Modest Tyrant, José Barroso´s Swan Song Visions: “We must Reshape the New World Order” in a “Europe from the Atlantic to the Pacific”

Abstract: After 10 years of presidency of the European Commission, José Barroso is now about to resign from this position after he has brought Europe many steps closer to dictatorship and radical transformation. According to his own statements, one of his main aims was to reshape the New World Order (of Rothschild/Adam Weishaupt) with the EU empire (sic!) as a model – and far beyond the borders of Europe.

He has delivered two farewell speeches this month – with a very incomplete state of his achievements and visions of the future. In terms of the TTIP he spoke of a “global Europe from the Atlantic to the Pacific”. He said “Europe has for several decades been a small laboratory of globalization”. Furthermore, ” Global Europe was one of my main tasks.” And “The world system also adapts itself to forging a new world order. Either we contribute to its reshaping or we miss the future.” He calls for world government, saying
Populist forces have emerged criticising our immigration policies, our economic openness, our global outlook. But to put in cause our open regionalism model (Brzezinski of the Trilateral Commission) is to put in cause the very existence of the European Union. The European Union remains at the forefront of the world’s fight against (non-existing) climate change.”

Time  and again he emphasizes his twisted democracy concept: Leadership is not about following popular or populist trends. The European Union  has matured into an ever fuller democratic system of governance, notably through the Lisbon Treaty.”  What he does not say is that this treaty, which he imposed on the protesting Europeans, has no glimpse of democracy. It is just the democratically  rejected Constitution in new varnisch – acc. to Constitution author Giscard d’ Estaing.

Barroso is worried about the existence of the EU because the peoples do not take ownership of the EU project. He sees a “legitimacy gap” of the EU, because people are growing  ever more europhobic. He wants more EU spirit with the politicians who are growing more and more “populist”  and selfish with their own agenda at the expense of the community.

He boasts that because of the crisis it has been possible (for him) to create much more Union than without, and he foresees more institutional steps of more political nature. However, “we are more than ever before on the way to deepen our economic and monetary union”. (A Bank – Union has now been adopted for the Euro-group).

He did not mention his real achievements, that make this man a tyrant,  or only superficially:
1: He  promotes the Muslim mass immigration that will make the EU look like North Africa and the Middle East today in the latter half of this century and is already pushing us into poverty.
2: This is a consequence of the Euro-Mediterranean Process and the Union for the Mediterranean, in which the Arabs have been given Barroso’s “advanced status” granting free movement into the EU.  Morocco  already has it, but Jordan, Tunisia , Egypt and Algeria are soon to have it, too.  This is Barroso´s contribution to founding EU father Coudenhove Khalergi´s and Zionist Sarkozy´s dream of eliminating the white race in favour of  a mixed “master race” much like the ancient Egyptians.
3: Through the Euromediterranean process, Barroso imposed self-censorship on the media so that he can commit his betrayal of us in silence .
4: Barroso  keeps silent on the true Fascist nature of the EU: He has made our governments  obedient administrative corporate NGOs.
The whole EU is a CIA/Council on Foreign Relations  product.
5: Barroso´s commissioners say directly that  votes from brainless  protesting and other voters are irrelevant. Barroso has just contemptuously criticized Putin for  his “limited souvereignty concept”  – while practicing exactly that concept on  us Europeans (Lisbon Treaty Treason, i.a.). Barroso´s EU has publicly committed itself to “the illuminist (illuminati)  ideal of the sublime  dignity of man” (p.29) – which means racial hygiene and making mankind love its servitude  – welfare state).
6: Barroso did not mention his further sovereignty robbery by the “European  semester”  and the Growth and Stability Pact with automatism  compelling heads of State and Government to accept any proposal from the Commission in the EU Council without any discussion !
7: Barroso does not mention that he has established the Eurogendfor Gendarmerie Corps, which is to be used against rebels against his wise decrees. Not even that
8: with the Lisbon Treaty, death penalty was reintroduced in Europe against the will of the peoples  – and is at the disposal of the Eurogendfor against rebels!

This modest  Knight of  Malta puppet tyrant has caused a lot of mischief in fact – and made ​​democracy naught.


“Europe needs a ‘Groß-Groß-Koalition’, a great, great coalition. I really believe that for the next five years we need an agreement with the most important political forces, the democratic, pro-European forces….
That’s what we are going to do. And that the same parties that are in the Parliament are in the Commission, and are also represented by the Heads of State and Government in the Council. In Europe, most people like to be in the opposition. …Sorry, but this cannot go on forever.We can resist this and we have been resisting, but there are some limits. When people systematically criticise a decision by the EU, they turn against Europe. We need a broad consensus on some priorities.” José Barroso, EU Press Release 14 May 2014.
Unelected official Barroso and other commissioners  behave like politicians and run an election campaign, which is explicitly against the EU Treaty – acc. to which their job is exclusively to  execute legislation.


After 10 years, José Manuel Baroso is leaving the job as the President of an undemocratic  European Commission containig fraudsters, liars and former Communist VIPs (video). A former commission under Santander had to resign due to corruption in 1999.

