Putin Charismatic Antichristian Antithesis – Demagogue of the West

Abstract: Putin is seen in the West as a freedom fighter in the struggle against the Rothschild bankster system.
The famous anti -NWO opponent, Russian Orthodox priest and born Jew, Brother Nathanael Kapner, has written an article in which he praises Putin as a good Christian and the saviour of Christianity, because Putin has promised to protect Christians from persecution everywhere in the world – which he has never done. On the contrary, he now persecutes Igor Artemov because he has said that Russian Orthodoxy is the only true faith The Russian Orthodox Church also praises him –  because he is increasing  Russia´s glory, restoring its great power status . The word of Christ that whosoever wants to conquer the whole world risks  his own soul is irrelevant to the church.
In addition, brother Nathanael praises Putin that he has outsmarted the Jews and their puppet, Obama, Syria as well as the Jewish-controlled EU in Ukraine. Indeed, Putin is a Jew warrior – or is he?

His government is widely composed of crypto/orthodox Jews , and  it was earlier, too. Putin is very friendly to Jews,  being almost adopted into  a Talmudic Jewish family in his poor childhood. Some think he is a Jew – and, according to The Haaretz, Dmitry Medvedev is also suspected of being Jewish.
The Siliviarch Circle – Putin´s advisors – is highly riddled with Jewish oligarchs. By the way, Putin has given his KGB friends (now FSB) an uncontrolled  free hand to do what as they please.
Many political prisoners groan within Putin´s prisons – and a very long series of political assassinations characterizes his regime.

Putin is subordinate to the Pharisee-dominated Freemasonry. In his KGB days, he was a member of the Royal Arch Freemasonry of the Scottish Rite. Putin is the antithesis of the thesis of Obama – they have common masters. For now, acc. to converted Jewish Henry Makow, Putin´s role is to split Russia  into 7 regions in order to pull its teeth out and plunge the country into poverty – he and his government putting the people’s money in their own pockets such as the banksters do in the West. Putin is , according to Bloomberg, the richest and most powerful man in the world. However, I think he is too, ambitious to divide Russia and his own power. 

On the contrary: Putin dreams of restoring the Soviet Union on the basis of its best features (I thought there were no such features). He is  up to  forming the Eurasian Union Commission by 2015  – with the former USSR countries and beyond. The U.S. is strongly opposed – and Putin’s world ruler plans mean war with the United States,  Putin also havimg Alaska in mind, the old Russian province. He needs it to get better ports to be able to dominate the world .

No, Brother Nathanael: Putin is not a Christian – but an antichrist. Putin is not a freedom fighter – but a dictator. Putin is not a champion against the Jews – he is a champion or rather a puppet of their Jewish NWO .


“And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon. And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.  And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men. And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth…” (Rev. 13: 11-14).

“Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer — so I wasn’t lying — and we are his chosen people. Lucifer is very much alive.'”  Jewish Harold Rosenthal 1976, assistant to Sen. Jacob Javits of New York. (Henry Makow (Jewish) 10 Oct. 2012).

Wladimir Putin is very popular in the West – seen as the only hope against the Rothschild Illuminati. He was appointed the Person of the year in 2007 by The Time Magazine and again in 2013 by The Times. Bloomberg sees Putin as the richest man on earth.  On like a saviour of the world. And as a Ch 27 Dec. 2013, Forbes calls Putin the strongest man on earth. He is seen as something ristian!! Now even  Russian orthodox Brother Nathanel Kapner  adores Putin as a Christian for fighting the Jewish NWO. 

Putin and the Orthodox Church fawn on each other although Putin persecutes people who state Russian Orthodoxy to be the only true faith
PutinsecretsSpiegelKirill, Patriarch of Moscow and all of Russia, recently gave Putin a certificate honoring him for the preservation of greater Russia. “We know,” Kirill said, launching into a hymn of praise for Putin, “that you, more than anyone else since the end of the 20th century, are helping Russia become more powerful and regain its old positions, as a country that respects itself and enjoys the respect of all others.”

The following is from he highly esteemed front fighter against the New World Order, Brother Nathanael Kapner, a born Jew, but converted to Orthodox Christianity now being a priest.


Brother Nathanael Kapner 17 Dec. 2013:  Putin foiled the Jews in Syria and his current masterstroke in Ukraine has the Jews enraged.

