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USraels ISIS-Weihnachtsgruss: Ihr Todesgang / USrael´s ISIS Christmas Greetings: Your Death Walk

 The Daily Mail 4 December 2017: ISIS = Israel´s Special Intelligence Service, finanziert, ausgebildet, ausgestattet durch die USA und Saudi Arabien wünscht Überlebenden  besinnliche Weihnachten: ISIS = Israel´s Special Intelligence Service, funded, trained, equipped by USA and Saudi Arabia wishes … Continue reading

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NWO´s Euromediterranean Process/Union for the Mediterranean: “The World´s Destiny Played out in Mediterranean”. Ministers Agree: “Migration and Interfaith Are Important Parts of Political Dialogue, an Asset to Build Bridges between the 2 Shores”.

IP/03/1613 Brussels, 28 November 2003 in Naples: (EU) ministers will discuss the political and economic prospects for the region offered by the EU’s Wider Europe policy. This initiative offers the EU’s neighbouring partners, in exchange for tangible political and economic reforms, gradual integration … Continue reading

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How Zionists Deliberately Sacrificed Jews in the Holocaust and Otherwise to Chase Them to Rothschild´s Palestine. Is Israel their Next Victim?

The post below by Henry Makow is not surprising. We think of Theodor Herzl´s diary from 1897 in which he declared he would make Antisemites the Zionists´ best friends to persecute the unwilling Jews  and force them to go to … Continue reading

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EU-Commission Finally Coming into the Open about the Euromediterranean Process: “Free Immigration from Turkey and Africa – or Europe Is Lost”!!

As I have written time and again: The EU is one of the 10 regions and here to build the Luciferian Illuminati/Masonic One-world state and government– which is already being governed from the London City via the Ur/Superlodges and here  … Continue reading

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CBS: Sweden´s Feminist Government Identifying with Islam. Women in Constant Fear – Our Future/Presence

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“Damascus Shall be a ruinous Heap – and in That Day the Glory of Israel Shall be made Thin”. Damascus Now being Constantly Bombed by USrael´s Militants

1 The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap. 2 The cities of Aroer are forsaken: they shall be for flocks, which shall lie down, and none shall … Continue reading

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