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NASA Moon Landings Irrefutably Proven to Be US Propaganda Lies

The Daily Mail 18 Nov. 2017: A Youtube user calling himself Streetcap1 noticed this peculiarity: A video focuses on an image which purports to show a ‘stagehand’ reflected in the visor of an astronaut after Apollo 17 landed on the moon … Continue reading

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Why Pharisees/Talmudists/Judaists Hate Christ an His Followers: They Are an Obstacle to Jewish Supremacy and World hegemony

Judaism is actually Pharisaism, and therefore it is a misnomer since it is neither the doctrine of Judah nor the doctrine that Christ practiced. (Biblicism Institute).  To understand the nature of their New World Order we must understand that this … Continue reading

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Saudi King Resigning to Make His Son “Raging Bull” King: Preparation for Looming War on Iran in Collaboration with Israel. He offers Israel Billions of Dollars to Attack Hezbollah in Lebanon. Israel Shares Intelligence.

In the Middle East the war drums are getting very loud. Pres. Trump has decided to follow Netanyahu´s warpath against Iran. Israel holds giant drills with Iran as  the enemy  Saudi Arabia and Israel are collaborating for the looming war on Iran – … Continue reading

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London City´s One-World Nations Listed by Their Zealous “Climate Change” Religion Performances – the Smarter Ones with Big Gaps between Public Holiness and Performances

Angela Merkel said in 2009 : “Copenhagen is just the first step towards a New Climate World Order“. In the ZDF 15. Nov. 2017 , at the world climate conference COP23 in Bonn, Merkel described the (non-existent) global warming  as a “question … Continue reading

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Puppet Merkel´s Refugee Plan Authored by the Council on Foreign Relations to Destroy Germany and Europe – Funded by Soros – demanding Sweden to abolish Cross Flag for Muslim Half Moon. Milk “White Supremacism” in sick Sweden.

There was something strange about former Communist FDJ and Supermason Angela Merkel´s plan for “coping” with the migrant invasion in 2015/16. She acted with a self-confidence and insolence which indicated unshakable trust in  a force which was stronger than the … Continue reading

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The Putin Deception: Is He really the Champion of Christian Faith, as He Says, or Its Destroyer?

“As it becomes increasingly clear the West is controlled by Cabalist Satanists, the most despicable criminals and traitors, our hopes for salvation rest on Russia’s Putin who, in contrast, seems like the paragon of sanity and goodness. He thwarted the … Continue reading

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