“During Times of Universal Deceit, Telling the Truth Becomes a Revolutionary Act” (Orwell) in Germany, EU, USA. “1984” in 2017


DWN 11. Dez. 2016: CSU politician Stephan Mayer (Merkel´s Union) sees urgent need for action in the case of “fake news”: “We have to deal with this urgently and create a corresponding criminal offense,” Mayer said to the Tagesspiegel. He also asked for clearer responsibilities as to who is responsible to the security authorities. The Internet would then have to be intensively examined for the deliberate spread of false alarms.The danger is huge that hacker attacks on parties and factions and disinformation campaigns will increase.

You can really see how coordinated the effort is for political leaders and their lapdog mainstream media to call for the shutting down of free speech under the label “fake news,” which is really just another way of them saying, “Things that go against our agenda” or “The only fake news you get to watch or read is *our* fake news!” (The Daily Sheeple).

German Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel and Justice Minister Heiko Maas had already called for the Federal Government to fight “Fake news”.
It is not yet known how the Federal Government will identify false notifications and when a message should be classified as fake news. It is also still unclear whether the federal government will impose imprisonment for “fake news“. This practice already exists in many countries, which are being run  by autocrats.

A new EU directive on the concept of “terrorist” has chosen an extreme definition (final version):

“This directive contains a series of serious crimes such as attacks on the life of a person as an intentional act that can be qualified as terrorist offence if and to the extent a particular terrorist target is pursued, for example intimidating a population seriously or illegally forcing  a government or international organization to enforce or or omit an action, or to seriously destabilize or destroy the basic political, constitutional, economic or social structures of a country or an international organization.
On the other hand, acts which, for example, put a government under pressure but without complying with the provisions of the comprehensive list of serious crimes are not considered as terrorist offenses within the meaning of this directive. “

This basically means that anyone who wants to “intimidate” or expresses massive criticism of the economic or social structures can qualify for a terrorist. This interpretation could be applied analogously to the classification of “fake news” 

Big Brother, the thought police, the Ministry of Truth. People already love big Brother´s sister, Merkel, no matter how much she destroys them and their souls on his behalf..

And here is George Orwell´s final warning, 6 months before his death.
His view of the future is: A boot trampling on a human face. But there is one hope, and it depends on you: DON´T LET IT HAPPEN.
But alas, people already love big twin brother Rothschild /Pope – and thus their master,  Lucifer and  here and here.

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