Angela Merkel: “Putin Is in Another World”. Putin as “Messiah” to Unite the World! Estonian F.M.: False Flag Snipers in Kiew. Martin Schultz Shockingly Shows EU´s Dictator Face, Sympathising with Ukrainian Anarchistic Murderers

LATEST:  World News 8 March 2014   (referred to by NATO News 8 March) Late February poll showed  68% of Russians approve Putin´s policies. Successful Sochi Winter Olympics and his handling the Ukrainian crisis helped. Russians strongly support him.
In contrast, Obama’s approval rating hit an all-time low. New Fox News poll: 38%.

LATEST: Russia Today 7 März 2914: The Pentagon has spent large sums on having psychologists study Vladimir Putin´s body language. This i.a. what they found:“ Putin’s body language is a “highly restricted…head-to-tail spinal pattern similar to fish movement”, “because he likely did not crawl as an infant. Putin’s bodily imbalance and self-image show him to be risk-averse — stuck in place and time — and extremely sensitive to criticism,”Putin’s physical problems “created a strong will that he survive and an impetus to balance and strengthen the body…When we are unable to do something, really hard work becomes the way.”
Well, let us hope Obama does not believe that nonsense.


Revelation 13:11 And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon. 12 And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.13 And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men,14 And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live. 15 And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast.


trækker-i-trådeneThe cold war seems to have returned as a plan of the NWO – criminals. The leaders on both sides seem to be madmen – or mad puppets steered by the Illuminati puppet masters – as the following will show. Pres. Obama has even by executive  forbidden  anyone to  enter the  USA  who has criticized the Ukrainian Revolution.






OTPOR square

F. William Engdahl Global Res. 4 March 2014 has found pamphlets distributed to Kiew protesters – word by word identical with the ones distributed in Cairo Tahrir Square by OTPOR/Canvas during the Serbian Revolution. Left: from Cairo. Right: from Kiew.

But even worse: Estonia´s foreign minister, Urmas Paet confirms what he said in a leaked conversation he had with EU´s “High Representative” Ashton on the events in Ukraine: On the video below, Paet says at the 9:00 min. mark about the Kiew snipers who killed policemen and demonstraters: Russia Today 6 March  “There is now stronger and stronger understanding that behind the snipers, it was not Yanukovich, but it was somebody from the new coalition.”

Today as then operations under false flag operations are being used to start violent confrontations. This video in German shows very aggressive demonstrators attacking non-violent policemen. Our media like to give the opposite view.

And the situation in Ukraine after the Revolution? Ruffians have taken over the police force, terrorizing the population and beheading those whom they do not like. At a press conference,  would-be next European Commission President, Martin Schultz, shows his dictator qualifications i best Roland Freisler style: He thunders representatives of the new Ukrainian opposition into silence, as they tell the preconditions for their questions – Video. His sympathy is on the side of the murderous anarchists!

Zbigniew Brzezinski´s Grand Chessboard plan is to encircle Russia and disintegrate it into small states: Brzezinski has foisted this plan on 5 US presidents incl. Obama.

brzezinski2This is one of Brzezinski´s  (making Kabbalist hand pose left) tools:   Western forces like Rothschild agent George Soros´ Open Society backed by the US Congress financed National Endowment for Democrecy and the US Freedom House were the forces behind the Arab Spring and the Ensuing Chaos. They were also the forces behind the Russian “White Revolution” until they were stopped by Putin. And they were the forces behind Ukraine´s Orange as well as Ukraine´s present revolution. These forces rule and finance the so-called civil society, which they mobilize when their one world plan finds it opportune. soros3In particular one Organization, Serbian OTPOR, has been efficient. It arranged the riots in Serbia and of the Arab Spring, were trained by the US State Dpt. Today its name  is CANVAS (Centre for Applied Non-Violent Action and Strategies). See video below.

Right: Rothschild agent George Soros making Masonic triangle hand signs up and down. (“As below – so above”).








The symbol of  OTPOR/CANVAS Revolutions is the clenched fist, the flag of Kmara: (Georgian -“Enough!”). They also started the Georgia riots.


Right: Putin makes Masonic hand sign of distress

I have previously written about Vladimir Putin having features in common with Bismarck, the German the iron chancellor . I have written that he is a Royal Arch Freemason governing by means of Jewish elitists,even Hassidim and Chabad Lubavitches.


