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Jews Explain why They Bring Many Millions of Muslims and African Immigrants the West

As I have so often written: The Zionist/Talmudic/and Frankist Satanist London City´s universal agent, Nazi collaborator George Soros admits to be the mastermind behind the rabbinical war on “whiteness” and here and here. Rothschild paid and instigated EU father Coudenhove Kalergi´s and … Continue reading

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Globalisierung: Dekadente Europäer opfern absurder Scharia und Eine-Welt Kommunismus Seelen und Kinder

Es tut mir leid, Ihre romantisierten TV-Vorstellungen über die Segen der Globalisierung ein bisschen aus einander zu schütteln – es sei denn Sie unterliegen noch nicht der Gehirnwäsche der zionistischen Medien und noch die Wahrheit sehen können. 1990/91 kündigte Präs. Bush … Continue reading

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Globalisation: Decadent Europeans Sacrificing Souls and Children to Absurd Sharia and One World Communism

I am sorry to shake your romanticized TV conceptions about the blessings of globalization a bit – unless you are still not under the brainwashing of the Zionist media and can still see the truth. In 1990/91, President Bush announced … Continue reading

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US Satan Symbol in Public Place – Satan´s Subversion of World Nearly Completed: Ex-Soviet Secret Agent Yuri Bezmenov Explains how.

The NWO is satanism and here – the ancient  rebellion of Satan and his followers against the Creator (Isaiah 14:12-14, Rev. 12:12).  By the day, Satan´s/Lucifer´s power becomes more and more evident – a process which began with the Illuminati … Continue reading

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36 Illuminati-Masonic Super/Ur-Lodges Rule the World – towards Its Demise

The Illuminati took command over the masonic lodges of the world at the Wilhelmsbad Conference in 1781 – and have governed them ever since from the London City. The Illuminati were founded by the Jesuits Adam Weishaupt and Mayer Amschel … Continue reading

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Criminal Supremacist Pharisaic Jews Successfully Blackmailing Swedish Government on a Lie for Their Luciferian NWO Destruction of Western Culture and Christianity

The rulers of the world, the Jesuits of Crypto-Jewish origin / the Satanist Vatican and their Rothschild managers in the London City by means of their Pharisees and Masonic stooges (see below) do their utmost to destroy the miserable remains of Christianity and the culture it has … Continue reading

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