NWO News 23 May 2014 (English)

EU Council President Van Rompuy wants an expansion of the EU from the Arctic Circle to Iraq, despite popular opinion.
Deutsche Wirtschaftsnachrichten 22 Mai 2014: All of Europe except Russia is to be  bound by contract  to the EU. Whether the population wants this step, evidently does not matter:We do it anyway,” said Van Rompuy.

Moscow may sign an intergovernmental agreement with Teheran this year to build eight new reactors for nuclear power plants in Iran,
May 22, 2014 RIA Novosti:  Vladimir Putin said that Russia and Iran are not only neighbors, but also long-standing reliable partners.

Space and Science Research Corporation (SSRC) chief John Casey, a former White House space program advisor and climate researcher warned the White House of  the coming planetary cooling period dangers.
The New American 22 May 2014: The White House has been on a coal and CO2 rampage. It appears to analysts — even in the establishment press — that the latest alarmist report, the “National Climate Assessment,” is an effort to boost virtually non-existent public support – and an attempt to grab power over a more and more climate sceptic population.
Even the most fanatical global-warming theorists acknowledge that there has actually been no increase in temperatures for almost 18 years.

Radical Obama policy architect John Podesta said the administration’s executive machinations will proceed — whether Congress agrees or not. “They’ll find various ways, particularly in the House, to try to stop us from using the authority we have under the Clean Air Act,” claimed Podesta, who worked with the UN recently to produce a plan aimed at “dramatically” altering the views and behavior of every person on the planet. “All I would say is that those have zero percent chance of working. We’re committed to moving forward with those rules.” ” All of those “rules” are supposedly justified by global-warming theories, which are crumbling. Coming right on the heels of another record-setting cold winter across the United States, the report also defies common sense and the experiences of hundreds of millions of Americans.

It appears that Obama’s latest push for “climate action” may have been coordinated with the UN. “Climate change is the defining issue of our time,” claimed UN boss Ban Ki-moon at a global warming summit in the United Arab Emirates this week. “If we do not take urgent action, all our plans for increased global prosperity and security will be undone.” The UN is demanding an agreement to create a global climate regime by 2015.
Real scientists are defecting from the sinking ship in record numbers.

The US, Russia and China are selling US bonds. Rothschild´s Central bank of central banks BIS and the IMF buy them via JP Morgan intermediator Euroclear in Brussels which also buys Russian bonds. (Activist Post 21 May 2014)
See the Corbett report 0-9:00 Min. below
Altmarket: Russia is just as much a tool of the global elite today as it was after the Bolshevik Revolution, and Vladimir Putin is just as much a socialist puppet and here as Barack Obama.

Russia has condemned claims Prince Charles compared Vladimir Putin to Adolf Hitler over his actions in Ukraine as “unacceptable, outrageous and low”. See the Corbett report 9:00 – 12:20 Min. above.
The Independent 22 May 2014:  A senior Russian diplomatic source warned earlier Russia is taking the comments “very seriously.”

immi-emigration uk 201,000 EU citizens arrived in the UK in 2013, up from 158,000 in 2012
The Daily Mail 22 May 2014:  Net migration stood at 212,000, double the Tories election target
23,000 arrived from Romania and Bulgaria, up from just 9,000 in 2012


Immigration to Germany has reached a record level.
Deutsche Wirtschaftsnachrichten 22. May 2014: Most immigrants go to economically powerful states. The largest group are the Poles (189,000, migration surplus 72 000 people). From Africa, as compared to 2012, also significantly more foreign persons immigrated (migration surplus of 30 000 people, + 125%).
 1.226 million people moved to Germany in 2013, acc. to the provisional results from the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis). These were 146 000 more  arrivals than in 2012 (+ 13%). In 2013, a total of 789 000 persons left Germany, 77.000 more than in the previous year (+11%).





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  1. jack 23. Mai 2014 06:48
    Great to hear from you up in the Swiss alps!

    Re your two links about “New World Order,” Putin & Prince Charles

    All the stories circulating the world’’ media about Prince Charles at present likening “Putin to Hitler” are pure and simply, BRITISH PROPAGANDA! Note the reports actually don’t say he said this, he is only ASSUMED to have made this statement. What is in reality happening is the Anglo/American “NWO” mafia oligarchy are upset at what Putin has done in annexing Crimea and potentially soon part of Ukraine, and they are trying to intimidate him as best they can ahead of his St. Petersburg International Economic Forum tomorrow. A lot of international companies are still going, but heads of such companies as Deutsche Bank (biggest bank in Germany) and Siemens (one of world’s biggest electrical products manufacturers) are not going and are supporting the sanctions against Russia. (These British and American hypocritical so and so’s have got a cheek, as the city of London Jewish banks now control both Deutsche Bank (formerly Hitler’s Nazi bank), and Siemens( that is itself now one of the most corrupt companies in the world and not long ago was massively fined for fraud and bribery).

    In the short-term, Russia is part of the ‘NWO” world government beast of Revelation 13, in the longer-term, with the “kings of the east” (China etc.) the country is going to be used by God to PUNISH the WEST including Israel and US! The stage is now being set, with Putin’s $400 billion long-term gas supply agreement with China yesterday, increasing joint military exercises – and dare we mention it – Communist China is buying up all our assets in the West forcing us all to become tenants in our own land, while, in most cases, no one so much as says a word!!!!

    In the second link, I thought the video in right-hand column, “EU Wants ‘New World Governance’ (9:54 mins.) was a good summary of what’s happening, and a definite “eye-opener” for sceptics!!!

    I see the “white monkey” in St Peter’s chair is visiting Israel early this coming week, synchronised to the Satanic New Moon (Thursday 29th) of course (yes, I know, they can’t help themselves) mainly to get support for the Palestinians. There is a lot going on behind the scenes at present.
    All the best.

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