1914 – 2014. The Cause of War Remains the Same II. Western Warmongering Charade, Russia Only Able to Wage Nuclear War – Big Nucclear War Drill, Rothschild Agent Soros Steals Ukraine


Abstract: The West is beating the war drums against Russia more and more hysterically, obviously trying to divert our attention from some unpleasant event  – maybe trying  make the disastrous NWO TTIP more edible (“We must  unite against a common danger from Russia!”). For that purpose, Rothschild agent George Soros and US Congress-paid NGOs  have long been undermining Russia (White Revolution). There are now proofs that Soros´ NGO Canvas and the US State Dept. ran the Ukrainian revolution, trying to steal that nation as part of Brzezinski´s Grand Chessboard plan to encircle and dismember Russia. Soros funds and trains the NGOs by his International Renaissance Foundation, part of Soros´ Open Society.

By means of their henchmen, the US and the EU, the banksters have successfully high-jacked Ukraine from the elected, Russian-leaning pres. Yanukovych and arranged the first step of Ukrainian EU membership. For this purpose, US assistant Secr. Of State, Victoria Nuland, had the Jewish central banker, i.e. Rothschild agent,  Yatsenyuk made interim prime minister. Immediately, he had Ukraine´s gold flown into Rothschild´s safe haven from where no gold returns.
Then he invited his IMF bankster robber friends to come in and impose austerity on poor Ukraine. He said: “What the Greeks did to themselves we are going to do ourselves”,  in order to have credits of up to 27 bn. dollars – just to foot Ukraine´s Russian energy bill and to enrich himself and his pals, while Ukrainians lose their jobs and have to pay higher taxes and prices, are being de-industrialised and seeing corporations taking their fertile grain fields for Monsanto production.

George Soros has very potent relations to the US Council on Foreign Relations, the director of which he was for a decade – in this context especially in the corrupt  American-Ukrainian Advisory Committee with the participation of CFR members like Bill and (Hillary Clinton), Condoleeza Rice, Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski and Obama´s White House Chief of Staff, Daley.
Soros is a participant in his Jewish friend, Pinchuk’s, Yalta European Strategy (YES) with a number of Russian oligarchs and former presidents, prime ministers, potentates, financiers, corporate execs and celebrities.

Soros is a longtime fervent supporter of every  internationalist endeavour to subvert national sovereignty and advance the building of an omnipotent world government.
Acc. to analyst William F. Jasper, it is now becoming all but impossible to detect any substantive differences between the ruling elites of Russia, China, the EU and the United States. They see themselves as the Caesars or Pharaohs in their long-schemed-for “new world order”.

Putin is modernizing his armed forces – even including little boys down to 5 years of age  – but they are no match for NATO yet. So in case of an armed conflict with the West, Putin will very soon have to take his refuge to nuclear weapons.
This, however, may not refrain him from taking the widely Russian eastern provinces of Ukraine after the Crimea – although he says he will not do so. For he knows that NATO will not go to war over that.
The brethren in Freemasonry know  their orders from their masters of the world for the appointed place and day. And that is not Ukraine nor now.


“The Ukraine situation is a bankster-orchestrated crisis with the short game more money printing and the end game global governance. They seem to be itching to goad Putin into a shooting war.There is blatant oppression of the U.S. people now and the U.S. economic system is on the verge of unraveling, so more fear and more war is needed to manipulate the people against their own freedom.There would be no wars without government/banker credit”. (Personal Liberty Digest).


us-military-presence-overseasAs the West  encircles and harasses Russia acc. to Brzezinski´s Grand Chessboard, Russia is preparing intensively for war.

The big lie
The west is trumpeting  risk of immediate war with Russia – saying that 40.000 invasion troops are ready to invade eastern Ukraine. “The possibility of another Russian incursion is very real,” a U.S. intelligence official said, echoing increasingly ominous statements by other Obama administration officials. Putin has reserved the right to send troops into Ukraine. “The recent events in Crimea were a serious test,” Putin was shown saying on state television. Reuters 19 March 2014:  Russia’s defence ministry says no more military checks from OSCE-Ifax. In Russia, they think the West is going to oust Putin – and will rather war than capitulation (Spiegel 27.03.14).
The Independent 30 March 2014:  “Vladimir Putin will not stop trying to expand Russia until he has “conquered” Belarus, the Baltic states and Finland. (According to Andrej Illarionov, the President’s chief economic adviser from 2000 to 2005).