In 2007, Barroso´s EU wrote “It (the EU)  is progressing towards its aim of
establishing a political community pursuing the illuminist (illuminati)  ideal  of the sublime dignity of man (p. 29).  Barroso does not mention that this sublime dignity consists in repression and making the despicable peoples love their servitude in a welfare state (Aldous Huxley).
7 years ago, Mr. Barroso proclaimed the EU to be an empire to extend beyond the borders of Europe.

This is Barroso´s heritage to us and our descendants.
But Mr. Barroso has more visions for us: The NWO one world governance

EU Press Release 1 May 2014, José Barroso at the Stanford University, California in a speech called “Global Europe, from the Atlantic to the Pacific” (The sale out of Europe called the TTIP).
“In fact Europe has been a small laboratory of globalisation, an incubator of international cooperation and multi-layered governance for several decades.

refugee-boatGlobal Europe: This was one of my main tasks at the helm of the European Commission. To keep Europe strong, united and open. Populist forces have emerged criticising our immigration policies, our economic openness, our global outlook. But to put in cause our open regionalism model (Brzezinski of the Trilateral Commission ) is to put in cause the very existence of the European Union. The European Union remains at the forefront of the world’s fight against (non-existing) climate change. The risks for mankind if we fail to act would be devastating. We are stepping up our involvement throughout the world in promoting peace and stability by civilian and military means.”

On 8 May 2014, José Barroso, EU Press Release, delivered his very long swan song as president of the EU Commission. The following is an excerpt.

“The world system is adapting itself as well,  forging a new world order. Either we contribute to reshaping it or we miss out on the future.
Comment: Barroso sees the EU as the very model of the New World order.
What Barroso does not mention in his speech is that the EU from the beginning has been pursuing this Pharisaic New World Order = the kingdom of the God of the Pharisees, who is Lucifer. Its main organisation, the Council on Foreign Relations, was the organizer of the EU at the request of Warburg/Rothschild-agent Coudenhove-Khalergi and well-paid sycophants, Monnet, Schumann, Spaak and Illuminatus Churchill. Barroso is an Illuminati-minion, a Knight of Malta.

In the following, a Jewish activist preaches this European suicide through masochistically  loving mass immigration – the very EU policy behind the The Euromediterranean/The Union for the Mediterranean (see item II below).

He goes on with his twisted definition of democracy of a real dictator:

“Democracy is once again proving to be the best, most stable way of dealing with problems. We can try and forge the consensus we need. Leadership is not about following popular or populist trends. The European Union  has matured into an ever fuller democratic system of governance, notably through the Lisbon Treaty.”
Comment: The Lisbon Treaty is identical with the EU Constitution rejected by the few granted the possibility to vote against it: The French, the Dutch and the Irish. Nevertheless, Barroso enforced this piece of dictatorship on the Europeans – calling it democracy.

Mr. Barroso goes on explaining his warped democracy concept:

“It was the Commission that came to the forefront when strong initiatives and implementation had to be guaranteed.
The building of the European Union has been compared to scaffolding. It appears as something that is in permanent construction and repair (however always without referenda that are eschewed like the plague!) .

All countries would like to see Europe as a big screen projection of their own aspirations, and are ready to say that ‘Europe’ has a problem when the others don’t follow their initiatives.  If people lack support to Union institutions it may become a threat to European integration itself. In fact, any political project needs a minimum of sustained support.
Confronted with the growing voices of euroscepticism and even europhobia, some mainstream political forces have internalized populist arguments rather than countering them.

By ‘cooperative relationship’, I mean a principle whereby the institutions and the Member States maximize compatibility of decisions taken at the different levels.

The European Stability Mechanism (a sovereign fund outside any law and capable of demanding infinite sums from its member countries – open for unpunished corruption – to pay enormous sums for failing Rothschild banks by means of tax payer money)  and the Fiscal Treaty should be integrated into the treaties as soon as possible. When another treaty change is deemed necessary, the case for it must be fully argued and debated, including in the public sphere.
We are part of Europe and it is in Europe that we all save ourselves or we all lose ourselves.

eu-integrationNow, the third phase is mainly – or should mainly be – about the power and influence required to safeguard Europe’s peace and prosperity under the conditions of globalisation.
Further institutional steps of a more political nature may become indispensable.  A multiple-speed reinforced cooperation in Europe may become a necessity. But a Europe of multiple classes has been – and must always be – avoided at all costs.

eu-fiscal-unionThe potential unravelling of the euro was seen as the start of the unravelling of Europe. Had it materialized, it certainly would have ended the vision of a continent of equals, united in an ever closer union.

Indeed, the European Union Institutions, from the European Commission to the European Central Bank (ruled by Rothschild´s Goldman Sachs), saw their competences and power reinforced. Some of these competences were unimaginable some years ago, before the crisis.

In spite of  frictions between North and South, between rich and poor, between debtor and creditor countries, we are more than ever  on the road to deepening our Economic and Monetary Union.


