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Soros´ Masterplan: Bought Trump´s Jewish Son-in-law to Help Security Services and Neocons Wrap Mossad Agent Trump up Jewish Elite – now Governing Trump and USA

Ex-Pres. Obama has ensconced himself in  Washington DC in a fort-like house  in the neighbourhood of the White House  waging war against Trump by organizing an army pf protesters – peaceful and violent Marxist COUP underway in the USA.  Deep … Continue reading

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Trojan Horse Mutti Multiculti Merkel Wants Millions More Muslims into EU

On 26 Sept. 2015, Chancellor Merkel´s master´s messenger, Rothschild agent  George Soros wrote: “The EU has to accept at least a million asylum-seekers annually for the foreseeable future”.  Accordingly, robot Merkel, obeys – although she says the opposite  in the ongoing election … Continue reading

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Lenin´s 2 Phases of Marxist Revolution now Being Accelerated with Trump as Central Figure

As I recently wrote, a revolution seems to be developing in the USA: Pressure on Pres. Trump from above (Intelligence services, Media,  Opposition around George Soros paid Hillary Clinton  – headed by former pres. Obama – and by Communist organisations … Continue reading

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EU Immigration Portal: Not Migrants – but Citizens Are Problem. More Propaganda Will Make Europeans Love Muslim Rapists and Thugs

Summary: At last, two-thirds of the Germans have woken up and can see how the evil spirit of Europe, named Merkel, not only destroys their country but is Islamizing it. This spirit emerged as an unknown entity from the ruins … Continue reading

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Putin´s Valdai Speech: Totally Correct evaluation of Western “Democratic” Autocracy. But he Forgets His Own even Harder Autocracy

Every Year the Valdai Discussion Club for intellectuals and politicians from Russia and worldwide meets at Sotchi, Russia.  In 2016, the meeting was held on 27 Oct. The main speaker was Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin. Here follows Putin´s speech with English … Continue reading

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”We´ll (NOT) manage it” – Merkel´s Humiliating Pre-election U Turn to Return 450.000 Rejected Migrants/Invaders (till after Election) – Loving Puppet Position More than Ideology

The word Migrants in the title grates on the ears of Masonic globalist, Marxist feminists and the people they have managedto brainwash/pay/threaten to ban this word in favour of “refugees” and promote the Islamic world caliphate. But personal risk of … Continue reading

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