And so the Migration Pump Goes on and on and on and… by Masonic Program of EU´s Father Coudenhove Kalergi´s and Sarkozy

German naval vessel rescues more than 100 migrants off Libyan coast

Deutsche Welle 14 Dec. 2017: A Bundeswehr vessel has rescued 102 migrants off the coast of Libya. In a dramatic few days of rescue missions, a further 50 migrants were airlifted after being stranded in the Aegean Sea between Turkey and Greece.

The Bundeswehr's Mecklenburg-Vorpommern frigate (picture-alliance/dpa/I. Wagner)

The people were brought aboard the German frigate “Mecklenburg-Vorpommern” and taken to the Sicilian coastal city of Messina.

Strange that a German  man-of-war ship would be waiting off Libya – what has it to do there – except looking for the migrants to ferry hundreds of kilometers across the sea to Sicily!

CILD writes that the UNHCR does not consider Libya a safe place (Of course not after NATO created chaos!). But why not bring the migrants to the Euromediterranean partners in Egypt and Algeria, who are also Muslim? No payments? Does the German ship follow secret orders from the   Masonic German and EU governments

Why? It´s the occult plan of  EU father Coudenhove Kalergi and Ex-Pres. Sarkozy to create a race  similar to the ancient Egypts under the banner of Islam – the Shabbataean -Frankist Islamo-Talmudic religion of Satan worship of the London City  one world rulers and the Jesuit Pope Francis.

Remembering the Eurmediterranean Process / Union: The  Sunday Express 11. okt. 2008: The EU has set up a first advertising office in Mali. Will bring 56 million workers from Africa to the EU by 2050 (+ families) to make up for our demographic imbalance.
Morocco is the first “partner” to receive this advanced status.


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