Of course, some of those crisis adjustments were extremely painful. In fact, Europe was not the cause of the problem, Europe is part of the solution. The worst hit countries are hitting back remarkably. (Ireland, Spain and Portugal).Even with national variations, our welfare state differentiates us from all other major economies and societies.

To safeguard peace and prosperity in Europe we need a European Union that is much more willing to project that power and influence in the world. Our authority as a global player were put in doubt. Now we need to fight back and regain our role and influence. Our diplomatic approach needs rethinking. Our defence capacities need to be pooled.






In the first place the EU has built a corps of sturm troopers to fight internal riots against the wise decisions of the EU Commission/Council. It is called the Eurogendfor. This force has the reintroduction of  death penalty at their disposal in the case of EU citizens´ rebellion (see item VIII of the Comments). Individual EU states, not least Denmark,  also in NATO are more than willing to go to war against any state disobedient to the NWO.

There is a legitimacy gap, because citizens perceive that decisions are taken at a level too distant from them. I remember listening to Prime Ministers in European Council meetings saying: ‘We know what we have to do. The only problem is that if we do it, we will lose the next elections”.

Barroso did not tell all his Commission´s accomplishments:
I: Not about his Commissioner Malmström´s insatiable thirst for refugees – nor about her Gotham offer of 6000 Euros a refugee, who in a lifetime costs a country 547.000 euros. And she likes the thought of the consequence: In the latter half of this century, Europe will be much like North Africa and the Middle East today, demographically and socially.
This suicidal political desire to crush our nation states and Christianity by means of mass immigration has been declared by politicians time and again.
On 12 May 2014, EU Commissioner Cecilia Malmström said: “I therefore call on all Member States to …to engage in resettling refugees directly from the camps outside the EU and opening new legal channels to come legally. By bringing these people safely to the EU, we could prevent them from falling in the hands of traffickers and smugglers (and drown).”

ancient-egyptiansRight: Humble ancient Egyptians working for the taxes of  their Pharao. This is the type of people Barroso/Sarkozy/Coudenhove Khalergi, Cecilia Malmström and Barroso envision as future Europeans

This is an unchristian (2.John epistle 7-11) and race hygienic  disgrace aka Hitler,  with an opposite sign – but Barroso boasts of having achieved this and says this is the very NWO foundation of the EU!

sarkozy-satan-signCoudenhove-KalergiAcc. to Zionist Nicholas Sarkozy (left), the meaning is to create a mixed “master race”, to fulfil the vision of the EU founding father, Coudenhove Khalergi (right) who  wrote: “The man of the future will be of mixed race. The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, similar in its appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals.”

II: He has been promoting the Euromediterranean process and the Union for the Mediterranean  and managed to impose self censorship on the his media, threatening them with legislation against free speech. Thus, without any press coverage, he has promoted the Union for the Mediterranean by giving advanced status”  aiming at bestowing the EU´s 4 freedoms, including free mobility into the EU, on the Euro-Mediterranean Arab partner countries – so far on Morocco. But this status has also been promised  to Tunisia, Jordan, and Egypt as well – all without informing the public, of course. Algeria is also underway.

III: The EU wants to standardize Europeans, to make them obedient “Chinese” kulis.

IV: Barroso keeps silent on the true Fascist nature of the EU: The EU is a CIA/Council on Foreign Relations construction is. It is the 4. Reich, Neurordnung Europa, from the beginning administered by Rockefellers officials from his IG Farben  announced by SS Officer Scheidt on behalf of Heinrich Himmler in Strassbourg in 1944: A German financial superpower governing Europe and beyond under a supranational  umbrella.
We have no governments any more – but instead obedient administrative, puppet corporate NGOs. (van Rompuy : “The markets were present in the space in which we have taken decisions “.

V: Barroso forgets to explain that he trumped the EU Constitution through – although rejected by the French and Dutch –  under the name of the Lissabon Treaty – after placing the most inedible elements into the Maastricht and Nice Treaties already approved by the electorate!

VI: When Barroso speaks about democracy, he forgets to tell us how much his system despises the electorate and publicly declare they will disregard dissenting votes of brainless and normal voters!
Time and again, Barroso talks about “pooled” – i.e. limited national – sovereignty. He then expresses his double standards thus: EurActiv 14 May 2014:  Barroso said that “the doctrine of limited sovereignty (the ‘Brezhnev doctrine’) should belong to history books”, adding that “history belongs to those that embrace the future, not to those who try to hijack it”.  That is, however, exactly what Mr. Barroso and the EU his doing to us!

VII: Barroso forgets to tell us, that he was the man who introduced the European Semester (every EU member state has to have its state budget accepted by the EU Commission before presenting it to its national parliament), the Growth and Stability Pact,
to decide on our pensions, wages etc. Furthermore it includes automaticity: Any decision by The Commission can only exceptionally be rejected by by the EU Council of heads of state and government – in writing. They have to consent (Consensus is the EU Method – and is the opposite of democracy).

VIII: Barroso forgets to tell us that with his Lisbon Treaty coup d`etat, he also reintroduced death penalty in Europe.

 Only an ideologically blind European will be able to regret the departure of this friendly, but very efficient tyrant. 






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