Putin left: Saint or Antichrist? Right he discretely makes the sign of the beast 666 (Rev. 13:18).

Furthermore, that he lets his former KGB companions (now FSB) rule his empire without control. I have described him as an NWO antithesis to the US/NATO thesis. But there is much more hidden in his”other world”. He feels he is a Russian Messiah called to unite the world.

Putin-chabadistsThe following is a description of Putin and his Pharisee-Chabad Lubavitch/Hassidim government as seen from Jewish dominated owned US media. On the whole this matches the NWO thesis – antithesis.

Brookings 4 March 2014:  Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel finished a telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin about the crisis in Ukraine, and then, turning to several of her aides, she said that “she was not sure he was in touch with reality.” The Russian leader, she added, seemed to be “in another world.” Indeed, he does.

Bloomberg 3 March 2014: Merkel and Putin do not read the same books!  Putin’s world view is so different from that of Western politicians seeking to prevent a war that they are speaking different languages, not just in the linguistic sense.

In Putin’s world, the Russian civilization is clashing with the Western one. Money and the formalities of international law mean little in this existential struggle.

putin+abdallah-hidden-satan-handLeft:  King Abdallah of Jordan showing his Masonic brother Putin the hidden hand of Jahbulon with the Devil´s horns

Stanislav Belkovsky wrote in a post on “Putin actually decided he is a great man and can change the course of history.”

“In psychiatric literature this phenomenon is described as the Caesar complex: With no curbs, a person stops being accountable for what he does.
Maria Snegovaya, a graduate student at Columbia University, writes on the sources of Putin’s ideology, rooted in the writings of early 20th century messianic, nationalist philosophers Nikolai Berdyayev, Vladimir Solovyov and Ivan Ilyin. To them, Russia had a mission to spread and maintain the Orthodox Christian faith on territories it controlled, and the West was the eternal enemy of that mission, perpetually trying to break up the Russian world. Snegovaya also recalls the 2006 book “Third Empire: The Russia That Should Be,” by Mikhail Yuriev, an entrepreneur and ideologue popular with Kremlin bureaucrats: Russia gathers up the lands of the old Russian empire, grabbing, among other areas, eastern Ukraine after a standoff with NATO. Two years before Russia’s small victorious war against Georgia (Was it not vice versa???), “Third Empire” described a Russian conquest of the disputed Georgian regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia (Which happened later).

Putin- devil´s clawLeft: Putin making the claws of the Devil

OP-Ed from The New York Times 3 March 2014:  Is this the same Putin who recently wrote an editorial in The New York Times warning it’s dangerous for any nation to regard itself as exceptional?
Putin was personally involved in getting Ilyin’s remains re-buried back in Russian soil. In 2009, Putin went to consecrate the grave himself. The event sent him into a nationalistic fervor. “It’s a crime when someone only begins talking about the separation of Russia and the Ukraine,” he said on that day.
“We trust and are confident that the hour will come when Russia will rise from disintegration and humiliation and begin an epoch of new development and greatness,” Ilyin wrote.


Three great ideas run through this work. The first is Russian exceptionalism: the idea that Russia has its own unique spiritual status and purpose. The second is devotion to the Orthodox faith. The third is belief in autocracy. Mashed together, these philosophers point to a Russia that is a quasi-theocratic nationalist autocracy destined to play a culminating role on the world stage.

“The West exported this anti-Christian virus to Russia,” Ilyin wrote, “Having lost our bond with God and the Christian tradition, mankind has been morally blinded, gripped by materialism, irrationalism and nihilism.”  Solovyov writes about Russia´s role to unite mankind and its messianic role. Putin is deeply influenced by and quotes them. He says he is defending the distinction between good and evil, which has been lost in the outside world.
Russia is frequently seen as a besieged fortress

putin-aureoleAll of this adds up to a highly charged and assertive messianic ideology. With passions aroused and philosophic zealotry at full boil, it may temporarily appear that we are in a Huntingdonian clash with Russia.

The above is a tragic repetition of what led to WWII: Thesis and Antihesis being manipulated against each other by Rothschild´s satanic Sabbataean-Frankist Illuminati/Masonry  and Talmudism and here which run world policy by money. This is only possible because mankind has rejected the teachings and warnings of Christ long ago. Nevertheless, both sides think that they represent the good against evil, because they do not know what good and evil is. It is  sabbataean-frankist-talmudically satanically clever.

