EU Elections. NWO Market-Thesis or Its Masonic Putin-Antithesis. EU Commissioners: Electorate without Influence Anyway

bullPutin-datan-hornsBetween 22 and 25 May, EU citizens will elect a new Parliament, made up of 751 members.This is just a choice between plague and cholera – NWO market thesis, the EU, and its Masonic antithesis, Putin and here.  It´s all a charade, and even leading (unelected) EU officials tell us that our votes are insignificant:

Deutsche Wirtschaftsnachrichten 23. April 2014:  In an interview with the Süddeutsche Zeitung, the outgoing Council President Herman Van Rompuy gave a revealing insight into the importance of EU democracy. In short: none!
Van Rompuy: “The citizens also know that the big decisions are made not only in Parliament but also elsewhere.”

The SZ: “Namely, where?”

Van Rompuy: “The European Council, under the Heads of State and Government. This difference between the Parliament and those who really decide is  very clear to the citizens.”

Van Rompuy:I’m not an avid supporter of this idea with the choice between top candidates. The European Council will  appoint someone who talks with Parliament. Then I will be confronted with the, shall we say, wishes of the Parliament.  The Treaty provides …  that I need two majorities,  a majority in parliament. And, most important, the Council will make a proposal.
Comment: According to  EurActiv 23. April 2014, this statement by van Rompuy has infuriated MPs and especially van Rompuy and Martin Schultz, the top candidates, in the campaign to choose the successor to José Manuel Barroso,.

Asked about the crisis, Van Rompuy defined his view of the EU: “We depend on the financial markets from the beginning of the crisis, we often had the impression that the markets were present in the space in which we have taken decisions … “.
This means: not the peoples of Europe, but the markets have been in the room, where politicians have decided the fate of the EU citizens.

The reason for this is that the EU in its current form is nothing more than a big lobbying organization for the internationally active corporation parties. Their business model is to make the citizens believe, they themselves could determine their fate. The cartel of the parties has partnered with the cartel of the financial industry in return for having their debts financed.  In return are “the markets” are in the room when decisions are made.

The parties can therefore rule without being controlled. They can make regulations for which they collect sums again as industry lobbyists – and no one can prove it on them. And the corporation  parties can ilence  all critics of their machinations  by referring to the EU Parliament, which they try to sell to the voters as a model institution of European democracy.

swiss-noCommentary 12 Febr. 2014: The EU’s contempt for national sovereignty and the democratic process of individual states extends even to countries not locked into its project for a federalized Europe. One aspect of the EU project that most Europeans seem to wish to give a resounding “no” to is the policy of open-border immigration. This is what the Swiss have voted against. As punishment for daring to express an opinion out of line with reigning federalist doctrine, Eurocrats have been threatening all kinds of retaliation. The Swiss vote touches on two particularly sensitive issues for European federalists. First is the ardent belief in the abolition of nation-states through open-border policies, which by promoting mass migration ultimately deconstruct any sense of distinctive national identity between member countries. Second, and attached to this first program, comes the deep dislike of the democratic process for Europe in general and nation-states in particular.

The EU does not care about the biggest worries of the electorate.

islam-enemy1. José Barroso  boasted that the EU has shrugged off the sequels of  the financial crisis – except unemployment. This is just the very biggest sequel of that crisis to the electorate – and a consequence of EU austerity and mass immigration.

2. The fatal Muslim mass immigration. EUObserver 2 Apr. 2014: The European Commission on Tuesday proposed a new bill to ease visa-entry rules on third country nationals. The idea is to boost “tourism and create more jobs”. But who then wants to stay is rarely returned.

mannheimerIn Germany, a revolt seems underway  –  led by Michel Mannheimer and supported by the big blog, Politically Incorrect.  Der opposition (“2012 refounded  Weisse Rose of 1942” – the brother and sister Scholl) must now be visible in the streets through large demonstrations, critical announcements at Islam-collaborative arrangements, effectful counteractions  at proclamations of   islam-appeasing parties and organisations as well as through flyer distributions  in the spirit of the Weisse Rose. It has already cost  Mannheimer a penalty  because of  “sedition”.

“Far right parties” wanting to save their national and Christian heritage are gaining support for the new EU Parliament. But they will be ignored, as EU Commissioner Viviane Reding assures us – for nationalism is even worse than environmental destruction and global warming (Swedish Aftonbladet 19 April 2014). And that means extremely bad!
vivian-reddingViviane Reding stated in an EU Press Release“The big decisions on policies in the European Union are made by the parties of the centre. And that therefore it would be a waste of their vote to use it as a protest vote, by choosing Eurosceptics.”  German Foreign Minister Steinmeier even calls eurosceptics “brainless”.
This Commission is demanding the United States of Europe  – seeing this as the best bulwark against eurosceptics. Furthermore, the EU has established the world´s biggest  bank, the ESM, with 700bn euros taken from tax payers to redistribute to failing countries.

3. Fraud in the EU – even among Commissioners  – is tremendous: Deutsche Wirtschaftsnachrichten 9. Nov. 2013: Tax fraud: EU Commissioner De Gucht has to stand trial, because he has not declared for taxation stock exchange gains of 1,2 Millionen Euros – while he is fighting tax evasion!.
euro-feedingSo, honest EU will now establish a future EU-wide public prosecutor who may expand into other domains aside from combatting fraud – and he is autonomous. He will be able to search people’s homes, probe their computers, seize objects, intercept telephone conversations, and freeze financial transactions.

EU Observer 24 April 2014:  70%  of Europeans believe that corruption is present within EU institutions (Eurobarometer 2014). The image of the EU institutions has been tarnished by a series of ‘cash for influence’ scandals in the last five years. John Dalli was forced to stand down as the EU’s health and consumer protection commissioner in 2012 over corruption allegations surrounding tobacco legislation.
In the European Parliament, an expose by the UK Sunday Times in 2011 caught some MEPs prepared to table amendments to EU legislation for money on behalf of lobbying firms.

EUbusiness 4 Febr. 2014: EU Home Affairs Commissioner Cecilia Malmstroem described the corruption problem as “breathtaking,” and a threat to democratic institutions and the economy. The estimated 120 billion euros lost to corruption is equal to the EU’s entire annual budget, and Malmstroem said the actual figure could be even higher.

In consequence the EU does not have to fear the result of its election farce. No matter the votes, NWO business goes on as usual. So why this following worry?

EUObserver 23 April 2014: A recent study by the Budapest-based Political CapitalPutin-Kissinger Institute documents the support that far-right parties in the EU have given to Russian President Vladimir Putin, particularly throughout the Ukraine crisis, repeating the Kremlin’s line that it is the EU and the West, rather than Russia, which are provoking tension and fuelling violence in the Eastern European country.

Several far-right politicians went to observe the Crimea referendum on re-joining Russia, a vote they said was free and fair although it was denounced as illegitimate by most Western leaders. Among those that went were politicians from far-right or populist parties in Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, France and Hungary. The OSCE was not allowed.

le penMarine Le Pen belongs to the Putin worshipers as do Nigel Farage and Lega Nord.

The EU-based parties – anti-European Union and favouring a strong nation state – see their world view reflected in the Kremlin. President Vladimir Putin has set his sights on restoring his country’s status as a world power, while weakening Euro-Atlantic ties. “There is reason to believe that Russian diplomacy seeks to build party families in Europe,” the study says.
Numerous examples are given that EU far-right parties in Italy, France, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, even England, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden admire Putin and participate in events at home and in Russia organized by Russian politicians

No matter how you vote you support the  NWO and promote the upcoming clash  between the Western thesis and the eastern antithesis. It is diabolical.


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