Empty NWO Victory Monument: Rebuilding Rockerfeller´s Sacrificial Temple in New York, the “One World Trade Center”

Daniel Liebeskind is a Polish-Jewish architect, who won the competition to be the master plan architect for the reconstruction of the World Trade Center (WTC) site. And he has not concealed the Luciferian NWO-addiction to  the Jewish  one-world  domination.

Deutsche Wirtschaftsnachrichten 14 Nov. 2013: The first of four towers, the smallest of 4,  of the new World Trade Center is finished. But it is completely empty.  It has 72 floors and is only 300 meters high.
one_world_trade_center-pyramidOn Monday, it was decided that Tower 1 of the new One-world World Trade Center (OWTC) is to be the tallest building in the United States – 1776 (year of Indedependence and Illuminati founding) feet  high (541 meters). The old WTC was only 443 feet high.

Right: The Freedom Tower of the OWTC showing the Illuminati pyramid to the world. Acc. to the architect, it is patterned after Washington´s Obelisk, i.e. the penis of Osiris/Lucifer.  Few students of history ever learn the truth that America was founded by freemasons as a vehicle by which to achieve world government.

Veterans Today 22 Aug. 2012: Since July 2001, Larry Silverstein was  landlord of the old WTC towers. Silverstein´s first order of business as the new owner was to change the company responsible for the security of the complex.
Silverstein was the sole beneficiary of the insurance payouts. The insurance was for 3.6 billion dollars, but he found an obscure clause in the insurance policy which enabled him to claim twice, one for each “attack!” With help from New York’s Jewish mayor, Michael Bloomberg he found investments to rebuild the WTC. A good chunk of the seven billion insurance went to Israel (See Israel´s role in 9/11).

WTC-MemorialSnohetta-419x361Left: The Memorial and Museum for the false flag operation on 9/11  and here . Plenty of occult symbols are hidden in the OWTC.

Veterans Today 22 Aug. 2012: Any building that was not owned by Silverstein Properties on 9/11 strangely remained upright, despite being a lot closer (than Block 7) to the two towers that collapsed onto them.   Larry Silverstein´s closest friend was Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu.” Months before 9/11 he leased the WTC for 99 years – boasting that he would raise the value of this asset to unexpeccted hights. Silverstein, acquired the WTC complex off the New York Port Authority (founded and owned by the Rockefeller family), two months before 9/11.mosaic-eye-WTC-station

Left: This Illuminati Lucifer/Horus allseeing Eye and several more were found in the subway under the old WTC.

larry-silverstein2RealJews:   Silverstein obtained this lease from his Jewish synagogue buddy, Lewis M Eisenberg, (who was then the Chairman of the Port Authority of New York), even though Vornado Realty outbid Silverstein by $50m.
Eisenberg, who was a huge contributor to the Bush-Cheney campaign, is a member of the Republican Jewish Coalition and former partner of the Jewish bank, Goldman Sachs.

Silverstein confessed on national television to having demolished Building 7 himself – but nevertheless, Silverstein was paid almost three-quarters of a billion dollars in compensation for the loss of Building 7!!
*                     *                         *                       *                        *

one world trade center designTeamYahoo Answers: The PA has also gotten a private investor, Durst Companies, to buy an interest in the building for $100 million.

Veterans Today 1 April 2014:  On 9/11, Silverstein skipped his customary breakfast in the Windows to the World restaurant atop the North Tower, allegedly due to a lucky dermatologists’ appointment. Everyone in the restaurant that day died. Silverstein’s family members also cancelled WTC appointments that morning.

The (New York) Times 31 March 2014:  Year after year, Mr. Silverstein has shaken the public tree and benefits have fallen to the ground.  He has found just one prospective tenant for it. Now he wants to shake the tree again – receiving public windfalls.

one-world-trade-center2The highest tower of the OWTC was called the “Freedom Tower” – but soon symbolically changed to “OWTC”.
Overall cost is  about $14.8 billion. Only 55% of the 104 floors have been rent .
The Telegraph 11 Jan. 2014: As one of the workers on site says:“This building wasn’t built to make money. It was built to demonstrate something to the world.”
Offices from three agencies will move into the reconstructed OWTC.