NBC News 30 March 2014  sent an expedition to the Russian side of the Ukrainian-Russian border to explore the Russian military build-up. None was found!

Nevertheless,  US Congressman Mike  Rogers (Rep, chairman  of the Intelligence Committee of the House) tells us that there are tens of thousands of Russian invasion ready troops along the Ukrainan border and in  Ossetia on the border of Georgia!

Now all of a sudden Putin and Obama call the show off: No danger of war! So why all this ado for letting Ukraine go to the EU anayway?
Why all this unfounded warmongering by the West?

I. Is Russia capable of waging a major conventional war?  Hardly
So, acc. to The Diplomate 29 March Putin has launched a large scale nuclear war drill, knowing that his conventional forces are no match for NATO. Purpose:“To ensure Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces have sufficient readiness to conduct offensive operations involving the massive and simultaneous use of nuclear missiles.”
Putin´s military doctrine 2000 states: “Russia will use nuclear weapons in response to large-scale aggression utilizing conventional weapons in situations critical to the national security of the Russian Federation.” And “Russia will use nuclear weapons even if Russia proper hasn’t been attacked.”
According to the video below (2012), Russia is by far not able to wage modern war, is  intensively re-arming, however. This could also be deliberate  Russian disinformation. Nevertheless,  Pres. Obama has just warned and called Russia a “regional power” that would fight to compete with America’s global influence.

CNN 4 March 2014 As of last month, Russian armed forces numbered 774,500
Russia’s defense budget — $78 billion in 2012
Washington Post 11 March 2011:  The Russian army is at about 285,000. Contract soldiers, who must serve three years, have not been reenlisting at expected rates, and the dropouts run from 35 percent to 80 percent.
Conscripts serve one year, and the constant movement makes the introduction and training on complex weapons difficult. Plans for spending more than $700 billion over 10 years on weapon modernisation began in 2011. Logistics have always been a problem for the Russian military,
The Russian Defense Ministry in July projected that by the end of this year only 26 percent of planned armament modernization will have taken place. Given the current state of the Russian military, there is good reason to believe that Putin will never take the step (to invade Eastern Ukraine).

putin´s boy-soldierPutin´s tiny army
The Daily Mail 24 March 2014:  Military sports club, ‘Berkut’, (meaning golden eagle), trains up young Russians, who dream of joining the elite units of the Russian army and fighting under the command of President Vladimir Putin. Children as young a five are sent on forced marches, given battlefield training, taught hand to hand combat, and how to use military equipment.putin´s boy-army 12-year-olds are also taught how to fire Kalashnikov assault rifles and other small arms.

The club based in Zhukovsky, Russia, claims to provide military training designed to develop the younger generation of the ‘motherland’ – a term synonymous with the former Soviet Union and the communist rule of the last century.

big deal

II. Banksters try to steal Russia`s neighbour country through destabilisation and warmongering
Reuters 27 March 2014
Kiev opened the way for the IMF 14-18 dollars and another 9-13 credit from the EU and USA and others by announcing on Wednesday a radical 50-percent hike in the price of domestic gas from May 1 and promising to phase out remaining energy subsidies by 2016, an unpopular step, pulling Kiev closer to Europe.Besides, 24.000 officials will be sacked. Russian Economy Minister Alexei Ulyukayev said capital outflow (from Russia) could be around $100 billion this year,meaning economic growth will slow down to 0.6 percent – but the World Bank said  up to 1.8 percent.

The following video tells that the IMF and Western loans will be used to pay Russia´s energy bill and into the pockets of Ukrainian cleptocrats, increasing Ukrainian prices and taxes  introduce austerity as elsewhere, deindustrialisation, privatisation, corporative stealing of  Ukraine´s Europes grain chamber, increasing energy prices worldwide – and riots.

