Agenda 21 Kindergarten/School Brainwashing of Your Children to Ignorant, Obedient NWO Perverse Sex Robots

adam-weishaupt2-thumb1mayerrothschildJesuit Adam Weishaupt´s (links)/Mayer Rothschild´s (rechts)  Illuminati program : 1) Abolition of Monarchy and all ordered government. 2) Abolition of private property. 3) Abolition of inheritance. 4) Abolition of patriotism. 5) Abolition of the family, through the abolition of marriage, all morality, and the institution of communal education for children. 6) Abolition of all religion.
The purposes of these six points were to divide the people politically, socially, and economically; to weaken countries and create a one-world government. They testified that “all religion, all love of country and loyalty to sovereigns, were to be annihilated…”
The Final Warning


Any dictator knows that in order to consolidate his regime he has to standardize and brainwash children within very narrow frames – and in a  way that even the least gifted can follow the scheme. That means the lowest common denominator.
The decisive  factor, promoting  the breakdown of religion and morality as demanded by the program of Adam Weishaupt´s/Mayer Rothschilds´s Illuminati program was  Karl Marx, a Rothschild cousin and paid  by Nathan Rothschild  and here and further elaborated by Vladimir Lenin in the Soviet  Union. The Frankfurt School and its 1968 sex revolution built on the Rockefeller funded Mental Hygiene and was a satanic Jewish further development for communism in the decadent capitalist society. The most disastrous layer of this revolution were the Marxist Feminists, who via kindergartens and schools managed to emasculate boys to girls and losers, instead educating girls to male roles in a fatherless society with families dissolving and at the same time abolishing the 10 Commandments and most of what Christian foundation our Western societies were built upon.

Activist Post 4 April 2014: The pompous Chief Inspector of UK schools Sir Michael Wilshaw has recommended that children in the UK start school at TWO years old. This opens up for unprecedented NWO Brainwashing.  The Independent 2 May 2014:  Schulen stehen im September vor einer Reihe von Änderungen mit einem neuen nationalen Lehrplan und härteren Prüfungen, die in den Unterricht eingeführt werden.

Yes, indeed. Bill Gates declares how his corporation is manipulating US children to become “a good market”, aligned  customers and aworkers for Microsoft

WND 31 March 2014:  The Scottish government has a plan to insert  government bureaucrats into the decision-making of families with children to monitor children and make decisions about their lives.
This law shows the natural progression for a country that has ratified the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child.”
The bill includes vast data collection, which could be shared with just about anyone with or without the parents’ consent.

sex-box2-lisa&jan Now the sexbox is coming into Swiss classrooms. This is  “educational” tools for kindergarten teachers to enforce “sex education” on pre-school children. Responsible for the contents is the Centre of Health Promotion of the College of Teacher Education,  Lucerne. European universities are think tanks for neo-Marxism of Genderism. There, the destruction of Western Europe is being intellectually prepared.

Sex education as a right-based approach equips young people with basic knowledge and skills as well as capabilities  and values which they need both physically, mentally and emotionally to experience their sexuality and the joy of it.”
In Germany,  sex games are to take place in kindergartens within the framework of  “Bildungsplan 2015” as well as education to tolerate all forms of abnormal sexuality.

sex-box-aufklaerung-kinderThe usual concept of a “responsible” search for pleasure / enjoyment has to be conducted under exclusion of children and real love and commitment to the partner. Pregnancies have to be prevented or aborted. Marriage and family are negligible sizes.

According the, “education” of sexuality must begin as early as possible, because “children are from birth  sexual beings with needs, desires, sexual acts and experiences that result from it.” Darwinism sends greetings: The diction of “sexual nature” refers man into the world of animals (as these animals are themselves and want us to be).

At the moment of  premature sexualization of children,  pedophiles will make their entrance into nursery and school classes.

There is an NWO plan behind this.
In the US children are being brainwashed into national standards – fit for standardization of children to one world thinking in a very narrow framework. The system is called the common core.
The New American 8 Aug. 2013: The most high-profile foundation to bankroll Common Core (the US education system for the UN´s Agenda 21, concentration camp and here) — and reportedly the biggest single source of funds — was the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, a Rockefeller-allied organization with a dubious history of financing everything from population control and pro-abortion forces to various United Nations agencies and schemes.
America’s kids, as well as their parents, will also be monitored and tracked in unprecedented ways from early childhood into the workforce, if this becomes law.

brainwashing-gehirnwaesche_1065885Opponents of the plan say it is an agenda to essentially brainwash students. Countless examples have been provided by experts such as  Dr. Stotsky and others on how texts and “analysis” are used to guide students’ thinking toward a pre-determined outcome. Much of the agenda is preparing students to live in a “global community.” “My review of the Common Core standards indicated that they were designed to teach students what to think and not how to think,” Mary Black, a veteran educator,  said, echoing concerns expressed by numerous analysts who have investigated the scheme. Special interest groups, such as tax-funded abortion giant Planned Parenthood, which participated in writing the “National Sexuality Education Standards,” will likely be given access to American children”. According to Black and other experts, documentation also shows Common Core is actually a step in the process toward achieving a longtime goal of the United Nations and its supporters: a one-world education system. The UN, of course, has long sought to harmonize global educational standards.

standaedizationThe goal is not education but the production of compliant, dependent, uneducated citizens. This is the citizenry needed to implement the United Nation’s Agenda 21 with the help of UNESCO’s Education for All program. Indeed, Obama’s Education Secretary Arne Duncan even admits openly that the Department of Education is cooperating with groups such as the UN, often dubbed a “dictators’ club,” to “improve” education in America.
unescoSpeaking to UNESCO in late 2010, Duncan confirmed …elements of what he called the “cradle-to-career education agenda. Quoting former South African President Nelson Mandela, Duncan noted that education “is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

“What Catholic schools across America have done at NCEA is develop what we call  the Common Core Catholic Identity Initiative.”

Common Core State Standards Initiative (CCSS) The Standards should also be read as allowing the widest possible range of students to participate fully from the outset and as permitting appropriate “accommodations to ensure maximum participation by students with special education needs”. p.5, art. 5
p.6 “Students actively seek to understand other perspectives and cultures. Students can vicariously inhabit worlds.”

The Buddhist UN NGO Luci(fer)´s Trust has the bid for UN ´s education of our children in the upcoming New Age New World Order: See the world as a whole, be a world citizen. Individualism is bad. Children´s soul must be manipulated towards the occult. Enlightenment (Illuminism, Masonry whose god is Lucifer) is the goal.

Washington Post 4 March 2013:  Testing, coupled with the evaluation of teachers by scores, is driving its implementation. Teaching and learning are being distorted.
Dr. Sandra Stotsky refused to sign off on the ELA standards because of poor quality, the de-emphasis on literature,  and low reading levels, such as 8th grade levels for 12th grade students.
Dr. James Milgram of Stanford University: “It’s  almost a joke to think students [who master the common standards] would be ready for math at a university.”
Expect the feds to aggressively push adoption of national standards in science and social studies, just as they have in English and math.

This is the future for your children in the totally urbanized NWO, Agenda 21 – where you will be confined to a small urban area, without acces to the Wilderness, where only animals and Rothschild´s earth treasure seekers will be permitted. This is why the population must be made as stupid as possible.

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