Here is a short video presentation. Note that the guide goes on talking about triangles and Octagons – important freemasonry symbols

one-world-trade-center -octogon Left: The One World Trade Center seen from above: One meaning of the  Octagon here is obviously to seek  in the occult (blood sacrifice).

wilhelm carl rothschildMayer Amschel Rothschild´s sons were all Masons and wore the Octagon of the  cross of Malta. Later Wilhelm Carl (right) wore a regular octagon.  DAVID ROCKEFELLER IS A KNIGHT OF MALTA.

Here are some further octagon meanings:
The  eight-point star represented the goddess Inanna (her symbol is in Pope Francis´coats of arms), Sumerian queen of the heavens and Ishtar (Astarte), the Babylonian goddess also known as “The Lightbringer” (Lucifer/Venus).
TridentsComment: This reference to Lucifer fits well in with elitist Freemason elite´s  Talmudism and Sabbataean Frankism (a strong form of Satanism)

Left: 2 tridents = 33, the highest degree in Scottish Rite freemasonry, outside the OWTC
It is called “the devil’s pitchfork,” it has symbolized major gods in various pagan cultures (Poseidon, Neptune, Shivah) .


Below: Eery sounds heard from the One World Trade Center

The Rockefellers were Silverstein´s masterminds behind 9/11
Nick Rockefeller told his then-friend Aaron Russo before 9/11 about the “event” that was coming: The upcoming 9/11 attack would be used to launch a New World Order dictatorship, and that the end-game would be a small elite ruling over a microchipped and completely controlled population.

Veterans Today 9. Dec. 2013:  The idea of the old WTC was derived from David Rockefeller. The Twin Towers in particular, lost spectacular and ever-larger sums of money throughout their lifetimes, just as everyone knew they would. By 2001, the Twin Towers were largely empty due to their antiquated communications infrastructure and condemned for asbestos since the mid-1990s. Plans were made to demolish them.
The only thing that saved the brand was 9/11. The creation of a New World Order is the barely-hidden agenda of the Rockefeller family and their associates.

Calatravas-OculusRight: Calatravas Oculus (Eye – so called by the N.Y. Port Authority) is the transit hall of the OWTC. It is the Masonich Osiris/Horus/Lucifer all-seeing eye.

Live Leak: I find it extremely suspicious that David Rockefeller was exactly in a good spot to watch the 9/11 attacks. But moreover he says that he watched the building until they collapsed which means he stayed at the 53th floor of the GE Building all this time. How did he know his building was safe? All the buildings were being evacuated when the 2nd plane hit the WTC. But Dave knew he was safe at the Rockefeller plaza, why is that?

tower of babelAs so often before stated, the people around the Tower of Babel  have cubic Robot heads on the EU poster right, and of Basel also comes into ones mind. These Illuminati Satanists hate God and rise in defiance against him, thinking that through man´s genius (not their own, but that of their bought scientists) they have become gods and even stronger than their Creator. They see the Tower of Babel as the symbol  of their divinity – and they challenge God to destroy it. That´s why the love towers. They adore the Devil for helping them out of the God´s captivity in Eden.
They shot Bill Cooper  for writing and saying this. He had obtained his insight as a naval intelligence officer.

toers of Babel-BaselRechts: Rothschilds Bank für Internationalen Zahlungsausgleich ist ein moderner Turm zu Babel

Right: Rothschilds Bank for International Settlements in Basel is a modern Tower of Babel.

One might fear that the One World Trade Center might also have a sacrificial role for the greater gain of the Illuminati.
And note the name: The Illuminati are now publicly trumpeting their one world order (Agenda 21). That is no conspiracy theory – but they know no mortal man can stop their insolence now.


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  1. chad says:

    Another fine article. What I cannot fathom is all this information seems to litter the ground. It is everywhere. Sadly very few people bother to see and pick it up. It litters our field of vision. Why can’t all see .

  2. John says:

    Note that Silverstein Properties actually *built* WTC 7 (the Salomon Brothers building) back in 1984-86, and had the contract to maintain the facility for the Port Authority of New York. Nobody knew more about that building than they did.

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