Manchester Bomber a UK/US Intelligence Asset

As I recently wrote and here the Manchester terror attack is suspicious of being a false flag.

This is an attempt to find the background for Salman Abedi´s postulated terror attack in Manchester on Illuminati date 22. May 2017.

Who was Salman Abedi, the Manchester bomber?
WND 27 May 2017 The Manchester suicide bomber, Salman Abedi, accompanied his father and older brothers to Libya at the age of 16 for “jihad” against the secular-leaning government of Moammar Gadhafi during Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s grand plan to hand the Middle East over to the Muslim Brotherhood to “end extremism.
The CIA and Pentagon armed and trained various jihadist groups, including the Tripoli Brigade. The actual salaries of the fighters were paid for by the “Gulf States,” which translates into Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Salman, his brothers and their father, Ramadan Abedi, fought in a unit of the Tripoli Brigade that eventually secured Tripoli from the Libyan armed forces. Ramadan Abedi was an experienced military man, having served as an officer in Gadhafi’s internal security service until the 1990s. He returned with his sons to fight in the NATO-supported overthrow of the Libyan government.

Under Obama/Clinton leadership, the CIA helped empty the Libyan prisons of jihadists so they could fight against the same regime the CIA had once protected. Many of those senior jihadists became the leaders of the Tripoli Brigade that the Abedi family of the Manchester bomber fought with against the Gadhafi government.
In Libya today, the Tripoli Brigade is still active there

The Guardian 28 May 2017: Gareth Stansfield, professor of Middle East politics at Exeter University, said Abedi appeared typical of many second-generation migrants drawn to Islamist groups. “It’s the classic thing of being dispossessed, of having no roots. They see the perceived immorality of the west around them and these seeds are planted and become extremely toxic and poisonous.”
French intelligence suggests he was one of some 3,500 Libyans who went to Syria to fight.

Abedi’s sister, Jomana, told the Wall Street Journal that he had been angered by what was happening in Syria.
“I think he saw children – Muslim children – dying everywhere, and wanted revenge. He saw the explosives America drops on children in Syria, and he wanted revenge.”

“Their influences are coming in from all over the place, from groups advocating ultra-radical, ultra-aggressive tendencies, presenting a massively complex, fractured and dangerous complex of dynamics, motivations and ultimately actions that quite frankly could overwhelm the capabilities of those agencies tasked with countering the threat posed by violent jihadi groups and individuals.”

There are suggestions that Abedi may have been supported by accomplices in Germany, Canada and Turkey. Certainly few who knew him believe that he had the acumen to formulate the terrible plan he enacted on Monday.
He’s not been radicalised by Isis,” Rafiq said. “His life story is all about being radicalised from birth and then Isis cherrypicked him.

Global Res. 27 May 2017: More details have emerged about the prior familiarity of British intelligence agencies with the Manchester suicide bomber, Salman Abedi, whose murderous assault Monday evening left 22 people dead.

Given Abedi’s connections and his travel movements leading up to the attack, the only explanation for him being able to remain at large for so long is that he was a protected asset—part of a broad network of operatives utilised by Britain and the US to conduct their nefarious operations in the Middle East.

It is the exposure of these operations which accounts for the fury of Prime Minister Theresa May over the US leaking of intelligence information about the UK’s investigation into the bombing. Whatever the specific reasons for these leaks, they have completely undermined the British authority’s original claims that Abedi was an unknown, “lone wolf” – and that the CIA and NSA are involved..

The Daily Mail 28 May 2017: The United States and Britain have the closest intelligence-sharing relationship of any two countries on earth.
British liaison officers work bei der  CIA, der  electronischen Lauschangriffs-Organisation der  National Security Agency, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and elsewhere.
U.S. military and civilian counterparts are stationed in Britain including a contingent at the Cheltenham headquarters of the NSA’s British counterpart, the Government Communications Headquarters, or GCHQ.

