afford to eat at the end of the month. In 2008,  in Romania,  20% belonged to the middle class, today there are only 10%. The same goes for Croatia and Serbia.

Youth unemployment is alarming in many countries, a quarter of the countries studied showing catastrophic statistics. In Greece, the youth unemployment rate of 22.1 percent (2008) has risen to 55.3 percent (2012). However, 50 – to 64-year-olds are moving more rapidly into unemployment: From a total of 2.8 million unemployed people in 2008 to 4.6 million in 2012.







In Germany,  a Bertelsmann study in December 2012  shows that the middle class has shrunk from 65 percent in 1997 to 58 percent in 2012. 5.5 million Germans have lost their middle-class status and are now among the low-paid. During the same period half a million Germans became big earners.

This is the source of the dissolution of the EU: People who become hungry and desperate through EU´s insane global  redistribution of resources from innate Europeans to an endless mass immigration of the worst enemies of European Christian culture will rebel. There will be civil war-like conditions and polarisations towards what the immoral Euro extremists call populist far right. Note this word: Populist. Who is on the side of the native Europeans is a contemptible, ungifted, even brainless person, while a far right person, i.e. a person wanting to keep European culture and religion,  is practically a terrorist. Who betrays the native Europeans is the EU´s  “good person”.

At the same time, EU Commissioner Cecilia Malmström writes on her EU Blog:  “We can be proud of what has been achieved. We have agreed upon a Common European Asylum System with high standards and rule of law for those seeking protection. We have reinforced the governance of the Schengen zone and we have abolished visa requirements for a number of countries in our close neighbourhood (Balkans) but also in other countries such as e.g. Brazil and Taiwan. We have opened more legal ways of accessing Europe.”
Indeed. Her country, Sweden, grants asylum to all Syrian applicants, who have then free access to all of Europe
The purpose is that of founding EU father Coudenhove Khalergi and Nicholas Sarkozy: An ethnic cleansing and proletarisation of white Europe.


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