NWO Elite Wants One World Eco-Regime through “Extraordinary Crisis” – Governed as in China

Abstract: The stooges of the NWO express themselves increasingly clearly in relation to the objective of their NWO global government,  Agenda 21, which has been in the making since the Rio Conference in 1992. It was adopted in 2013 by the UN General Assembly.

An influential member of  Brent Scowcroft´s Atlantic Council says that Snowden , Manning and Al Qaeda now are the world´s greatest threats, and the New World Order could do little  to reverse the damage (to the NWO) by failing governments without an  “extraordinary new crisis.” So,  an upcoming crisis is announced here (aka that of Albert Pike´s ?)
Al Qaeda was created by the U.S. which supplies it in Syria and Libya with money, weapons and trainers. It was even allowed to undisturbed murder the US ambassador to Benghazi, while Obama witheld help!).

In Rockefeller’s Trilateral Commission, they are also concerned:  Its co-founder, the evil spirit behind 5 U.S. presidents and author of the “Grand Chessboard,” Zbigniew Brzezinski, says the reasons why we do not have a one-world government yet, are that: 1 Peoples have awakened and can see how they are being deceived by the elite. 2 After India and China joined the G20 there is no uniform (Rothschild / Rockefeller) clique there any more.  And the world must be ruled by a small closed (non- elected) group.

The head of the UNFCCC, Figueres, is optimistic after  the UN General Assembly adopted the eco-world government – but not satisfied: the democracy of the United States is in her way. She wants China´s  Communist system: No discussion. They make a quick decision – and implement it without resistance. “They do it right,” she says .
She does not worry about the fact that in the 20th Century Communism killed 94 million people – China alone accounts for 65 million. But of course, she dosn´t care: The victims were just heretics!
She does not care about the fact that China is the world´s absolute top CO2 emitter and wants to emit even more. Nor that the EU and the U.S. have no increase in their CO2 outlets since 1990 while China has increased her emissions by 280% during that time. “But they do it right ,” she says. She can only be referring to the Communist form of government.

However, according to Barroso himself, the EU sees itself as the bright model of Agenda 21. This man, who is retiring soon and will probably be replaced by  Rothschild’s IMF´s  CEO Puppet, Lagarde, first told us that after 2020 the EU will leave it to the nation states  to decide whether they want to carry on with  more CO2 fighting voluntarily or not. However, in the EU  Commission he recommended stricter, mandatory CO2 measures beyond 2020! Of course, the Maoist Figueres, immediately paid homage to the youth Maoist and Knight of Malta Mason/Jesuit, Barroso.

At the same time, EU Climate Commissioner Connie Hedegaard said: ” The current policies are correct, even though the science was wrong, because a growing world population will put the power supply under pressure, regardless of the pace of global warming”
Consequently, it is right to impoverish us
now by unnecessary “green” energy taxes, to poison us with “protective Chemtrails”, although they have been shown to warm the atmosphere – and although the CO2 cools it! But she needs this mendacious CO2 fairy-tale to finish Agenda 21.

Barroso’s climate program is a “framework program” which does not exist within the illegal  Lisbon Treaty. Now, the European Council is to approve this nonsense. Should Poland, for example,  not give in, it would be summoned before the progressive
European Court of Justice. It always confirms  dubious policies towards more Union. In this way, EU politicians can fight back against their compatriots: “We have adopted but weak provisions – but the bad ECJ has transformed them into law!” The system is built on this mechanism!


“The crisis ended up giving us the political momentum to make changes that before the downturn had been unattainable – some of those changes were even unthinkable. Over the years, step by step, we have been changing the economic governance system of the European Union beyond recognition.” (José Barroso, EU Press release 20 Jan. 2014). 



The NWO seems to prefer the Chinese Communist system as their NWO one world government  model, the Agenda 21.
The former UN Deputy Secretary General,  Maurice Strong, a Rothschild agent and Rockefeller minion,  was  also Director of the UNEP (United Nations Environment Project),  founder of the fraudulent IPCC  together with the World Meteorological Organization. Maurice Strong  planned the NWO  eco-one-world government, the Agenda 21. When it became clear that Strong had stolen  $ 1 million from the UN, he fled headlong to China, where he is an adviser to the government today – which is now then force-relocating  250 million farmers into big cities –  Agenda 21 being its model. His cousin Anne was Mao Tse Tung´s mistress for 2 years. EU-Council Pres.  van Rompuy praises the enforced urbanization of China´s farmers in the EU China Urbanisaion Forum.

In March this year, China´s president, Xi Jinping, will pay a visit to Brussels to tie closer bonds to the EU.

The Rothschild agent George Soros wants China at the top of the NWO (video below). As the country is reluctant, this currency crusher now turns against China’s weak shadow economy – and may even be betting against it. The Chinese seem not to take it lightly. The Government Elites are now hiding their personal assets in tax havens in the British Virgin Islands.