We now know that British intelligence had received warnings, on at least five separate occasions in the last five years, that Abedi presented a danger, including that he had discussed committing a suicide bombing.

Abedi´s roaming
Global Res. 27 May 2017: According to new leaks Thursday, Abedi had traveled extensively in the run-up to the attack, including flying from Istanbul to the UK via Germany’s Dusseldorf airport. For years, Turkey has been used as a transit point into Syria by European jihadists, joining Western-led efforts to topple the regime of Bashar Al-Assad.

Several sources, including French intelligence, have made public their conclusions that Abedi had been to Syria and received training there.
The Financial Times also reported that a “Turkish official” said that Abedi had traveled through Istanbul on at least two other occasions over the past year

Der Tagesspiegel reported that Abedi flew from Dusseldorf to Manchester on May 18—four days before the attack. The newspaper cited German intelligence sources who said that he arrived in Germany from Libya via Prague.

The Guardian reported: “It is known that the 22-year-old travelled to Germany at least twice, including a visit to the financial city of Frankfurt.” It added, “Düsseldorf is in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, where Anis Amri, the Berlin Christmas market attacker, spent time.”

There is no innocent explanation for the fact that Abedi was able to travel to Libya, Syria, Turkey and the UK unhindered. Abedi’s ability to pass through customs without interference can only mean that he had been given the all clear.

For decades, successive British governments have worked with jihadi groups, prepared to use atrocities to achieve their objectives. This has meant that, behind the “war on terror” and the relentless assault on democratic rights that it has entailed, UK authorities have been harbouring Islamist extremist operatives and groups who can be set into motion at the required time, in line with British imperialist foreign policy objectives. Breitbart on 27 May 2017 reported that there are 23.000 such jihadis in the UK.

The Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), Egyptian Islamic Jihad and al-Qaeda all had bases in London. Al-Qaeda considered London the nerve centre of its operations in Europe

Likewise, British imperialism worked closely with Libyan Islamists, supporting them in their opposition to then Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.
As former MI5 agent David Shayler revealed, MI6 collaborated with one such organisation, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, in the attempted assassination of Gaddafi in 1996.

For years, a group of LIFG members were active in the Whalley Range district of Manchester, close to Salman Abedi’s home. Salman Abedi’s father, Ramadan Abedi, an airport security officer, was an LIFG member.

Sympathies to the victims of the blast (Image Source: True Publica). Ramadan and his wife moved first to London – then to Manchester where anti-Gaddafi elements maintained the closest links with British intelligence. 

Ramadan returned to Libya some time in 2011 where he became an administrative manager of the Central Security Force in Tripoli, one of the many militias vying for control of the country.

Salman Abedi was also known to have been a close associate of one of the main Islamic State recruiters in the UK, Raphael Hostey, who was killed in a drone strike in Syria in 2016. Hostey grew up in Moss Side, just a mile away from Abedi’s home in the Fallowfield district of the city.

The Middle East Eye has more on the cooperation between British authorities and jihadists as fighters for their dirty purpose in Libya.


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Die fingierte Generalprobe der wahrscheinlich falschen Flagge in Manchester

Hier ist die Generalprobe der wahrscheinlich falschen Flagge in Manchester am 22. Mai 2017.

Ich werde mehr auf die Zugehörigkeit des postulierten Bombers, Salman Abedi, zur CIA bringen.

The Truth Seeker 23 May 2017: Trafford Center ‘Terror Angriff’: Vollständige Details darüber, wie SAS und Polizei fingierten Selbstmord-Bombern und Schützen entgegentraten.

Etwa 800 Freiwillige nahmen an der fingierten Terror-Attacke in Großbritanniens zweitgrößtem Einkaufszentrum teil

Steve Robson, John Scheerhout – The Daily Mirror May 10, 2016

Die Bilder sind kotzig aber zum Glück nicht real.

In einer schockierenden Erinnerung daran, wie ernsthaft Sicherheitsdienste die Möglichkeit eines ISIS-inspirierten Terrorangriffs nehmen, fand heute morgen eine dramatische Trainingsübung am Trafford Center in Manchester statt.

