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Head of Sweden´s Security Service: “Terrorists New Normal in Sweden. I have never Seen the Like of It”. Police: “We are Scared of Ambush”. Sweden Pays Wellfare Benefits to ISIS Fighters at Home and in Middle East

Infowars 7 Jan. 2017 –  Sweden: One Dead After Grenade Explosion Rocks Subway Station. Breitbart 6 Jan. 2018:  The Director-General of the Swedish Security Service (Säpo) has confessed that terrorism is now the “new normal” in his country. Anders Thornberg told … Continue reading

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New Study: No Ocean Warming the last 50 Years. House of Cards of Global Warmis Collapsing – Warmist Lies getting More and More Grotesque

ADDENDUM: While Eastern US is buried in  snow and new cold records are being recorded, climate guru Al Gore – the first climate billionaire – has dropped this statement to suppress “fake news”:   The New American 6 Jan. 2018: On … Continue reading

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The 2. Israel in Patagonia, Argentine: Exodus. Refuge for Israeli Elite after Gog-Magog Attack?

Now Zionists do  show a weird interest in Patagonia, the Southern part of Argentine and Chile. Why? You’ll probably say conspiracy theory about the next unbelievable report. However, first read this: Argentine´s Pres. Juan Peron paid out Argentina´s debt to … Continue reading

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EU Airlift for Thousands of Low IQ Muslims from North Africa to Europe. Scandinavian IQ now Falling 6.5% per Generation

Denmark´s Radio 24 Decbr. 2017: Up to 10,000 people stranded in refugee and collection camps in Libya can be sent to Europe  through humanitarian corridors without risk in 2018 for humanitarian reasons,”   Italian Interior Minister Marco Minniti told the newspaper … Continue reading

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Demonstrations in Iran in Complete Concordance with Rothschild´s Brookings Plan: “Which Path to Persia”. US State Dept.: “Iran Rogue State only Exporting Bloodshed”

In Iran, the situation is getting out of control: Dissatisfied students and workers demonstrate nationwide due to unemployment and low wages. However, it seems that foreign agents are steering the demonstrations into violence. The Iranian government bluntly says that this  … Continue reading

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The Guardian as Climate Champion against “Mortally Dangerous Warming-Denying Public”: Use All Psychological Tricks to Make Them Renege on “Fake news” (Truth) and Accept NWO Truth (Lie)

The Guardian 27 Decbr. 2017  acknowledges that it is not possible to sell the climate lie to an increasingly sceptic audience. Very funny, the newspaper concludes that the public is entangled in some kind of psychological blockade: It simply wont … Continue reading

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