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Letter from Brexit-Beaten Rothschild´s/George Soros´Mouthpiece: The Just NWO War Goes on against Nation States, Whites, and Evil Traditionalists! – The World in Action I have received a letter from Ricken Patel, leader of the Avaaz, the outlet of Rothschild agent George Soros, because a long time ago I signed a protest petition against Monsanto´s poisonous GMO. Here … Continue reading

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Pope, Head og One-World Religion: “The Migrants Are Our brothers! Let’s Let All of Them though/because They Are Satanists Come”. However: “The Elites are not the Problem. The Populations Are”!!! (German NWO President Gauck)

John 2. Epistle 1: 9 He that abideth in the doctrine of Christ, he hath both the Father and the Son. 10 If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid … Continue reading

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Austrian Presidential Election: Not the Votes but Those who Count the Votes Count. In Brexit, too?

ADDENDUM: Global Res. 22 June 2016:  Goldman Sachs has agreed to donate a “substantial six-figure sum” (to the remain-side) according to one source, while JPMorgan was preparing to make a similar donation, another source familiar with the matter said. A former … Continue reading

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The Daily Mail 21 June 2016 and The Daily Mail 22 June 2016

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Orlando False Flag: Big Money and Big Stench. FBI Tried to Lure Orlando Shooter into a “Terror Plot” in 2013

As with the Jo Cox´murder in London, there is something very fishy about the Orlando Shooting in the USA. Now even Henry Makow asks the question: “Was any one killed in Orlando?  It’s the latest fabricated shooting hoax in a … Continue reading

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Aggressiveness East-West Increasing. New German Invective: “Putin-Colluder”. Obama Administration: “We Provoked Syrian Civil War as the Best Way to Help Israel!”

As reported in my latest post, German Foreign Minister Steinmeier has just called NATO warmongers  for the ongoing big drill “Anakonda” Now his governmental coalition partners call him a “Putin-colluder” – apparently the worst invective after “Hitler”, “Xenophobic”, and Antisemitic” … Continue reading

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