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US Provoking Russia to Give Reason for US Attack on Russia. Putin´s Counter-Strategy: Strike First. But is Pres. Putin really Vladimir Putin

There are a lot of aggressive, warlike neocons in America who suffer from vicious sinful pride, diabolical self-righteousness and political paranoia. The neocons  are willing to drag down and destroy all of humanity in Armageddon because North Korea is a … Continue reading

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What´s behind the Temple Mount Riots in Jerusalem: The 3. Temple to Signalize End of the World

On 14 July 2017, a terror attack at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem escalated into riots causing even an emergency meeting in the UN. And that´s not the first time. As I have previously written there are strong forces in … Continue reading

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Grund muslimischen Terrors: Sex-Orgien in Allahs Paradies sowie “Heil” von 70 Familien-Mitgliedern sicher zu stellen!

Ich denke, wir haben uns alle gewundert, warum Muslime immer wieder Terror-Überfälle auf Nicht-Muslime – sogar Muslime – verüben. Reicht  Hass wirklich dafür – oder gibt es einen anderen Grund? Wollen wir mal sehen, was ein geborener Muslim dazu zu … Continue reading

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  Cause of Muslim Terror: Martyr´s sex orgies in Allah´s Paradise also Secure “Salvation” of 70 Family Members

I guess we have all wondered why Muslims time and again perpetrate attacks on non-Muslims, killing themselves in the process. Is hatred relly enough? – or is there another reason. Let´s see what a born Muslim writes about it. Berlingske … Continue reading

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Oligarchen regieren die US (und die Welt) in “unbegrenzter politischer Korruption”: Ex-US- Präsident Jimmy Carter

 Global Res. 29 June 2017: In einem Rundfunk-Interview im Thom-Hartmann-Programm im Juli 2015 sagte der ehemalige Präsident Jimmy Carter, dass die Vereinigten Staaten jetzt eine Oligarchie seien, in der “unbegrenzte politische Bestechung  eine “komplette Untergrabung unseres politischen Systems als Auszahlung … Continue reading

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Oligarchs Ruling the US (and the World in Occult) “Unlimited Political Bribery” (Ex-US Pres. Jimmy Carter)

Global Res. 29 June 2017: A radio interview on the Thom Hartmann Program in July 2015 featured former president Jimmy Carter saying that the United States is now an oligarchy in which “unlimited political bribery” has created “a complete subversion … Continue reading

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