Um Mitternacht, zündete ein gefälschter Selbstmordattentäter eine Bombe an und “tötete und verletzte” Dutzende von “Käufern”.

Eine Elite-Einheit der bewaffneten Polizisten der Goss-Manchester Polizei, die Merseyside Polizei, die North West Counter Terrorism und Berichten zufolge die SAS reagierten.

Etwa 800 Freiwillige verhalfen, den Schein-Angriff so real wie möglich zu machen, um zu testen, wie die Rettungsdienste im Falle einer terroristischen Tragödie reagieren würden.

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The Mock Rehearsal of the Likely Manchester False Flag on 22 May

Here is the rehearsal of the likely  Manchester false flag on 22 May 2017.

I shall bring more on the affiliation of the postulated bomber Salman Abedi to the CIA later.

The Truth Seeker 23 May 2017 : Trafford Centre ‘terror attack’: Full detail on how SAS and police countered mock suicide bombers and gunmen.

Some 800 volunteers took part in the mock terror attack at Britain’s second largest shopping mall

Steve Robson, John Scheerhout — The Daily Mirror May 10, 2016

The images are stomach-churning, but thankfully not real.

In a shocking reminder of how seriously security services are taking the chance of an Islamic State-inspired terror attack, a dramatic training exercise took place at the Trafford Centre in Manchester this morning.

Beginning at midnight, a fake suicide bomber detonated a device, killing and injuring dozens of ‘shoppers’.

A crack squad of armed officers from Greater Manchester Police, Merseyside Police, the North West Counter Terrorism and reportedly the SAS responded.

Some 800 volunteers helped make the mock attack as real as possible to test how the emergency services would cope in the event of terrorist tragedy.

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War die Manchester Terror-Attacke auch eine Falsche Flagge?

Ich weiß, dass ich immer falsche Flaggen vermute, wenn eine große Terror-Aktion stattfindet:  die 7/7 Londoner Bomben und wieder im März 2017 und Paris und hier die Boston Marathon-Bombenanschläge im April 2013 und die 9/11 Angriffe in New York und Washington DC, Nizza und Orlando und Berlin und der Brüsseler Falschflaggenangriff und hier und besonders hier. Usw. Weitere 42 von Regierungsbehörden eingestandene falsche Flaggen kommen hinzu.
Im Fall von Manchester habe  ich auch eine falsche Flagge im Verdacht. Und da ich bin nicht allein!

NACHTRAG: hat mir diese Liste zugeschickt. Ich habe die Daten mit Bezug auf den Westen nachgeprüft: Sie sind richtig und zeigt somit die Bedeutung des Datums 22 in den okkulten Illuminaten-Vorstellungen!


The Daily Caller 23 May 2017: Während Anderson Cooper’s AC360, schlug CNN Terror Analyst Paul Cruickshank vor, dass die Manchester Bombe eine falsche Flagge gewesen sein könnte.

Hier ist ein Video von der Explosion – entspricht keiner Terror-Aktion – fast kein Blut – keine Schwerverwundeten – kein Aufblitzen zu sehen.

Die “Explosion” auf Kamera erfasst: Kein Blitz zu sehen

Wären Sie ebenso unbeeinflusst, wenn Sie soeben einem Blutbad entkommen wären?

Dies sieht wirklich nach einer inszenierten Übung aus – wie in München,  Nizza, Paris, Brüssel  – und überall.

