1914 – 2014: The Cause of War and Creation of Enemy Images Remain the Same I

I see old Illuminati scheming and planning as the cause, corrupt puppet politicians and sheeple as their tools  to make disastrous wars, now as previously.

In the West, the Illluminati-owned MSM  and their corrupt politicians go on drumming up a mood of imminent war with Russia. This is a big, long planned screenplay with brainwashed/bribed/power-mad actors playing their roles for their puppeteer masters. Discussion of who is more guilty is meaningless: The smaller killer today may be the bigger killer tomorrow – for they are unscrupulous remote controlled killer machines.

Nothing is as it seems in the NWO. The main actors are all (potential) mass murderers and have already  shown their willingness to kill  innocent people in the Punch-and-Judy show of their invisible puppeteers. They are all guilty to death acc. to the laws by which we are sentenced. Nevertheless, the Illuminati media will let us see one side as evil – the other side as good – to deceive us gullible sheeple to support evil when we think we support justice. Both sides are bent upon killing/enslaving us.  Read the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion – in excerpt here – and you will know whom to blame. They have names: Jesuits and Rothschild-Weishaupt-Illuminati.

The NWO is about multi-non-culturalism-religion-moral-individuality-thinking. Different nationalities, religions, languages ​​and cultures cannot live together without severe tensions. And people only  want to give up their identity for wealth (as in the West). Otherwise, it is only possible in an NWO-Soviet dictatorship. National tensions sparked  WWI. Religious tensions and racisim in the Middle East will  spark WWIII. In 1914, the pyromaniacs  knew  and in 2014  know how to  exploit this for their plan.
And they know that only when people have lost eveything the 500 mio. survivors (Georgia Guidestones) can be shaped after Illuminati taste.
The following video shows the hatred the illuminati need for their fireworks – even whether the interview is genuine or propaganda. It is irresponsible warmongering on one side or the other.

The Crimea conflict was planned by the illuminati long ago – and and the puppet roles assigned (video below). According to this video (more here in bad English), already in 2008, Russian analysts described a US instigated Crimean crisis – controlled chaos – as the beginning of WW III. However, Obama has declared the US will not go to war over Ukraine. But Ukraine is the beginning of a cold war which will some day become hot in the Middle East acc. to Illuminati guru Albert Pike´s plan (pp.22 and 84)  Albert Pike´s Plan (pp.22 and 84)  and  hereif it is true? The crisis is indeed an American scenario as will be seen below.


The map right is satire, of course.

Paul Craig Roberts 15 March 2014  quotes: “If you reduce the lie to a scientific system, put it on thick and heavy, and with great effort and sufficient finances scatter it all over the world as the pure truth, you can deceive whole nations for a long time and drive them to slaughter for causes in which they have not the slightest interest.” — Chief French Editor, Behind the Scenes in French Journalism, describing the organization of World War 1 propaganda in France.”

Western over-dramatisation in the Crimea
An Austrian parliamentarian was election observer in Yalta, Crimea. He says (video below) that all media reports here are in total contrast with what he saw. He calls our press coverage Hollywood. He saw no military columns – nor in the surroundings – experienced a non-violent atmosphere, regular elections, no repression. Vigilantes were unarmed – and the election is in complete concordance with the UN Charter.

He says that the forces behind the false press   coverage in the West is warmongers. Some Westeners  want war! he says – See video. However, on the military front there is just one parole in the Crimea: Ukrainian surrender. (Reported as Russian tanks smashing into Ukrainian garrison! – No casualties reported).

The Daily Mail 21 March 2014: Russian troops storm three Ukrainian warships as Putin’s plan to ‘unleash full blown military intervention’ sends shockwaves around the world. But no casualties reported. Western media are reporting on massive Russian troop movements on the Ukrainian border as well as Russian war threats – all without much substance.

Who is next?  the Deutsche Welle asks  on 20 March 2014.  Acc. To The CFR´s Foreign Affairs it is Belarus. Reuters 23 March 2014: Acc. to NATO´s top commander, Russia had a large force on Ukraine’s eastern border and and The Washington Post 23 March 2014 he was worried it could pose a threat to Moldova’s separatist Transdniestria region. And the EU will put forward Moldova´s EU association – as it did Ukraine´s Trade agreement – to cheat Putin. Nevertheless, this is all a play to the gallery: Decadent EU cannot afford a crisis with Russia – and already the EU and Russia are approaching each other again, agreeing on stationing OSCE observers in Ukraine – the EU implementing just symbolical sanctions on Russia!

obama-putin-dislike each otherIver Neumann, a Russian specialist and professor at the globalist London School of Business:   Moscow is still caught up in the politics of the 18th and 19th century where you grab a piece of land and see if you can get away with it. The very basis of Russian state power, the economy,  is becoming weaker and weaker.
Putin’s first priority is to make sure that Ukraine does not join the Western camp, he adds.

EU Observer 20 March 2014: Nato chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen has warned Crimea could be the beginning of a wider military campaign, amid Russia’s veiled threats against EU and Nato member Estonia. Fogh Rasmussen has called Putin a global hooligan.