As I have previously written: The NWOs of Obama and Putin are being steered towards a clash.





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  1. Ugo says:

    look, why on earth do you writers and media are desieving him all along?.Putin !! a man just president of Russia, or was theren any other thing?.

    Carefuly and listen to these word that said, ”if snail is burning and quenchen the fire,it will think that’s just socking the firewoods with its watre”.

    Just look at the situation you people have coursed him against ukrainea deverstations and puting his Russians citizens to poorverty and hungers, angers and evil jokes will soon start circulate round the localities because the money they pushed out is about to dry up.Protesters has already started burning down the historical libry for an anger excises.You’r posting putin in comparism with the U.S dreamed leader? why? mmm?
    If i may asked?,where was he when Bill and Geoge was in action?,or because he pleaded to renewed the relationship and uses the same op for entimidation? ?,that was hwere he went wrong ,and tell what offence or purnishment does a chitter and go-digger deservedd? Obama is preparing to welcome 5-10 million immigrant as citizens of United State of America,and he could boost of sending out all ready made 4-6 million soldiers front,
    to every parts of the world don’t forget these points. Never was it a time i blamed putin,if not the medias and those around him ,whom never gave him good advices a leader of a country for that matter,mr.putin president of Russia dancing up and around the president of U.S.A and the leader of a whole world, why?,why can’t the world love peace and change?, i asked this question and it eaches my ear for given reasons at least one reason when ”Jusus chist came into the world to preach and gospel for peace and changes, love and unities, forgiveness and equalities, freedom” and so on .The world refused to welcomed him,and after he was gone and goned so far that you and i realized the truth and the good work he has done in our life,a chritian !!
    Are you in practise with what God want from you? hahahahahh,!!! a christian, chritian that test for war and bombing to destroy every part of world in the name of business and power. a chritian that show himself with his holliness or priest but blood from war is swolling in his hat.

  2. Ugo says:

    As for Angela Merkel,we already know whom she is .com

    It’s said that ”a snake shall never ever fail to give birth to a resamblancy ”her a-tude was origenated,never by surprise”fighting for peace with her right hand, and working against peace with the left”.

  3. Ugo says:

    Putin Is in Another World . Putin as “Messiah” to Unite the World! Estonian F.M.: False Flag Snipers in Kiew. Martin Schultz Shockingly Shows EU´s Dictator Face, Sympathising with Ukrainian Anarchistic Murderers

    And how and why or when does putin become Jesus christ?, we founded out that the world hate love or peace, just as we refused to accept the real messiah Jesus Christ but racist and discreminated Jesus christ a son of God and born by mariam, who know what color he and his mother mariam has as nature ? that leaded to the course of pesecution?,although the ancient book of Ethiopia still keep the recorde of the d—-ndant or roots of his real color and [etc].
    I wonder why every one has decided to be pro-putin just because he meets a peace teasting leader in the white house,if not, just tell me hwy now? and why putin?
    What can always know is ,never ever cross a red line of a gentle leader,because he has been warning and warning at the same time ,drawing red lines to mr.putin,but he refused to resct himself,then what do he espect than what he’s going through?.
    And he sould not believe if any one tells him that his case will be over if still decided making Ukraine his second or third country. Only putin and his promoters in medias,nets and fox TV show’s will make a decission of steping backwards out of the crossed red line drawned by the world leader.”RESCT IS RESPROCADE” ,there’s no gain in that way you’r walking towards,as the time came,those behind you were all disappointed you at the last hour that you almost needed them to act.Just look at the jokes,it’s never funny but …..danger in many ways you know what ways i meant before the face of your citizens when the time will soon. Do not say i told you,what will hapen in Russia between putin and his leadership, will be a surprise thing as joke to him, even Apostle Petter denied Jesus Christ at the last hour as the time reached,what about you and i ? hypocrise !!

  4. Ugo says:

    German and some other parts of E.U contributed to the bloody crisis in ukraine, beause they would’t have delayed Obama’s calls for actions. At least such first and early move or presures could have called putin to his mind,when he see every one pointing to him ”STOP’ it now. He is a human, he must have stoped, but as he saw himself being supported by the same people that claimed Nato or E.U and U.S.A ,i mean every one could behave the same.

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