Veterans Today 23 May 2017: War Manchester eine falsche Flagge? Das Wiederauftreten der Ziffer 22 – 22 Opfer, ein 22-jähriger Täter, am 22. Mai –  verrät es.
Kommentar: 22-22-22 ist 3x 22 – oder 322. Das numerische Motto für die Nazi Skull & Bones Loge ist 322.
Die zugrunde liegende okkulte wissenschaftliche Bedeutung der Nummer 22 würde die Knochen des Schädels darstellen, von denen es zweiundzwanzig gibt. 8 bilden den Schädel oder das Gehirngehäuse und 14 sind mit dem Gesicht verbunden = 22.
Eine andere Erklärung ist 1. Mose 3:22 “Und Gott der HERR sprach: Siehe, Adam ist geworden wie unsereiner und weiß, was gut und böse ist. Nun aber, daß er nicht ausstrecke seine Hand und breche auch von dem Baum des Lebens und esse und lebe ewiglich! 23 Da wies ihn Gott der HERR aus dem Garten Eden”.

Die Illuminaten preisen die Schlange, Luzifer, den Teufel, Satan usw., dass sie Adam und Eva von der Gefangenschaft in Unwissenheit in Eden befreite. Denn danach seien   die Nachkommen Kains und der Nephilim (gefallener Engel) zu Gottes Gleichen geworden (Illuminaten) so denken diese größenwahnsinnigen Illuminaten !!!

The New York Times 23 May 2017: Rettungsarbeiter, die am Montagabend das Gemetzel außerhalb der Arena durchsuchten, entdeckten den Ausweis von Herrn Abedi. Dieser Hinweis führte die Polizei zur Wohnung, die er mit seiner Familie an der Elsmore Road, im Bezirk Fallowfield  teilte. Die Polizei blies die Tür des Hauses aus dem Rahmen, um sich vor getarnten Bomben zu schützen, wie schockierte Nachbarn zusahen.
Kommentar: Der Fund von Ausweisen ist ein Merkmal falscher Flaggen (11. Sept. und Nizza und der Berliner Weihnachtsterror, der Bataclan–  und der Charlie Hebdo-Angriff in Paris 2015 usw..

The London Telegraph 25 May 2017:  Letzte Nacht räumte der Innenminister ein, dass Abedi den Geheimdiensten bekannt sei, während Beamte des Anti-Terrorismus sich auf Kritik über die offensichtlichen Ausfälle gefasst machten. (Dies ist auch ein konstantes Merkmal bei falschen Flaggen).
The Telegraph hat mit einem Gemeindeführer gesprochen, der sagte, dass Abedi vor zwei Jahren bei der Polizei gemeldet würde”, weil er glaubte, er sei in Extremismus und Terrorismus verstrickt.
Mohammed Shafiq, Chef der Ramadan-Stiftung, sagte: “Die Menschen in der Gemeinde äußerten sich besorgt über die Art und Weise, wie sich dieser Mann verhielt und haben es in der richtigen Weise duech die richtigen Kanäle gemeldet. “Sie haben seither nichts gehört.”

Zwei Freunde von Abedi wurden auch so besorgt, dass sie an die Polizei-Terrorismus-Hotline vor fünf Jahren und wieder im vergangenen Jahr  telefonierten.
Die Behörden waren sich auch bewusst, dass Abedis Vater einer bekannten militanten islamistischen Gruppe in Libyen (Al Qaida) angeschlossen sei  die in Großbritannien verboten ist.  Abedi hatte auch Links zu mehreren britischen Jihadis mit ISIS-Verbindungen.

Quellen deuten darauf hin, dass die Behörden über die Gefahren durch Abedi bei mindestens fünf getrennten Anlässen in den fünf Jahren vor dem Angriff am Montagabend informiert würden.

Herr Ramadan sagte, er habe verstanden, dass Abedi auf eine “Merkliste”aufgeführt worden sei, weil die Moschee ihn den Behörden wegen seiner extremistischen Ansichten meldete
Eine gut platzierte Quelle in der Didsbury-Moschee bestätigte, dass sie das Anti-Radikalisierungs-Programm des Innenministeriums  kontaktiert hatte.

Abedi hätte auch Links zu mehreren britischen Jihadis mit ISIS-Verbindungen.