The corrupt politicians want their one world Communist state now and here. with or without our consents- for we are just “brainless”,as the German Foreign minister states!
brzezinsk-obamaAlready in 2010, they were loosing patience: Mr. Zbigniew Brzezinski (evil spirit behind 5 US presidents)  in a speech to the Council on Foreign Relations, sees two reasons for world government not to have been created: 1. For the first time in history,  the peoples of the world have  become politically awakened and aware of the elite´s  conspiracy at their expense – and the peoples are stirring! (eg. the U.S. Tea parties, South and East Europeans, Thailand, etc.) 2. There is no longer a homogeneous (Rothschild / Rockefeller-dominated) clique in the G20 after China and India appeared there. But there should be a small closed group to lead the world, says Brzezinski.-
A Russian participant at that year´s Trilateral Commission meeting was mistaken about his interlocutor and told him that they were about to decide the future of the world
david-rockefellerAcc. to their Masonic guru, Albert Pike, they probably see the road to their one world government through WWIII. As David Rockefeller said, speaking at the UN, Sept. 14, 1994: “We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis…and the nations will accept the New World Order”. Left: D. Rockefeller showing  the Jewish cabbalist sign of the Tree of Sephirot.

I. Haarlan Ullman, The Atlantic Council 15 Aug. 2013. Ullman is senior adviser at the Atlantic Council, and chairman of the Killowen Group that advises leaders of government and business: “Without an extraordinary crisis, little is likely to be done to reverse or limit the damage imposed by failed or failing governance.

The more immediate danger rests in the dramatic empowerment of individuals and groups, for good and sadly evil, often lumped together as “non-state actors.”
Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning, countless “hackers” and anonymous people mailing anthrax-filled letters whose actions have indeed constituted real threats and systemic disruptions are among the former. Al-Qaida and other radical groups reflect the latter.”
Comment: Just after 9/11 2001 anthrax letters were sent from the US government´s notorious Fort Detrick, which developed the AIDS virus, to US media stations and 2 Congress members. In spite of experts´ statements, the MIT and others blamed it on Al Qaeda, others on Bruce Ivins while Rumsfeld and Wolfowitzblamed it on Sadddam Hussein –  and the letters did give a lift for the 2. Iraq war. The letters were no doubt a false flag

ULLmanRight: Haarlan Ullman (Author of Shock and Awe)

“As former national security adviser Brent Scowcroft (Chairman of the Atlantic Council)  observes, global politics has entered a post-Westphalian era (nation states dissolving). The fundamental cause of this empowerment is the diffusion of all forms of power commonly called “globalization,” accelerated by the information revolution and instantaneous global communications.(The expansion of globalism – formerly called the New World Order – is exactly what the Atlantic Council stands for).

A second reality complicates taking effective action in what could truly be a “new world order”. Failed and failing government from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe with Brussels and Washington in between is the largest collective impediment to the betterment of mankind.”
Comment: “Another distorsion. Foreign Affairs Jan/Febr. 2014: “After a decade of conflict and effort with precious little to show for it the recent era of interventionist U.S. state building is drawing to a close. The obsession with weak states was always more of a mania than a sound strategic doctrine”.

The only instability in failing states comes from the US Freedom House, NED, the CIA, hired OTPOR,  Soros´ Open Society. The US state Dept. sends money, instructors, and weapons forits ally, Al Qaeda: The Wall Street Journal 12 Dec. 2012: The U.S. on Tuesday formally recognized Syria’s (unelected. mainly foreign) rebel group as the representatives of the  “Syrian” population, although most Syrians support Al Assad and here – even NATO admits that only 10% of syrians are against Assad . Nevertheless, The Guardian 21 Jan. 2014  brought a report on terrible cruelties to and mass executions of detainees in Syrian state prisons. And just 2 days before the Geneva peace conference. Propaganda or not (Activist Post 21 Jan. 2014) ?

II. The Daily Caller 15 Jan. 2015: “United Nations climate chief Christiana Figueres (see video above) said that democracy is a poor political system for fighting  (non-existing)  global warming. Communist China, she says, is the best model.
“China may be the world’s top emitter of carbon dioxide and struggling with major pollution problems of their own, but the country is “doing it right” when it comes to fighting global warming says Figueres.
Figueres added that the deep partisan divide in the U.S. Congress is “very detrimental” to passing any sort of legislation to fight global warming. “The Chinese Communist Party, on the other hand, can push key policies and reforms all on its own. The country’s national legislature largely enforces the decisions made by the party’s Central Committee and other executive offices.