He pulled Ukraine from the decadent Jewish-ruled EU and its Jewish bosses in Washington.

Secrets Of Putin’s Success
Putin-abdullahPutin Is A Devout Orthodox Christian (he is a high- ranking Satanic Mason – here happily accepting the masonic Jahbulon sign  – the hidden hand):
As a Christian leader within the Byzantine model of “Symphony of Church and State,” Putin (so he thinks) has God’s blessing, guidance, and protection on his administration.
This is in accordance with the ancient Orthodox blessing on Christian Emperors as God’s regents on earth.”
Putin sees himself in the tradition of the Tsars and promised to “defend” persecuted Christians worldwide in a speech to Russian hierarchs this summer.
Last year, Putin gave his word to the Church that he would make the protection of Christians a foreign policy priority.

As Russia’s leader, Putin has installed “Orthodoxy 101″ by which children are taught the Orthodox Christian Faith in the nation’s public schools.
Putin has also: Banned homosexual parades; forbids the dissemination of homosexual propaganda; shut down gambling casinos; and has proclaimed Russia’s adoption of the Orthodox Faith in 988 AD as a national holiday.

Here is an amazing video showing how the Antichrist has deceived a true Christian, Brother Nathanael Kapner. In the video, Brother Nathanael says there is not a single Jew in public office in Putin´s Russia – a blatant mistake (see below). Furthermore, Putin states:”We are a multifaith state” – i.e. an antichristian state since Christ says nobody comes to God except through him (John 14:6). Nevertheless, Brother Nathanael states Putin to be about recreating a “Christian” Russian state!”. Finally Brother Nathanael sighs: “If we only had a leader like Putin in America!”
Brother Nathanael: You have not grasped the duality of the Devil´s deceptions. He deceives by being kind, tempting  – and by being hostile, threatening. But anyway, he is the deceptor, a liar and a murderer as Christ said (John 8:44). Know them by their deeds, as Christ also said.  Learn to know the Antichrist from Christ.
You cannot keep up your attitude when you see Putin´s following catalogue of sins.

Putin Is Smarter Than Jew-Controlled Obama
Due to Putin out-maneuvering the moron in the White House in the Syria problem, he has become the ipso facto leader of the free world. The Jews actually fear him.
Putin’s got the better of them and foils them at every turn. And now with the Jews destroying the Western World with their homosexual agenda, only Putin is defending conservative traditions and speaking out for Christian values. Finally, there’s a leader in this world who’s dealing a death blow to international Jewry.

That´s not correct, dear Brother Natahnael.

Who is Putin actually?
The Telegraph 13 Dec. 2013. Mr Putin Called his opposition to homosexuality morally superior to the attitude in the West, angering many “progressive, amoral westeners.
Mr Putin did appear to signal a push against oligarchs dominance of the economy.
Stefan Meister, a senior policy fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations, said Mr Putin has isolated himself from the proactive part of society and the elite. He has surrounded himself with hardliners from the security service who promote Russia’s “modernisation” through the country’s military-industrial complex.”
former finance ministerAlexander Kudrin criticised Putin for doing too little for the economy 


Putin2Putin shows several
Masonic hand signs.

Putin was a Royal Arch Freemason in his KGB Days acc. to Ruyal Arch Mason  Richard Tomlinson – a British MI6 colleague, who knew Putin at a close range in those  days – they were even educated together!! They were under heavy mind control. And Putin is preparing an electromagnetic weapon to attack people´s brains, making them controlled zombies! (The Daily Mail 31 March 2012).
Putin has many features in common with Bismarck, acc. to the Council on Foreign Relations – and his role is clashing with that of the USA.

Henry Makow 12 March 2012 Putin is a pawn like Yeltsin or Gorbachev. He never makes a single decision without Washington’s permission. He is a corrupt official who does exactly what the world’s elite wants him to. He lies to Russians about economic growth while stuffing his pockets with money. –
The Russian government is totally corrupt but they  are no fools. They know that the policy they pursue is murderous for Russia. They do it on purpose. They are killing the country. It’s part of the elite’s plans. The next step, according to Zbigniew Bzrezinski is to split Russia into seven regions. They don’t talk about it yet. But it’s the agenda. They’ll do to Russia, what they did to the USSR.
Presidential elections in Russia are fake. Presidents are not elected – they are appointed.