Ein US-Beamter informierte auch, dass die Mitglieder von Abedis eigener Familie die britische Polizei benachrichtigt hätten, dass er “gefährlich” sei, aber wieder scheint man nicht auf die Informationen reagiert zu haben.

Dennoch konnte Abedi häufig zwischen dem Vereinigten Königreich und Libyen reisen, wo man befürchtet,  dass er im Bombenanbau ausgebildet würde und dann möglicherweise nach Syrien reiste.

Hier haben wir das übliche falsche Flaggenmuster:
1) Der Täter war der Polizei, den Geheimdiensten – sogar dem Innenministerium als gefährlich bekannt. Solche Verbrecher werden oft von diesen Behörden als Agenten engagiert.
2) Andere Muslime und seine eigene Familie hatten 5 mal der Polizei gesagt, dass Abedi gefährlich sei – sowie dass sein Vater mit der Al-Qaida-Gruppe LIFG verstrickt sei.
3) Man hat wie üblich seinen Ausweis am Tatort des Verbrechens hinterlassen – nicht verbrannt.
4) Es gibt eine okkulte Numerologie, die auf die Illuminatenloge Skull & Bones  hinweist
5) Jeder mit Links zu ISIS ist in der Tat ein Mossad Kind und hier – und CIA Agent.
6) Wer profitiert von dieser scheinbaren Psy-op? Theresa May befindet sich in einem Wahlkampf – und ihr Konkurrent, Corbyn, holt bei den Umfragen auf. Das zunehmende Engagement von  Mays Waffenbruder, Präs. Trump, auf dem Boden in Syrien profitiert auch – sowie der erwünschte NWO-Polizeistaat (Orwell 1984).

Hat der Islam einen Vorteil? Kaum – denn die nützlichen Idioten dieser Anschläge sind immer Muslime, die nicht schnell genug in Allahs Paradies – d.h. die Hölle Christi – kommen können. Dabei verraten sie eben den satanischen Inhalt des Korans. 


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Was the Manchester Terror Attack also a False Flag?

I know I always suspect false flags whenever a major terror action takes place: The 7/7 London bombs and again in March 2017 and  Paris  and here the Boston Marathon bombings in April of 2013, and the 9/11 attacks in New York and Washington DC., Nice, and Orlando and Berlin and the  Brussels false flag attack and here and particularly hereetc. and another 42 governmentally admitted false flags.
In the Manchester case, I also suspect a false flag. And I am not alone!

ADDENDUM: has sent me this  list. I have controlled the dates with relevance to the West: They are correct and thus show the importance of the date 22 in the occult Illuminati imaginations!  

The Daily Caller 23 May 2017: During Anderson Cooper’s AC360 , CNN terror analyst Paul Cruickshank:  suggested that the Manchester bombing could have been a false flag during a segment Monday night

Here is a film from the explosion – not matching a terror act – no blood – no wounded – no light flash to be seen.

The “explosion” caught on camera: No flash to be seen.

Would you be this unaffected if you had just escaped a carnage?

This really looks like a staged drill – like in Munich, Nizza, Paris, Brussels  – you name it

Veterans Today 23 May 2017: Was Manchester a false flag? The recurrence of the numeral 22 – 22 victims, a 22-year-old perpetrator, on May 22 – is a dead giveaway.
Comment: 22-22-22 is 3x 22 – or 322. The numerical motto for Nazi Skull and Bones lodge is 322. The underlying occult scientific significance of the number 22 in science would represent the bones of the skull, of which there are twenty-two. 8 form the cranium, or brain case, and 14 are associated with the face
Another explanation is Genesis 3:22And the LORD God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever: 23 Therefore the LORD God sent him forth from the garden of Eden, to till the ground from whence he was taken”.

The Illuminati praise the Serpent , Lucifer, the Devil, Satan etc. for liberating Adam  and Eve from captivity in ignorance in Eden. For then Kain´s and the nephilim´s (fallen angels)  descendants   descendants developed into God´s equals – so these megalomaniac Illuminati think!!!





