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Pres. Trump´s Mindset as for Dealing with His and US Enemies: Trump Knocking out Fake News CNN in Trump´s Own Tweet Video

This illustrates Pres. Trump´s mindset as for dealing with his and the USA´s enemies President Donald Trump took on “fake news CNN” Sunday in a tweet depicting himself wrestling the embattled network. Infowars 2 July 2017:  Establishment journalists accused the … Continue reading

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Today´s Scurge: The Tools of Protocols of the Wise Elders of Zion – Communism, Hollywood, Sex/Drugs.

The following video illustrates the “Protocols of the Wise Elders of Zion” – a program for cunning, sneaking, brutal world hegemony over contemptible Goyim (cattle)/Non-Jews “When we shall come into our Kingdom” – as I have written. The video  shows … Continue reading

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How (unlikely) US-Russian Air War in Syria Would Go down

Tensions have been rising between the US and Russia after the US shot down a Syrian government fighter jet – and Russia declared all Western flying objects west of the Eufrates to be “targets”. So much so that London City … Continue reading

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Sweden Dissolving acc. to Sweden´s Police Commissioner

I have often described Sweden´s incredible irresponsibility, not only to her own population, but also to her neighbours, through her incomprehensible mass reception of Muslim invaders (young male Allah warriors) with the often expressed Koran goal of conquering Europe for … Continue reading

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EU Implementing It´s Secret African Recruitment Plot: 56 Mio. African ”Workers” by 2050 + Family Reunification. Italy Mass-imports Africans by Her Coastal Guard: 13.000 Black Africans in Just 2 days. Jesuit Juncker´s Threatening Ethnic Cleansing Credo

“…an authentic immigrant invasion” is underway, as record breaking number of migrants make it to Italy in two days” (Refugee Settlement Watch). Photo from Breitbart 27 June 2017: Male African invasion of EU. The Sunday Express 11 October 2008: The … Continue reading

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White House Warns of Another Imminent Poisonous Gas False Flag in Syria and Subsequent US Military Action to Provoke Russia – As Foretold by Putin

ADDENDUM: Sputnik 28 June 2017:  The US has refused to provide any evidence  of the Syrian government’s alleged chemical attack preparations, claiming the information was “an intelligence matter.” Washington had previously acknowledged that Damascus had destroyed its entire chemical weapons … Continue reading

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