Putin governs Freemasons -or is governed by Masons
Masons are Pharisee henchmen. The Rothschild-Illuminati soon took over the Masonic Lodges (Wilhelmsbad 1781) – and all 5 of Mayer Amschel Rothschild´s sons were Masons. The god of Masons is Lucifer – as is the god of the Pharisees/Talmudists.

Acc. to the e-International Relations, Russia is governed by a “sistema” around Putin, consisting of the 1. “siloviki”, i.e. a Soviet core of officials in the administration and army. They are immensely loyal to Putin. Then there are the 2. technocrats who uphold the bureaucratic system, discarding democratic rules after the slogan: Government is good, people are bad”. They have several ministeries running daily practical affairs. But the 3. group, the silovarchs is the most influential circle around Putin, who is strongly influenced by them. They have set a hostile line against the provocative West.

Putin governs by Jews
Here are some of the silovarchs that exert strong influence on Putin. A big part of them are Jewish Oligarchs. Here is a list of former Jews with key positions in Russian government. Putin has very tight connections with the supreme Russian rabbi, Lazar who in the video below tells how a Jewish family took care of very poor boy, Vladimir Putin, nearly adopted him. Also see the New York Times. His sympathy for Jews is so great that he appointed Jewish Dmitry Medwedew as president.

 Putin´s prime Minister from 2004 to 2007 was Jewish Mikhail Fradkow who is now Putin´s external spymaster. There is mystery about Putin´s ancestors, many think he is Jewish. His President till 2012 was Dmitry Medvedev, who is very popular with Jews/ADL. He is a suspected Jew (Haaretz 22 Febr. 2008)

Igor Artemov, The Occidentl Observer 2012 : The goal of the Russian authorities is to create in place of Russia and Russian civilization a new supranational pseudo-empire within the framework of the New World Order. Under the guidance of a Jewish elite, the Russian majority will be gradually replaced by Asian migrants.The main supports for the Russian authorities in this enterprise are the security agencies. Their purpose is to suppress any popular protest and discontent by unlawful use of force. Artemov is on the run as he is wanted by Federal Security Service for the ‘hate crime’ of writing that Russian Orthodoxy is the only true faith.   Comment: This further proves that Putin is no Christian.

Henry Makow 27 June 2012: The main figures in Putin’s government are almost exclusively crypto-Jews. The core of this fifth column are Orthodox Jews, often known as the Hasidim. There are several strands of Hasidism, but the dominant sect is Chabad Lubavitch.

Putin-chabadistsChabad Lubavitch calls for reducing the human population to 600 million non-JewsChabad Lubavitch has a secret influence in the super-elite “Committee of 300”  through which to engineer the “Holocaust” of mankind.
This Committee of 300 is questionable. Some think they are the Knights of Malta. Only former Intelligence officer, John Coleman, seems to know about this dubious assembly of Olympians around the Rothschilds
The Jewish Daily Forward 13 Sep. 2013: Chabadist rabbi Berel Lazar who has close ties to the Kremlin and to Jewish oligarchs, is probably the most powerful religious Jewish figure in Russia. There is little doubt that Chabad has been wildly successful in Russia and other former Soviet republics thanks to close ties with business and political elites.

punazluk(1)Putin is up to recreating the Soviet Union
In reality Putin´s old cronies from the KGB are carrying on with their job as the FSB – now without any parliamentary control.

The agreement signed by the presidents of Russia, Kazakhstan, and Belarus established the Eurasian Commission, the supranational governing body of the Eurasian Economic Space, which started work on 1 January 2012. Picture right from The Russia and India Report 2012.

What is Putin really up to?

Eurasian-union-mapWikipedia: The United States has expressed its opposition to Putin´s Eurasian Union (map left), claiming it is an attempt to re-establish a Russian-dominated USSR-type union amongst the former Soviet republics.  establishing the Eurasian Union by 2015.