The New York Times 23 May 2017:  Rescue workers sifting through the carnage outside the arena on Monday night discovered Mr. Abedi’s identification card. That clue led the police to the home he shared with his family on Elsmore Road, in the Fallowfield district. The police blew the house’s door off its frame, to safeguard against booby traps, as shocked neighbors watched.
Comment: The find of ID´s is a hallmark of false flags (9/11 and  Nice and the Berlin Christmas terror, the Bataclan in Paris and the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris 2015 etc.

The London Telegraph 25 May 2017  Last night the Home Secretary conceded that Abedi was known the intelligence services, while counter terrorism officials were braced for criticism over the apparent failures (This is also a constant feature in false flags).
The Telegraph has spoken to a community leader who said that Abedi was reported two years ago “because he thought he was involved in extremism and terrorism”.
Mohammed Shafiq, chief executive of the Ramadan Foundation, said: “People in the community expressed concerns about the way this man was behaving and reported it in the right way using the right channels. “They did not hear anything since.”

Two friends of Abedi also became so worried they separately telephoned the police counter-terrorism hotline five years ago and again last year.
The authorities were also aware that Abedi’s father was linked to a well-known militant Islamist group in Libya (Al Qaeda), which is proscribed in Britain. And the authorities knew. Abedi also had links to several British-based jihadis with Isil connections.
Sources suggest that authorities were informed of the danger posed by Abedi on at least five separate occasions in the five years prior to the attack on Monday night.

Mr Ramadan said he understood that Abedi had been placed on a “watch list” because the mosque reported him to the authorities for his extremist views.
A well-placed source at Didsbury Mosque confirmed it had contacted the Home Office’s Prevent Anti-radicalisation Programme as a result.

Abedi also had links to several British-based jihadis with ISIS connections.

A US official also briefed that members of Abedi’s own family had contacted British police saying that he was “dangerous”, but again the information does not appear to have been acted upon.

Yet Abedi was able to travel frequently between the UK and Libya, where it is feared he trained in bomb-making and possibly travelled to Syria.

Here we have the usual false flag pattern
1) The culprit was known to the police, the secret services – even the Home office. Such criminals are often used as agents by these authorities.
2) Other Muslims and his own family had 5 times told the police that Abedi was dangerous – and that his father was cooperating with the Al-Qaeda group LIFG.
3) As usual his ID card was left behind at the scene of the crime – not  burnt.
4) There is occult numerology pointing the Illuminati Skull and Bones
5) Anyone with links to ISIS is  in fact a Mossad child and here – and a CIA agent
6) Who benefits from this apparent psy-op? Theresa May is in an election campaign – and her rival, Corbyn, is catching up with her in the polls. May´s brother-in-arms Präs. Trump´s increasing engagement on the ground in Syria also profits as does  as the desired NWO police state (Orwell 1984)..
Does Islam profit? Hardly  – because the useful idiots of these attacks are always Muslims, who cannot get fast enough into Allah’s paradise – i.e,  Hell of Christ. They reveal the satanic contents of the Koran.

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Breaking News: NATO Zieht in den Krieg gegen/ Goes to War on ISIS (de facto Syrien/Iran)

Russland steht jetzt in Syrien der NATO gegenüber!

Deutsche Welle 24 April 2017 

Die NATO will  der Anti-Islamischen-Staat-Koalition offiziell beitreten

Mitglieder der militärischen Allianz haben vereinbart, sich der Koalition gegen die  extremistische Gruppe, “Islamischer Staat”,  formell anzuschließen. Frankreich und Deutschland sollen dem “rein symbolischen” Plan grünes Licht gegeben haben.


Russia is now facing NATO in Syria!

Deutsche Welle 24 April 2017 

NATO will formally join anti-‘Islamic State’ coalition

Members of the military alliance have agreed to formally join the coalition against the “Islamic State” extremist group. France and Germany were said to have greenlighted the “purely symbolic” plan.


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