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NWO Luciferian Pope Blessing Mankind´s Soul-Killing: Eat, Drink, Whore, Be Infinitely Tolerant

‘Let us eat and drink; for to morrow we shall die (Isaiah 22:13). Jacob Frank, like satanist Alleister Crowley simply espoused decadence, and people get into this because the philosophy discounts any moral limits, which feeds the ego, which is … Continue reading

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Ten-Day Giant Israeli Drill Aiming at Invading Lebanon and Syria

Prime Min. Netanyahu is desperate: He may expect imprisonment for corruption. He sees Iran´s and Hezbullah´s troops in Syria close to the Israeli Border as an existential threat to Israel. Furthermore, he knows Israel stands alone and can no longer … Continue reading

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In the US, Planned London City Paid Antifa Violence against Trump Supporters Is now Normality in An Escalating Purple Civil War.

A wave of  politically preplanned leftist violence in the streets are sweeping across  Western so-called democratic countries – and they always leave more police state and censorship behind them and bring the Illuminati/Masonic one-world state closer. Former president Barack Obama … Continue reading

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NATO, Israel and Sweden Exposed to Regularly Fly Weapons incl. Chemical Weapons from Bulgaria to Middle East Terrorists. Investigative Journalist Interrogated and Fired!

As I have so often described ISIS and  Al Qaida are US/Israeli false flag organisations whose provocations serve as pretexts for US/NATO attacks on so-called rogue states for the benefit of Israel/the London City. Activist Post 29 Aug. 2017: An … Continue reading

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Total Destruction of Europe through EU-Asylum in Africa to Muslim Migrants and Their Safe Transport to Europe Has Just Been Decided upon by Illuminati Robots

In 2009, in my description of the Euromediterranean Process, I brought this news:  The Sunday Express 11 October 2008: (Link now deleted!)  The EU has set up a first recruiting office in Mali. Will get 56 million African workers + … Continue reading

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Iran in Syria – Netanyahu´s Nightmare, Failed to Convince Putin on War on Iran in Syria. Putin Inviting Iran into the SCO “Safe Haven”

I recently reported on Netanyahu´s visit to Putin at Sochi on 23 Aug. 2017. But details of the the meeting was not available. However, Pravda on 25 Aug. 2017  has some interesting details to report: The Israeli Prime Minister shared … Continue reading

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