War as excuse to steal Ukraine´s gold?
Allegedly,the U.S. went in and got all of Ukraine’s gold reserves and flew it to the U.S. for ‘safe keeping´in Rothschild´s stores froom which gold does not return. This was ordered by acting Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk (right with George Soros in his and Brzezinski´s CRISIS). Now, this may be an excuse for the banksters to rob Ukraine´s gold as they have robbed the gold  and here  of most other states.
China has come out and blamed the U.S. for what is happening in Ukraine.
Deutsche Wirtschaftsnachrichten 15 03 2014:  After the failure of talks between Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov and U.S. Secretary  Kerry, Russian banks and companies have started to withdraw their capital from the West. They fear  expropriation.

arseny-yatsenuk-sorosIII.  Rothschild´s man Arseny Yatsenyuk  invites the IMF to make Ukraina another Greece
Yatsenyuk is a Jewish technocrat former centralbank chief  and here (Rothschild henchman – more about his NWO affiliation -in Geman) and the man demanded by the US. He has already asked for an the IMF loan  with its associated demands for austerity – and Ukraine´ruin. Yatsenyuk was saying that “what the Greeks did to themselves we are going to do ourselves”. Ukrainian rebellion is expected.

IV. The Illuminati banksters that financed WWI on both sides in 1914 – as I shall show in a later article – are driving the world into WWIII.
I cannot say if a circulating, US compromising  email  allegedly from one Assistant Army Attaché at the U.S. Embassy, Kyiv, Jason Gresh, to an official in the Ukrainian General staff is true – and so I will not bring it up here.


Rothschild agent George Soros is the driving force
William F. Jasper The New American 14 March 2014:  Similar to his operations in dozens of other nations, (Arab Spring, Colour Revolution,  Russian White Revolution) George Soros has, over the past couple of decades, poured tens of millions of dollars into Ukrainian non-governmental organizations (NGOs), ostensibly to assist them in transforming their country into a more “open” and “democratic” society. That means open to corporative looting.

Obama´s  evil spirit´s (and that of another 4 US presidents),  Zbigniew Brzezinski´s, Grand Chessboard is the Bible of US Foreign Policy: Keep Russia encircled and control Ukraine. For if Russia does, it will be a dangerous rival to the world´s only superpower, the US!

In 2011, George C. Karlweis, adviser to Baron Edmond de Rothschild and his Banque Privee, revealed that it was Rothschild who provided George Soros with the startup money — and, undoubtedly much (illegal) insider trading intelligence — for Soros’ fabulously successful Quantum Fund. And Soros has been identified as a front man of the Anglo-French Rothschild banking group.  He is a member of (and leader in and major financial supporter  – and 1995-2004 a director for a decade –  of the Council on Foreign Relations  and here the unelected) executive branch of the U.S. government and the Federal Reserve System. Further, he has been an activist participant with, and sometime funder of, numerous important globalist organizations – and much more. His strength is in his many personal contacts with the leaders of the world.

arseny yatenyukEspecially noteworthy in relation to Ukraine is his key involvement in the American-Ukrainian Advisory Committee (AUAC).  Among other things, the AUAC called upon the U.S. Congress, USAID, the IMF, the World Bank, and the EU to shower the Ukrainian government (then run by “former” Communist Leonid Kuchma). It also encouraged the Ukrainian government to hasten “privatization” – and this transferred enormous state assets into the hands of select Communist Party members, creating instant billionaire oligarchs, who have dominated Ukraine ever since.
Sitting on the UAUC with Soros were one-world CFR heavyweights Zbigniew Brzezinski, Henry Kissinger, Frank Carlucci, and Richard Burt. The same one-worlders are pushing the same agenda today, two decades later.

pinchukOne of the billionaire oligarchs who benefited from the Ukraine’s crony privatization program is Soros ally Victor Pinchuk (left – showing cabbalistic and Masonic hand signs), who is as Jewish as Soros..

