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Silver Bullets against Trump: US now Run by Military Junta – (Purportedly Sedating Him through His Drinks!). Desperate Climatists: Imprison Climate Deniers (Especially Trump) after Steered Irma and Harvey – 7 and 17. Strongest US Hurricanes.

The US deep state is working hard to oust Trump  and here and here and here. The Boston Globe 16 Sept. 2017: In a democracy, no one should be comforted to hear that generals have imposed discipline on an elected head of state. … Continue reading

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25 Countries now Have Negative Opinion on Immigration – But too late

Breitbart 14 Sept. 2017:   A survey of 25 nations has revealed that countries with higher levels of immigration are changing their attitudes towards it fastest. In every single nation surveyed a plurality thought that immigration had had a negative effect. … Continue reading

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Arabs: “We Are like Bosses, Sitting on the Money”. “We Love Araber Adolf Hitler”.And Merkel Likes That

From Bare Naked Islam 12 Sept. 2017             Merkel´s motive for Islam import?   

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Ominous for Pres. Maduro and the World: Venezuela Joins Russia´s and China´s Declaration of War on US Lifeline: The Petrodollar – as Did Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi, Al-Assad

As I wrote on 30 Aug. 2016, the days of the petrodollar and here, the foundation of the US superpower status, are numbered, both Putin, China and even Rothschild himself turning their backs on the petrodollar. This is disastrous for the … Continue reading

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NWO-Wegbereiterland Schweden unter NWO-musterhafter Moralausfall-Legislatur: Ein Wild West Nicht-Staat. Polizei: “Das Beste, was Sie tun können, ist nicht in Malmö zu wohnen”. “Nicht imstande, Vergewaltiger zu verhaften – nicht einmal von 3-jährigen Kindern”!.

Das Folgende ist eine der größten Tragödien in der Weltgeschichte:  Zutiefst  luziferische Freimaurer-“Politiker” entschieden sich im Jahr 1975 dafür, das “Volksheim Schweden” zu opfern, um aus ideologischen Gründen das “Heim islamischer Ausländer” zu werden – Luzifers (alte) pharisäische Neue Weltordnung … Continue reading

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NWO Pioneering Country Sweden under Examplary Morally Failed NWO “Rule of Law”: A Wild West Non-State. Police: “The Best Thing You Can Do Is Not to Live at Malmö”. “Not Capable of arresting Rapers- not even of Children down to 3 Years”.

The following is one of the biggest tragedies in world history: A cultivated, wealthy nation´s deeply Luciferian Masonic “politicians”  in 1975 chose to sacrifice the “people´s home, Sweden” to become “Islamic foreigners´home”  for  ideological reasons  – called Lucifer´s (ancient) Pharisaic … Continue reading

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