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Luciferian Masonic Bishops of Sweden Delivering Church to Allah

I have described how Sweden is in the claws of  dictatorial Masonry at all levels of the execution of authority in in company with Marxist feminists, changing Sweden into the “New Country” into which the Swedes – not Muslims – are … Continue reading

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# Europe not Bastion of Democracy but Cradle of Tyranny. “Never Again” Became “Once Again” – due to Putin-Zionistically imposed Tolerance to Intolerance

Something is rotten in the EU: Tolerance of intolerance. This post will give an answer as for the reason and origin of this   NWO phenomenon. Acivist Post 2 Jan. 2018, Op-Ed by Brandon Turbeville: After Europe’s tragic experience during … Continue reading

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Since Its Foundation in 1776, the US has Been at War 93% of the Time!

Washington´s Blog 7 Febr. 2018: For 222 out of 239 years – or 93% of the time since its foundation 1776 – America has been at war. Do you think this reminds of the Roman Empire, where the Janus gate … Continue reading

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US Secr. of State Colin Powell´s Chief of Staff´s Propaganda Effectively Sold 2. Iraq War to Americans. Now He Warns His Propaganda Technique is Being Used to Sell War on Iran

Although slowly, the political temperature is rising in the Middle east. Involved are The US which now declares not being willing to give up its illegal military presence  in Syria although ISIS has been defeated. Furthermore Russia, invited by the … Continue reading

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Sweden Hands Charge of her Cultural Heritage over to Pakistani Qaisar Mahmood Who States to Know Nothing (and Does not Care) about Sweden´s Cultural Heritage!

I have often written on the demise of Masonic Marxist feminist Sweden. Here is the next chapter: Sweden is handing its cultural heritage – which apart from Strindberg is not much to boast of  – over to a muslim who … Continue reading

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Supermason Angela Merkel Forces Facebook to Commit Suicide, Supported by French Pres. and Rothschild Banker Macron

“If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” – George Orwell in “1984”. Attempts to censor “competing narratives” is probably just a tip-off that certain individuals are afraid … Continue reading

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