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Pentagon, Congress, US State Dept. Demand No-Fly Zone for Russians and Syrians in Northern Syria. “That Means War with Russia”, Says Chief of Joint Chiefs of Sraff

Infowars 24 Sept. 2016  Pentagon officials have called for a ‘no-fly’ zone in Syria – except that it would only apply to Russian and Syrian aircraft. Speaking to the Senate Armed Services Committee following the recent humanitarian atrocities by airstrikes … Continue reading

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Escalation In Syria: Putin Vowing to “shoot down” any Aircraft Threatening the Syrian Army. Deletes a NATO/Israeli Commando Room. 30 Killed

ADDENDUM: Now Russian PRAVDA also confirms Putins´retaliation against  the US/NATO/Israeli coordination room in Aleppo (Veterans Today 24 Sept. 2016).   As I wrote earlier today, the situation in Syria is speeding towards a military confrontation between Russia and the US/NATO/Israel which operate ISIS against the … Continue reading

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Putin´s Mentor Alexander Dugin: “3. World War before US Presidential Elections because US Neo Cons Need It instead of Trump. US Attack on Syrian Army a Declaration of War on Russia!”

Dear readers. This may be the grimmest post I ever wrote. I do not want to scare you. But talk of WW3 is becoming more and more common. Time and again, I have told you that acc. to Biblical prophecy, which was  … Continue reading

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Rothschild´s George Soros Admits to Being Immigration Mastermind: “My main concern is to help Migrants and Refugees Arriving in Europe. So I Give $500 Mio. for that purpose”

Forbes 20 Sept. 2016: Hedge fund billionaire George Soros (Rothschild agent)  said on Tuesday that he is giving $500 million of his nonprofit organization’s funds to be invested on work opportunities for migrants and refugees, especially those arriving into Europe. … Continue reading

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Anti-good-samaritan Pope Francis: “Best Way to Combat Muslim Terrorism is to Warmly Welcome and Flood Our Nations With Thankful Muslims “!!

I have previously described Pope Francis´preference for Islam and Muslims, the worst enemies of Jesus Christ, going to Lesbos, praying to Allah alongside with Muslim migrants and taking 12 of them with him back to Rome. The Pope told the Muslim migrants: “You Are … Continue reading

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“The New Country”: “There Is No Way back” – “We Must all Reintegrate in Our Own Countries along with All Immigration Cultures”. And Everybody Agrees – in Sweden

In Sweden, first of all, the NWO seems to be reaching maturation: Not only has Sweden´s Masonic hyperactivity trained the Swedes to be obedient robots. Masonic politicians have widely  succeeded in killing  the memory of Sweden´s national past which indeed, does deserve … Continue reading

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