A very important Soros-Pinchuk tie is their mutual connection to the Rothschild banking dynasty and collaboration on funding many NGOs and projects. And Soros is a participant in Pinchuk’s Yalta European Strategy (YES) with a number of Russian oligarchs and former presidents, prime ministers, potentates, financiers, corporate execs and celebrities.

Besides Soros, U.S. participants have included Bill Clinton, William Daley (Obama’s White House Chief of Staff), Robert Zoellick (Bush’s Trade representative, then president of the World Bank), Newt Gingrich, and Condoleezza Rice, to name a few — CFR globalists all. Pinchuk is a pal and funder of both Bill and Hillary Clinton

Many of the participants in Kiev’s “EuroMaidan” demonstrations were members of Soros-funded NGOs and/or were trained by the same NGOs in the many workshops and conferences sponsored by Soros’ International Renaissance Foundation (IRF), and his various Open Society institutes and foundations.
The IRF boasts that it has given “more than any other donor organization” to “democratic transformation” of Ukraine.
In the cash-starved Ukraine, Soros’s dollars (6.7 Mi0. in 2012 and 100 mio. since 1990) go a long way toward seducing and co-opting all legitimate political opposition into the Soros-approved “progressive” camp.

The IRF website and annual reports make clear that the Soros funds are targeted at promoting Ukrainian “partnership” with, and “integration” into, the EU, which Soros will enlarge and empower.

Soros is a longtime fervent supporter of every  internationalist endeavour to subvert national sovereignty and advance the building of an omnipotent world government.

It is now becoming all but impossible to detect any substantive differences between the ruling elites of Russia, China, the EU and the United States. Soros, Pinchuk, Putin, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Fridman, Zhukov, Pisaerev, Akhmetov, and their ilk see themselves as the Caesars or Pharaohs in their long-schemed-for “new world order”.
Soros here speaks for a global currency by means of IMF´s Special Drawing Rights.

See this BBC spot feeding you with their subliminal, satanist  propaganda – and you will know: The same scum that were behind WWI and WWII

The situation is as it was in 1914: 2 blocks of great powers rivalling for supremacy in Europe. But there is a decisive Illuminati force manipulating block leaders into war then and now, ruling the economy on both sides. The Soviet Union fell, because Rockefeller/Brzezinski´s Trilateral Commission in 1989 told Gorbachev, that the days of his Union were numbered (Vladimir Bukowsky and here – in German). Why: Because their Illuminati credits, which had held the Soviet Union aliver from the beginning would stop.
In 1914 strong armies were just waiting for an internationally insignificant opportunity to show their glory and power in  the “fields of honour”, fighting other nations for “God, king and country”. They don´t today – but will march when ordered.

Today, Western armies are being widely dismantled – even in the US – and EU nations are replaced by a large block, the peoples of which  have no pride, feeling of belonging or identity in spite of EU´s endeavours. They have have been taught not to hate anybody. They are an easy prey for conventional warfare
However, Putin has been modernizing the Russian army over the last decade or more – but is no conventional match for NATO. In case of war with NATO, Putin only has the nuclear war option at his disposal. He does have ambitions to be the leader of the world – and became it de facto after Obama´s amateurish Syria-defeat. In case of war, he is forced to use nuclear weapons (Rev. 17-18).

Putin-datan-hornsobama_handThe masters of the world control  their Freemason puppets and here.

This being so and because they already have their G20 one-world government acc. to EU Council President van Rompuy, there is no reason for them for new wars. Can the present warmongering be a game to  drive the West together in the TTIP und TPP?
Nevertheless, their secretary general George Soros alongside with their Puppet Obama has been doing all he can  to create enmities, rivalries, Chaos among people who live in stable societies (colour revolutions, Arab spring). Why?

The Pharisaic doomsday policy is to bring their ben David (Antichrist) to establish Jewish world domination (NWO ‘s Agenda 21) and make the Pharisees the world´s master race. See Matth. 24.  (English text)

This is beyond rational thinking – it is a satanistic religious act.

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