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Ein-Planet Gipfel: Die Substanz der CO2-Erwärmungslüge, die nie erlaubt wird, zu sterben / One Planet Summit: The Substance of the CO2-Warming Lie never Allowed to Die

Deutsche Welle 12 Dec. 2017  

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Haaretz – Pres. Trump´s Real Motive to Recognize Jerusalem: To Please His Jubilant Evangelical Electorate by Triggering Armageddon and the Return of Christ

I recently wrote about the reasons why Pres. Trump recognized Jerusalem as  Israel´s eternal capital. However, it seems that I missed the very core of his motives: To speed the Judgment Day. That I should learn this from an Israeli … Continue reading

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London City´s “One Global Democracy”: No Countries, One Person One Vote – Giving All Power to Asia, Africa, Islam under Zionist Control

I hope the following can help you to understand forces behind the planned development into a more and more chaotic world. The goal of the NWO is a dictatorial one-world governance, ruled by Rothschild´s London City. In fact, that goal … Continue reading

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The Reasons Why Trump Recognizes Jerusalem as Israel´s Capital City

  Why did Pres. Trump defy “the international community”in order to recognize Jerusalem as Israel´s capital? Henry Makow 7 December 2017: The  recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is part of a long-term plan for Masonic Jewish (Illuminati, Communist) global hegemony. … Continue reading

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Netanyahu-Trump Conspiracy to Make Jerusalem Israel´s Sovereign Capital in Challenge of Muslims, Preparation for War on Iran – and to Save Netanyahu!

ADDENDUM The Daily Mail 6 Dec. 2017:      The Daily Mail 6 Dec. 2016   With Israel as the spider in the net, the situation in the Middle East is rapidly coming to a climax  and here, while  CFR- … Continue reading

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German Pilots´ Humanitarianism: Won´t Fly Deportees to Afghanistan. Afghans pealing Skin of Penis off Danish Man Having Sex with Muslima. Swedish Ex-Prime Minister: “Open Your Hearts and Purses to Expensive Muslims!”

Everybody loves Islam´s strict monoculture under the name of multiculture. Deutsche Welle 4.Dec. 2017:  “German pilots refuse to carry out deportations. At the same time, refugees are appealing their deportation orders in record numbers – and winning. Following an information … Continue reading

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