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US Pentagon´s Weather Warfare on All Living Beings. How They Make and Steer Hurricanes

I am fed up with “global warming. In every 18:30 o´clock TV News on the Danish State TV, meteorologists engaged in the UN´s IPCC  meteorologists are churning their daily NWO gospel: “It´s all due to global warming” –  whether it … Continue reading

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9/11 Preplanned NWO Crime to Crush the Old World Order worldwide

Today is the 16. anniversary of one of the worst crimes in human history: The US/Israeli insider false flag of 9/11. and here. A group of highly competent researchers have scrutinized the the mendacious 9/11 Commission Report and found no … Continue reading

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Why the London City Banksters Provoked the Bloody US Civil War – and Most Other Wars after 1776

The USA is Rothschild´s London City´s New World. Probably, the Great seal of the USA – so full of symbols – refers to the 13 Israeli tribes: The 13 arrows in the left claw of the Eagle represent the 13 … Continue reading

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Former CIA agent: “Netanyahu Soon in Prison – Due to Severe Accusations of Corruption. (Anti-Amalekite) Netanyahu Believes only (His Mission: Holy) War can Save Him – and He Is Right”

As I have written Israel´s Prime Minister Netanyahu is ina very difficult situation: 1) He and his wife are being investigated for Corruption on several counts – and the evidences against them are weighty: Philip Giraldi 8 Sept. 2017: One … Continue reading

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French Pres. and Rothschild Banker Macron Presenting Program of NWO-One-World-State. Good-bye, Democracy. EU Rules – Merkel/Macron Rule the EU

Emmanuel Macron was elected French President with overwhelming majority – supported by Jews and Muslims alike. People wanted “renewal” – and chose Rothschild´s new world order, which so far was nothing but the old corrupt bankster order. Macron was taken … Continue reading

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Israel´s 70. Anniversary – and Wolfgang Eggert: Chabad Lubavitch´s Lunatic Gog-Magog Obsession to Cause their Messiah, Ben David, to Come and Rule the World

On 2 October 2017 (5777 acc. to the Jewish Calender), Rothschild´s Israel will complete its 70. anniversary. Many expect this Anniversary to ring in the end of the world. The points out the significance of the number of 70. … Continue reading

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