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Netanyahu:”Iran Building Missile Factory in Syria. War If Red Line Crossed” – Already Happened: Iran on Golan Border. It´s about Rothschild´s Oil in Golan – Twice Saudi Reserves 

Israel has problems with its borders: Iran and its Hezballah mercenaries are moving threateningly close to Israel´s Golan border. Prime Minister Netanyahu and his ministers are time and again threatening war on these forces. Acc. to William Engdahl , the … Continue reading

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NWO-Illuminatus-Pope Francis Demands Muslim Migrants at Cost of National Security. Insider on Jesuits

I have previously written about the originally Cryptojewish  Jesuits being the originators of of today´s Freemasonry and here, one purpose being to destroy Europe through revolutions – and they still have that purpose. The Jesuits control the House of Rothschild – … Continue reading

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New York Times: “Talk of Preemptive War on North Korea Rises in White House” – after the Last Dove Was Fired and Trump Isolated by Neocon War Hawks

Just as we began to think the US-North Korean tensions were decreasing the US raises tensions again by a giant 10-day annual drill with South Korea – making Kim Jong-Un threaten nuclear war, as he has done before.  If it … Continue reading

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Purpose of Terror PsyOps. Barcelona´s Chief Rabbi and Netanyahu: ”Jews, Go to Israel immediately. Europe Is Lost to Islam” – Thanks to Zionists and Pharisees. Zionist Founder Herzl: “Antisemites Our Trustworthy Friends to Drive jews to Palestine”

The following clearly shows the force behind the calamity of Europe: Pharisaism and Zionism The Times of Israel 18 Aug. 2017: “The Jewish community in Barcelona is “doomed,” because authorities in Spain do not want to confront radical Islam, the … Continue reading

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Barcelona Attack Has all Hallmarks of an Unbloody NWO Psyop for One World Government and Police state before Catalonian Secession Referendum

The Daily Mail 17 Aug. 2017: On 17 Aug. 2017, a rented Fiat van was driven into crowds in the tourist district of Las Ramblas, Barcelona,  yesterday afternoon before the driver escaped on foot. Two suspects were arrested yesterday evening, … Continue reading

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Charlottesville PsyOp of the London City. Soros´ Purple Revolution against NWO Outsider Trump is Amazingly Successful

As you will have heard on the TV News every day for the past week, the terrible Pres. Trump is now being attacked from all sides for having commented on the Charlottesville riots by incriminationg both rightists and leftists for … Continue reading

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