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Ominous for Pres. Maduro and the World: Venezuela Joins Russia´s and China´s Declaration of War on US Lifeline: The Petrodollar – as Did Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi, Al-Assad

As I wrote on 30 Aug. 2016, the days of the petrodollar and here, the foundation of the US superpower status, are numbered, both Putin, China and even Rothschild himself turning their backs on the petrodollar. This is disastrous for the … Continue reading

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NWO-Wegbereiterland Schweden unter NWO-musterhafter Moralausfall-Legislatur: Ein Wild West Nicht-Staat. Polizei: “Das Beste, was Sie tun können, ist nicht in Malmö zu wohnen”. “Nicht imstande, Vergewaltiger zu verhaften – nicht einmal von 3-jährigen Kindern”!.

Das Folgende ist eine der größten Tragödien in der Weltgeschichte:  Zutiefst  luziferische Freimaurer-“Politiker” entschieden sich im Jahr 1975 dafür, das “Volksheim Schweden” zu opfern, um aus ideologischen Gründen das “Heim islamischer Ausländer” zu werden – Luzifers (alte) pharisäische Neue Weltordnung … Continue reading

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NWO Pioneering Country Sweden under Examplary Morally Failed NWO “Rule of Law”: A Wild West Non-State. Police: “The Best Thing You Can Do Is Not to Live at Malmö”. “Not Capable of arresting Rapers- not even of Children down to 3 Years”.

The following is one of the biggest tragedies in world history: A cultivated, wealthy nation´s deeply Luciferian Masonic “politicians”  in 1975 chose to sacrifice the “people´s home, Sweden” to become “Islamic foreigners´home”  for  ideological reasons  – called Lucifer´s (ancient) Pharisaic … Continue reading

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US Pentagon´s Weather Warfare on All Living Beings. How They Make and Steer Hurricanes

I am fed up with “global warming. In every 18:30 o´clock TV News on the Danish State TV, meteorologists engaged in the UN´s IPCC  meteorologists are churning their daily NWO gospel: “It´s all due to global warming” –  whether it … Continue reading

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9/11 Preplanned NWO Crime to Crush the Old World Order worldwide

Today is the 16. anniversary of one of the worst crimes in human history: The US/Israeli insider false flag of 9/11. and here. A group of highly competent researchers have scrutinized the the mendacious 9/11 Commission Report and found no … Continue reading

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Why the London City Banksters Provoked the Bloody US Civil War – and Most Other Wars after 1776

The USA is Rothschild´s London City´s New World. Probably, the Great seal of the USA – so full of symbols – refers to the 13 Israeli tribes: The 13 arrows in the left claw of the Eagle represent the 13 … Continue reading

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