Obama-Putin Meeting in Normandy: Obama Cool, Putin Nervous, Trying to Make up Horizontally the Advantage Obama Has Vertically

Business Insider 6 June 2014 brings a description by  body language expert Nick Morgan of  the behaviour of Putin and Obama in a 10-15 sec. video from their meeting in Normandy on 6 June. Morgan describes an alpha male problem between them, Obama being a cold dude, and Putin clearly more agitated and nervous.

The fact there was “more movement” from Putin than Obama led Morgan to believe the Russian leader was more “agitated” than his American counterpart. Morgan noted Putin could be seen “rubbing his nose” at one point and “shaking his head” while Obama remained relatively still.

“The more powerful person tends to hold still and make the less powerful people come to them,” said Morgan. “It looks to me like Obama made Putin come to him.”

Morgan also said it appeared as though Putin was using a “classic” strategy during the interaction.
“It looks like Putin is handling the classic male leader to male leader problem in an amusing way, which is that he’s putting his hands at his side and sticking his elbow out,” Morgan said. “That’s what do you do when you’re two alpha males and one is taller.”

“What the alpha male wants to do is take up the most space and Putin is most certainly an alpha male,” said Morgan. “You can’t take up vertical space, so you want to take up space horizontally.”

According to the White House, Obama and Putin discussed potential plans to decrease tensions surrounding the ongoing crisis in Ukraine and Russia’s annexation of Crimea. He suspected Putin was rejecting Obama during the moment captured on film.

Now have the laugh of your life: See the meeting between the alpha males Adenoid Hynkel and Benzino Napaloni in Chaplin´s “Great Dictator” film from the 134:00 to the 141:00 marks.

This is the primitive psychology of world rulers.

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