Parallels between the years of 1913 and 1914 in way of  war preparations are increasingly drawn. Thus, acc. to The Mirror 12 March 2013  EU Commission pres. Candidate, Jean-Claude Juncker for reasons of intimidating apology for the EU  said: “I am chilled by the realisation of how similar circumstances in 2013 are to those of 100 years ago.” “In 1913, many people believed there would never again be a war in Europe.”

US law producer for 70 years,  Brookings 16 March 2014, sees Putins warnings   to his neighbours like this: Don´t forget Georgia. What happened there might happen to you. The US and NATO will not protect you. Remember, you have many Russians among you. Russia decides the policy in your area. Stay away from the EU! Here´s a red line.

What does Putin actually say?
putin-CremlinPutin On Crimea Incursion: “I have No Intention Of Invading Other Regions Of Ukraine”. Not very warlike. Then again, one remembers another dictator after Munich 1938 “We have no more territorial claims in Europe”!In the meantime, the voice voice from Eastern Ukraine rises:We, too, want to go home into the Russian  Reich“!

The Washington Post 20 March 2014 : In a speech to the nation,  Putin alluded to the post-Soviet Ukrainian state’s alleged “forced assimilation” of Russians, questioned the legitimacy of Ukraine’s borders  — and noted that “the guarantee of Ukraine’s  territorial integrity” is whether Kiev sees to it that the Russian population’s rights “are fully protected.”
All U.S. presidents, he said are heirs to an ancient Western policy dating to the 18th century — designed to “sweep us into a corner because we have an independent position.”
Putin has his own interpretation of the past, and it fills him with a sense of grievance powerful enough to transform the map of Europe.

agenda-21-red-greenWhat are the fear/warmongers up to?  The way to save Western civilization from collapse is communism.  “Population  will reach a steady state at the maximum carrying capacity, if the rate of depletion of nature is reduced to a sustainable level, and if resources are distributed equitably.” This is Agenda 21.

What does the EU do?
It scolds and imposes symbolical sanctions on their Mason brother Putin
Vladimir Putin has laughed off western sanctions against Russia, but indicated that he will not escalate the Ukraine crisis further.

Spiegel 14 March 2014: The EU´s Eastern Partnership  has sent much money and work to Ukraine since 1998. An agreement on EU negotiations was in place. However, Putin threatened and bribed Yanukovych (with 15 bn dollars for Ukraine) to break his EU promise.

Acc. to F. William Engdahl, US Assistant Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland. She scuttled the agreement wanted to  dictate the persons of the future government incl. corrupt cleptocrate Tymoshenko (others think Putin´s 15 bn dollar offer to Yanukovich was the cause). She said: Fuck the EU and destroyed the EU-Yanukovych agreement by having  snipers shoot both police and demonstrators . The police was blamed, of course, and the bloody Sloboda Nazi revolution broke out.

The video below shows the shooting was a false flag operation.

Something is not right: The West wants Communist Agenda 21 one-world government  Soviet style – and Putin considers the fall of the Soviet Union to be “a geo-political catastrophe”! 
Obama and Putin are Masonic brethren.  Rothschild controls the FED, which has made the Russian Central Bank subservient. So, why does the West want war? Is this a question of persons? This is beyond all reason. It is Masonic Religion.

Different nationalities, religions, languages ​​and cultures cannot live together without severe tensions. And people only  want to give up their identity for wealth (as in the West). Otherwise, it is only possible in an NWO-Soviet dictatorship. National tensions sparked  WWI. Religious tensions and racisim in the Middle East will  spark WWIII. In 1914, the pyromaniacs  knew  and in 2014  know how to  exploit this for their plan.

After the brotherhood between East and West was highlighted time and again  after the fall of the Soviet Union as the fruit of the NWO, NATO and Russia/China are suddenly facing  each other again as enemies due to a US-created crisis in Ukraine with predictable outlet. They clearly want to intimidate us  but do they really want to unleash the Illuminati´s long-planned 3. World War now? Well, considering  the prediction by their high priest, Albert Pike, it appears we can still take it easy until further notice: Their planned war is not to emanate fromUkraine – but from the Middle East.



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  2. Anders says:

    Hello, Mr. Mark.

    I have seen this spot before – and I take it for a joke.
    They would have gone bankrupt long ago, had this been serious!

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  4. Anders says:

    Hello, Joy.
    Interesting, if it´s true. I have also seen advertizing to join the Illuminati.
    But as I understand it you cannot just join the real illuminati. You have to be born into one of 13 satanic Illuminati bloodlines described by Fritz Springmeyer http://www.theforbiddenknowledge.com/hardtruth/the_satanic_bloodlines.htm. Correct me if I am wrong.

    You point out the choice we all have: 1) To join the Devil somehow (Masonry, rejection of Christ, selfishness) 2) To join Jesus Christ and renounce on the Devil, all his ways and works and deeds.

    You have chosen pleasure for a few years on Earth and suffering/death in eternity – instead of life eternal in a continuous process of creation with Christ. He is a reality and has left his supernatural http://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/scientists-say-turin-shroud-is-supernatural-6279512.html visiting card, the 3-dimensional photo on the Shroud of Turin http://euro-med.dk/?p=7909 and http://new.euro-med.dk/20150403-what-happened-in-the-tomb-of-christ-that-first-easter-night.php and http://euro-med.dk/?p=22352.

    At least, you have made your choice. Many do not – and end up in the same place as you will when you leave this planet..

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