Bilderberg in Copenhagen 2014: Implementing Rothschild´s Declared Plan for His Corporate World Government

The Bilderbergers have just held their 60. meeting in Copenhagen and have ever since been discussing their New World Order –  see videos on right margin of this blog – and one world governance at annual meetings.   One means for elitist Europeans and North Americans to promote corporate governance integration of their regions – now being implemented through the TTIP one main goal of the Bilderbergers.

bilderberg 1Bilderbergers are puppets realizing a plan for Rothschild world government
Foreign Policy Journal 24 March 2011: “Mr. Simon Linnett is  Executive Vice Chairman of N.M.Rothschild & Sons in London. He has launched a plan for a global currency associated with CO2-emission  and a one-world government with the The City of London Corporation as its capital. Linnett is here overtly stating that “climate change” is merely a step along the way of something more wide-ranging that “may well extend beyond that single but critical issue. Nations have to be prepared to subordinate, to a certain extent, some of their sovereignty to this world initiative.
When countries are already foregoing the right of direct control over monetary policy through the creation of independent central banks, this could be a relatively small price to pay for such inclusion.”
Here Linnett is affirming that the “central banks”,  are merely agencies for the private financial system of credit creation, which provide the international banking system with the means by which the oligarchy controls the monetary policies of nations.  Any notion of sovereignty, as well as any party political promises about “full employment” etc. are so much rhetoric.”
rockefeller-bilderberger gratefulComment: Insider prof, Caroll Quigley, who studied the CFR archives for years, stated:...the financial powers wanted to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was the central banks and their central bank, the BIS in Basel.

Simon Linnett calls this corporative world government the World Environmental Authority –  showing the central importance of Edmund de Rothschild´s  Climate scam (see below).

The  one-world government  the Bilderbergers, The Trilateral Commissionists, The Council on Foreign Relations, the Club of Rome etc. are building on behalf of their dollar-bill-450illuminati-horus-osiris-eye-200master, the Talmudic and Sabbataean-Frankist Satanist (cult of the all-seeing eye) Rothschild dynasty, has a name:  Agenda 21 and here and here introduced by the David Rockefeller/Rothschild puppet, Club of Rome member,  former UN Vice-Secretary-General,  Maurice Strong on behalf of his master, Edmund de Rothschild, at the Rio Conference in 1992 – signed by 179 countries then: It is scarlet red Communist  “Sustainable Development” in UN staging – based onlokal-agenda-21-sjaelland Local Agenda 21 adopted by municipalities. The Danish Parliament has adopted it long ago and imposed on every municipality to elaborate an Agenda 21 plan every 4. year for Strong/Rothschild´s/UN ECLEI. Their plan is a Communist redistribution of the wealth of the world (however not their own). Here is how they do it through their Bilderberg-banksters. More below.

retingerThe Bilderbergers were founded at Hotel Bilderberg in the Netherlands in 1954 due to  Jesuit Joseph Retinger´s energy. He was an obscure but enormously influential person and also the real originator of the EU on behalf of the Jesuit Council on Foreign Relations which sees itself as called to rule the world. . He was also a Knight of Malta. Andreas von Rétyi writes in  “Bilderberger” (Kopp Verlag,Rottenburg, 2006):  Co-founding members were  CIA-chief Bedell Smith, later CFR-Chairman David Rockefeller (who has been present at every Bilderberg meeting since then), former SS-officer, Prince Bernhard of Holland, whose daughter, Queen Beatrix, is also a bilderberger, Unilever chief Rykens. Henry Kissinger has participated every year for many years as well as   Rothschild`s son-in-law, Marcus Agius.

gatesPractically every European politician, journalist, industrialist and banker of significance has participated in these annual secretive meetings with the so-called “high-priests of globalism”. An official list of participants is issued every year – excluding some inofficial participants. Here is the official attendee list 2014. Practically all leaders of Europe and the US have attended a Bilderberg meeting for accept.

In 2009, its president Étienne Davignon made the organisation official – until then and even today the politically correct world contemptibly called any one a conspiracy theorist who just mentioned the word.

That Bilderberg is a conspiracy fact is rightly stated in the following video.

I do not think the conspiracies are forged by the Bilderberg meetings. I just see it as the organisation to instruct the leaders of corporations and countries on what the Leaders of Bilderberg (Rockefeller, Rothschild, and their puppets like Henry Kissinger,  in their core clubs like the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission have decided them to think on their plans for their development of their undemocratic one-world government. And politicians do obey – for else their career and postcareer lucrative relations will be finished.

This video shows how the Bilderbergers have their puppets, the Danish government, protect these traitors by police.

If the Bilderbergers had honest and democratic intentions they would certainly not mind being filmed. But when these would-be leaders of the world meet they do not want to be seen. They know they are up to something very undemocratic, something that cannot withstand the light of the day.

rockefeller-biographyWho will have to pay the police for this overtime work – which cost the British police 16.5 mio. DKr when the Bildebergers met there? The taxpayers and lawabiding citziens, of course, being let down by the absence of parts of the police force for the sake of a conspiracy to destroy Denmark”. This is a mockery against the citizens like the illegal Lisbon Treaty, the giving away our sovereignty in the European Semester, the Growth and Stability Pact etc. do
And Dutch Bilderberger and politician Samson could not give satisfactory answers to critical protesting Danes on the New World order, Monsanto´s GMO etc.- just telling he was a previous Greenpeace Activist, which is just showing that he has changed from the NWO antithesis to the thesis side.

Edmund de Rothschild introduced the CO2-global warming scam  (from the 28:45 min. mark on video below) at the 4. Wilderness Congress in 1987 and demanded his World Conservation Bank – later called the Global Environmental Facility to finance defaulting countries and take their wildernesses as forfeited securities with all their mineral treasures. In order to make those wildernesses bigger the plan is to impoverish us and dissolve states, accumulate mankind in “sustainable” megacities without access to nature. This is Agenda 21. This is what the Bilderbergers are working for.

The following video with Glenn Beck hits the point but avoids to mention the mastermind behind it: Edmund de Rothschild.

Infowars 30 May 2014Daniel Estulin, an author and expert on the Bilderberg Group, has learned from his internal sources several items on Bilderberg’s agenda for this year’s conference in Copenhagen, Denmark which began yesterday:
1) Nuclear diplomacy – how Russia, China and even Iran could work together to erode western hegemony.
2) The recent gas agreement between Russia and China – how this and other long-term projects between the two countries will likely reduce dependency on the U.S. dollar as a reserve currency.
3) The rise of nationalism within Europe that is challenging the power structure of the European Union – the recent victories of the populist United Kingdom Independence Party, which opposes the European Union, is particularly concerning to the Bilderberg Group because the EU, and its Euro currency, were formulated by the group at its second annual meeting in 1955.
4) The European Union’s Internet privacy regulations – what they mean for the United States.
5) The rise of cyber warfare – government can use the threat of cyber attacks, which could theoretically disrupt financial markets even worse than the Stock Market Crash of 1929, to strengthen censorship and other Internet regulations.
6) From Ukraine to Syria – Is Obama’s foreign policy doomed?
7) The “climate change” agenda – the deindustrialization of targeted nations associated with “climate change” treaties and legislation

And there’s likely more that will be discussed during this year’s three-day conference.

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