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1. Religion has become meaningless politics. The Pope makes the Father of Christ  identical with his absolute adversary: The constructed NWO deity.
ANSAmed 6 June 2014: Israeli chief of state Shimon Peres (left above) will visit the Vatican Sunday to participate with Palestinian President Abu Mazen (right above) in a call to prayer for peace in the Middle East promoted by Pope Francis, the Israeli presidential press office said Friday in a note. The Israeli and Palestinian leaders will be accompanied by a delegation of rabbis, Islamic imams, and Israeli Druze community leaders.
interfaithComment: This is a continuation of the papal Interfaith Movement started in 1986 . Alongside with this endeavour to create a one world religion are the EU´s ASEM initiative, Rockefeller, Gorbachev & Maurice Strong´s Leninist Earth Charter , which is the basis of the Gaia cult. The United Religion Initiative financed by i.a. Bill Gates and the Aspen Institute (financed by Rockefellers) are additional endeavours.
And it has its roots in the Vatican/Masonic inthronisation of Satan as the head of the Church during Vatican Concile II  on 29 June 1963. Pope Francis´coats of arms is full of diabolical/pagan symbols

2. Wikipedia to become US government redacted mouthpiece

3. The Italian Navy said early on Friday that it had saved over 2,500 migrants at sea over the previous 24 hours from 17 migrant boats that had departed from the coast of North Africa.
ANSAmed 6 June 2014:  Italian Interior Minister Angelino Alfano said Thursday al-Qaeda terrorists could be among immigrants. Alfano, who also heads up the New Centre Right (NCD) party, warned that Italy could not continue to shoulder the costs of patrolling and saving lives in the southern Mediterranean alone. Alfano last week said almost 40,000 migrants have landed on Italian shores to date this year – almost as many as the total for all of last year.

putin-merkel-poroschenko4. So, the Illuminati staged Ukraine posturing and the theatrical enmity was just election propaganda? All Masons are brethren!
DWN 6 June 2014Following the EU elections, Russia and the West have reconciled: Angela Merkel met Vladimir Putin in Paris. The new Ukrainian Premier Poroshenko is accepted by both. In recent weeks, Merkel and Putin had telephoned repeatedly because of the crisis.

putin-cameronRia Novosto 5 June 2014: Russian President Vladimir Putin and British Prime Minister David Cameron discussed the situation in crisis-ridden Ukraine in Paris on Thursday. “The talks took plenty of room in search for possible ways to end the crisis in Ukraine.”

The Guardian 6 June 2014: As leaders posed outside the building for a group photo before the lunch, Obama and Putin appeared to be avoiding each other deliberately. But once inside, they made time for their first face-to-face exchange since the Ukraine crisis began – lasting 10-15 min..

5. New American 5 June 2014: The US Defense Department is dealing with ridicule and strong criticism over an embarrassing climate report -“An Abrupt Climate Change Scenario and Its Implications for United States National Security” – produced by consultants a decade ago that was wrong about literally everything. Lawmakers, too, are getting fed up with the “climate” antics, with the House voting to prohibit any more Pentagon spending on Obama’s increasingly outlandish global-warming alarmism.

The silly 2003 Pentagon document was widely cited by global-warming theorists and the establishment press as evidence that humanity was facing certain doom and that alleged man-made “climate change” was a “national security concern.” This week, though, the dubious report is in the headlines again after every single one of the apocalyptic scenarios it envisioned proved to be wildly off the mark.

arctic-ice-may-2014Among the outlandish scenarios envisioned in the report: California would be flooded with inland seas, parts of the Netherlands would be “unlivable,” polar ice would be all but gone in the summers, and temperatures would be surging. Mass increases in hurricanes, tornadoes, and other natural disasters, meanwhile, were supposed to be wreaking havoc across the globe. All of that would supposedly spark resource wars and all sorts of other horrors.
Well, the decade is up. Unsurprisingly, none of the scary scenarios ever came to pass. In fact, ironically, there has been no warming for 18 years.
Yet the document is still cited by the global warming industry, as if it had not been just another propaganda piece,

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