CO2-emission-changes-per nation since 1990Comment:  In other words, she says: “Long live world Communism!” Mrs. Figueres not only exposes  the UN´s world die-hard-communist agenda -but also an unscrupulous  zombie mind. She is so mendacious that one cannot help conferring this stupidity or insolence/contempt for us  on all  NWO henchmen, for their brainwashed mentality always shows the same features. The Yale-graph right shows unchanged CO2 emission in the USA since 1990 – whereas China has emitted 280% more CO2 in that period, even planning to emit much more. “They are doing it right!” Maybe they are – for their CO2-emissions play no part for global warming, but perhaps for increasing rainfall.

Communism-killingsCommunism was responsible for the deaths of about 94 million people. China alone was responsible for 65 million of those deaths under communist rule.


The EU has the same Cynicism 
The EU Climate Commissioner, Connie Hedegaard,  says: “The current policies are correct although the science was wrong, because a growing world population will put pressure on energy supplies, regardless of the rate of


global warming” (The Telegraph 16 Sept. 2013). In other words she says: Even if the basis of our policy is absent, it is right for us to rob people (climate taxes and fees), poison them with chemtrails, which cause global warming, to combat  CO2 which  protects us against warming! – and to build our Communist one world state to enslave people on that faulty basis.

III. The EU speaks with 2 tongues in its climate policy – the foundation of the Communist Agenda 21, which has just been adopted by the UN General Assembly.

DWN 15 Jan. 2014:EU Commission chief Jose Manuel Barroso will forgive EU countries the adoption of the ecoguidelines.”
The duty to increase the share of eco energy in relation to the  total energy is to expire in 2020.
However, he asks the EU member states to accept 27% renewable energy.
By 2020, three objectives should be enforced in the EU countries: The share of renewable energy should rise to 20 percent. Greenhouse gas emissions should fall by 20 percent. Energy should be used by 20 percent more efficiently, based on 1990.

Just on 9 January, the federal government had said how “important to Germany  a mandatory renewable target is.” Only in this way could “necessary investment signals  be given” , it says in a letter to the German negotiators in Brussels.

But here comes the truth
EU Press Release 22 Jan. 2014:  EU Commission: A reduction in greenhouse gas  emissions by 40% by 2030 below the 1990 level, an EU-wide binding target for renewable energy of at least 27%, renewed ambitions for energy efficiency policies.
European Commission President José Manuel Barroso said: “An ambitious 40% greenhouse reduction target for 2030 is the most cost-effective milestone in our path towards a low-carbon economy. And the renewables target of at least 27% (instead of 27%) is an important signal: to give stability to investors”.
The Commission proposes to establish a market stability reserve for the Climate Exchange system (ETS) at the beginning of the next ETS trading period in 2021 (Thus letting taxpayers pay for keeping electricity bills and bankster fees high!).
Christiana Figueres immediately hailed the Commission´s agreement as a positive signal (for her one world communism).

New governance system: The 2030 framework proposes a new governance framework based on national plans for competitive, secure and sustainable energy and based on upcoming guidance by the Commission, these plans will ensure stronger investor (inprofitable CO2-permits) certainty and greater transparency and EU coordination and surveillance and  ensure the plans are sufficiently ambitious, as well as their consistency and compliance over time.
These documents reflect the EU’s goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 8 0-95% below 1990 levels by 2050. And Obama is boasting  this madness to UN Pres. Ban ki-moon

All 3 sections show the dictatorial foundation based on lies of the developing world Communism, the EU claiming to be the model, the UN China.

Barroso´s promise of leaving it to the nation states to decide their own energy policies after 2010 was obviously a lie. In the EU Press Release, Barroso advocates a binding  40% reduction of CO2 by 2030 and  27% renewable energy. Now Barroso´s “Freedom” just means freedom to decide how the nation states will achieve the EU´s binding goals – not if they will implement them or not.

global-warmimgHowever, the EU Commission´s climate  policy is a “Framework” called EU-wide binding.  Acc. to Wikipedia, Framework decisions were  abolished by the Lisbon Treaty! They were similar to directives in that they required member states to achieve particular results without dictating the means of achieving that result
They were only subject to the optional jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice and enforcement proceedings could not be taken by the European Commission for any failure to transpose a framework decision into domestic law.
The European Council is to accept the EU Commission proposal – and if all member states do, it is equivalent to law. But not all will sign.

This means, The European court of Justice might receive a complaint over e.g. Poland emitting too much coal smoke. The ECJ are the High Priests of the EU-NWO religion – and have the final say which always makes the EU more of a Union. And the ECJ verdict means nthe Framework would be law – although the “Framework” in itself is illegal under the EU Constitution, the Lisbon Treaty, rejected by the peoples allowed to vote on it.
This is the usual way the Commission and Parliament have their inedible legislation adopted without the EU politicians being flayed by their fellow-countrymen.

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