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Theodor Herzls zionistische Tagebücher: Die Ursache des 1. und 2. Weltkriegs sowie vieler Operationen unter falscher Flagge

In Bezug auf meinen jüngsten Beitrag hat eine Leserin nach der Quelle des Kommentars in Theodor Herzls Tagebuch aus dem Jahr 1897 in Verbindung mit dem Ersten Zionistischen Kongress gefragt. Ich habe der anerkannten Timeline des Hauses Rothschild von Andrew Carrington … Continue reading

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Theodor Herzl´s Zionist Diaries: The Cause of World Wars I and II and Many False Flag Operations

In relation to my latest post, a reader has asked for the source of Theodor Herzl´s diary comment from 1897 at the First Zionist Congress. I have taken the quotation from the recognized Timeline of the House of Rothschild by … Continue reading

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Hebdo Massacre: Remember Zionist Theodor Herzl and Edmond James de Rothschild: “The anti-Semites Will Be our Best Friends and Assist Us by Strengthening the Persecution and Oppression of Jews to Make Them Emigrate to Palestine”

It seems to me that old Hegelian Dialectics is back in the game: Islamic Terror (in everyday life and in Paris, Sept. 11, etc) by supporters of the horrific Koran (Thesis) – promoted by massive politically determined immigration and Western … Continue reading

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How Theresa May´s Benefits from Manchester and London Terror Attacks. Terrorist Leaves ID Card! Leader Long Protected by Policeand MI5!

ADDENDUM:  The Daily Caller 6 June 2017: The third terrorist behind Saturday’s London Bridge attack has been identified as Youssef Zaghba, a Moroccan-Italian man previously known to authorities. He attempted to travel to Syria last year but was stopped at … Continue reading

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How Zionists Deliberately Sacrificed Jews in the Holocaust and Otherwise to Chase Them to Rothschild´s Palestine. Is Israel their Next Victim?

The post below by Henry Makow is not surprising. We think of Theodor Herzl´s diary from 1897 in which he declared he would make Antisemites the Zionists´ best friends to persecute the unwilling Jews  and force them to go to … Continue reading

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Hitler Religion/Anti-Hitler Religion – Both Sides Adore Him: Ex-London Mayor Ken Livingstone and Jews Henry Makow/Edwin Black: Hitler Was and Is Zionists´Best Friend

Abstract: In the UK, a “scandal” in the Labour Party has broken out; the party is divided, because former London Mayor, Ken Livingstone, has been suspended from the party. Why? He has made the horrendous crime of being guilty of … Continue reading

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