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Wahlversammlung der größten dänischen Partei in Teil der zweitgrößten Stadt Dänemarks: Nur kakophonische Muslime/ Election Assembly of Largest Danish Party in Part of Denmark´s second-largest City: Only Cacophonic Muslims

Dänemarks grösste Partei, die Sozialdemokraten, hat soeben eine Wählerversammlung vor anstehenden Kommunalwahl  in Århus, Dänemarks zweitgrösster Stadt abgehalten. In der erschienenen Wählerschaft des westlichen Teils der Stadt sieht man keine Dänen – nur Muslime. Denmark’s largest party, the Social Democrats, … Continue reading

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Lucifer at Large: His New World Order is an Ancient Pharisaic Idea

This is a post I brought on 29 May 2015. However, it has become even more relevant in thr meantime – it is the key to understanding  the horrible situation the world stands in today – apparently on the threshold … Continue reading

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What Do We Know about Life after Death?

I am sitting at the deathbed of a person very close to me, pondering about what we know about life after death. For everything indicates that the soul is, indeed, immortal. How do we know what? I. The Bible From … Continue reading

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Soviet Union´s Surreptitious Transformation into One-World World Governance, the Goal Jewish Communism. Pope Francis acc. to the Wall Street Journal the Leader of World Communism

Has the Soviet Union ceased to exist – or has it merely assumed a different form to achieve its goal of the Communist One World Government by deception and worldwide conspiracy? Many think the Soviet Union ended on 25 Dec. … Continue reading

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33% of Danish Social Benefits Go to 8% Non-Westeners Saying Benefits a Right – Work a punishment

Breitbart: Of all totally dependent families in Denmark, married couples where both partners are on social assistance — state benefits — some 84 per cent are “non-Western origin” migrants. In total, a third of all cash paid out in benefits … Continue reading

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Jews just Celebrated Kol Nidre Cancelling All Coming Vows. Israel Preparing Us for Bloody War on Hizballah by Destroying Lebanon.

“The Torah places strict demands on keeping one’s word, and not fulfilling a vow is considered a serious misdeed. The Kol Nidre , which means “all vows”, on the eve of Yom Kippur nullifies the binding nature of such promises … Continue reading

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