If realised, it would comprise a number of states which were part of the former Soviet Union: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan. Russia’s included Georgia as a prospective member

In September 2013, Armenia announced its decision to join the Eurasian Union.
Russian political scientist Dmitry Orlov stated that apart from post-Soviet states, membership to the Eurasian Union could be expanded to include other countries that


have been historically or culturally close, such as Finland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Mongolia, Cuba and Venezuela, incorporating them into a common state body where Russian would be the common language of communication and economic cooperation. According to Vladimir Putin, the Eurasian Union would build upon the “best values of the Soviet Union”; however, critics claim that the drive towards integration aims to restore the “Soviet Empire”. Besides, there is the Collective Security Treaty Organisation,  and the Commonwealth of Independent States comprising most of the post-Soviet countries.

Dave Hodges quotes Brzezinski for writing that the world power of the future will fall to the strongest sea power. Russia does not have many usable sea ports – and therefore needs those of Alaska. Hodges refers to Russian submarines repeatedly penetrating into US Alaskan territoral waters and to Putin having said he needs Alaska. And that the Communist, Obama, is preparing to let him take it. Let us hope Putin is not listening to another former KGB officer: Igor Panarin who has predicted the US will dissolve into 6 regions falling to other states – Alska to Russia!

Putin the Anti-djihadist and assassin
The American Thinker 21 Sept. 2013: Putin is not an unreliable Democrat like Obama. Helitwinenko has killed thousands of Muslims in Chechnya. In the long term Putin does not want the Global Jihad to invade his borders. (Although Russia ha invaded their borders).
Putin has also made a point of assassinating both foreign and domestic opponents. In 2006, Putin poisoned the Russian exile and rebel Alexander Litvinenko (right)in London, using easily traceable Polonium 210.  He was murdered for assserting that Putin was behind the murder of  Anna Politkovskaja.  Her colleague from Novaya Gazeta Yuri Shchekochikhin, Russian Duma members Galina Starovoitova and Sergei Yushenkov, and journalist Artyom Borovik were also murdered for being critics of Putin.  Igor Artemov, The Occidentl Observer 2012 has a further death list of 5 –  officers, a governor and the famous ophthalmologist Fyodorov. Here is yet  another long list of Putin suspected murders.

No, Brother Nathanael, Putin is not a good Christian.
1. Christ said : “For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”. Putin desires to rule the world via his coming Eurasian project. And he politically needs and has the support of the Russian Orthodox Church which estimates Russian nationalism more than the words of Christ: No one can serve 2 lords.
2. And he kills his opponents:
3. In spite of Putin´s outward pledge to defend Christianity,  Igor Artemov is on the run for having said that Russian orthodoxy is the only true faith!
4. And Putin is not independent of Jews: On the contrary, they are his government and he is their subordinate through Rothschild´s Freemasonry – the god of which is Lucifer!
5. Putin will build his Eurasia on the “best” foundations of the Sovuiet Union. Was there anything good in that murderous and mendacious state which could only brainwash and distribute poverty – besides killing millions of Christians and other dissidents  in the Gulag.
6. Putin has made the KGB (now FSB) the new Silivarch Nobility – without the Control of the Parliament. They can do as they please.
7. To realize his plan, he will have to wage war on the US.  As in the West, old Russian national feeling and the teachings of Christ  is to be crushed by mass immigration
8. As in the West, old Russian patriotism and the teachings of Christ are to be crushed by massive immigration. Putin works for the NWO at the cost of Russia.
9. Putin allows no free will. His scientists are committed with developing a HAARP instrument – with which he can make anybody a zombie. That´s against God´s will – and pleases Satan.
10. From the Russian prisons the sighs and crying of prisoners who were/are opposed to Putin are unheard by man. Recently released Jewish Rothschild partner and oligarch  Khodorkowsky points to that fact.

Acc. to World Affairs 1 Nov. 2013 at least 70 political Prisoners were detained who have been scrupulously scrutinized. (Before the release of Khodorkovsky and the 30 Greenpeace activists). However, acc. to the WN, there are many more political prisoners in Russia.

This is a complicated affair, however, since the usual US NGOs, Soros´open socitiey, the NED and the Freedom House have been orchestrationg big demonstrations against this ambitious dictator.
The USA – the thesis – and Russia – the antithesis (Hegel) are fighting for the leadership  in the synthesis: the NWO after their 3. world war.

Von den russischen Gefängnissen steigen ungehört die Seufzer und das Weinen Gefangener  empor, die gegen Putin  waren/sind. Der kürzlich entlassene jüdische Rothschild-Partner und Oligarch, Khodorkowsky macht das  klar.



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