Merkel Will censor “Fake News” away from the Internet – and decides what is “Fake news”, like in the 3. Reich


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Who knows if you can read this blog in the future.

Consider everything that is written here as “Fake News” – that is, everything that exposes Merkel & Co as well as their NWO and puts them into the ugly light of truth.

But the mass media brings mostly fake news – with devastating results: The lie of 9/11, of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, of ISIS (founded, financed, equipped, trained by the US, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia), Hillary Clinton foretold with 100% certainty  to be the new  president, every truth is called conspiracy theory (any criticism of Israel, as well as the revelation of Herzl’s plan to sacrifice Jews to promote Israel, to say that Israel is repeating Holocaust in Gaza), presentation of Islam as the Religion of Peace” – although the Koran preaches killing of infidels and conquest of their countries (e.g. sure 9:5, 33:26) is “anti-Semitism” and “xenophobia). But the greatest falsehood: covering up the truth about the NWO out of fear, Masonry, and bribery 

The process is not unknown: the Soviet Union, the Third Reich, North Korea, China, etc. This is the visible beginning of the NWO dictatorship.

DWN 23 Nov. 2016: Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel has asked the Bundestag to deal with new digital possibilities of political manipulations such as social bots or false alarms. This is necessary if one wants to preserve the stability of Germany “in a completely different media environment”, Merkel said  on Wednesday in the Bundestag. “We need to know: In order to reach people, to inspire people, we must deal with these phenomena – and if necessary regulate them”.



Citizens inform themselves quite differently than 25 years ago. This means “today’s fake pages, bots, trolls, and  can falsify opinion-making,” said Merkel. With regard to social networks such as Facebook, she added that there could be “opinion-enhancers” through algorithms. Unlike the classical media, however, there is no self-regulation and control for these areas. Therefore, she supports the initiative of Justice Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) and Minister of the Interior Thomas de Maiziere (CDU) to “take on legally hate commentaries on the Internet” and to do everything possible to prevent this because it contradicts our principles.”

Hans-Georg Maaßen, President of the German constitution, had warned that foreign governments like Russia could try to influence public opinion in Germany in the 2017 elections.

On the 27th of this year I wrote the following (in German):

The Daily Mail 28 Sept. 2015: German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, confronted Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in a conversation, which was overheard at the UN, about those who use his social network (Facebook) to publish hate material.

Zuckerberg-Merkel2 Jews are planning how to handle the displeasure of the Gojim with their NWO plan.

In a conversation with the European leader at a lunch, Zuckerberg was heard saying: “We have to do some work.”

“Do you work on it?” Merkel asked, who has experienced an increase in the violence against immigrants in her country during a massive reception of Syrian refugees.
Zuckerberg replied, ‘Yes’, before a speaker at the Saturday event in New York made the rest of the conversation inaudible.

And the majority of Germans love this dictator who wants to cover up her undemocratic super-Masonic behaviour behind the veil of media censorship, and the Germans keep electing her every time.
Well, yes. Mundus vult decipi – ergo decipiatur.

This censorship is also directed against Russia while repressing news on US crimes.  Sputnik 21 Nov. 2016The EU Parliament will consider a draft resolution on EU strategic communication to counteract propaganda against the bloc by third parties, which says that Russia is allegedly engaged in propaganda against the European Union. Authors of the document equate counteracting Russia with the resistance to Daesh terror group, outlawed in Russia, and call on EU member states to boost financing counterpropaganda projects.

The draft resolution claims that Russia is allegedly providing opposition political parties and organization in the EU member states with financial support
The document did not mention the role of the US propaganda on legitimizing recent military invasions that resulted in chaos and the internal EU propaganda that allows only one interpretation of democracy, which can be regarded as a sign of supremacy.

This is appalling: The leader of the London City occupied and subdued Germany – and of the Nazi and CIA originated EU – de facto admits that that she is losing control of the Germans: An increasing number are not willing to accept her Muslim mass immigration and the ensuing increase in criminality – concealed by politicians and media, but felt more and more by the population.

Instead of listening to her people, she just carries on with her open door policy – even smuggles Muslims en masse into the country secretly by night! For she is not there for her people – but for her Luciferian NWO masters.

She says she cannot tolerate very justified criticism – and therefore she will now stifle the voice of her people on the internet. For this terrible factor could cost her re-election. Therefore, she will shut down internet criticism. She calls justified criticism “hate speech”.

Her minister and the EU Parliament even intend to block  Russian media out of fear that we could learn the truth from them. Thus she practices unproven, undemocratic  hate speech against Russia.

This poor Marxist feminist – who sees Germany´s islamization as a gift from her Masonic Lord whose name is is  Lucifer and hre and here   – cannot even understand that if she takes away the right of people to protest in writing – she is forcing them on to the streets. She thereby makes the word revolution much plausible.

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