Angela Merkel in Same Antichrist League as Putin and Netanyahu: Showing the 666 Sign of the Beast

This Photo of Angela Merkel from The World News was shown on the NATO News website on 14 March.

Left: Merkel making almost the the same masonic 666 sign of the beast/the “divine king”/the Antichrist  as Vladimir Putin does right Putin666below and Binyamin Netanyahu below left


Good to know on which side our political leaders stand in the upcoming showdown
/Revelation 13, 17, 18, 19:20).

netanyahu666It is also the  OK sign among youths on triumph – but Merkel and Putin do not look triumphant, are no youths and belong to Satanist Masonic circles.



Below: Merkel makes kabbalistic hand sign







Below: the Merkel rhomb:   The triangle pointing downwards  is  a Masonic Symbol  of the  Mother-Goddess. The rhomb symbolizes the Masonic square and compass. The G in the middle stands for “god”. The god of freemasonry is LuciferThe elite is deeply religious.


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