“Satans Angels” Have People Fly at Each Other´s Throats: Public Outrage, Hatred. Satanists Trump and Hillary Proclaimed “Son of Satan”and ”Obsessed by Satan” and a “Witch”

And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another. And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many. And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold (Matth. 24: 10-12).



The 2 sides of the US presidential campaign are now incriminating  Mr. Satan of being impersonated in Trump and Hillary instead of just making them what they are: satanists.
As my readers know I disgust both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as gargantuan psychopaths. Hillary, too, is making several Satan hand signs

The following is so sinister that you have to ask yourself: Can this really be true – or is it an expression of a hate campaign with a very different purpose: to create as much hatred as possible between the Clinton and Trump supporters? Soros’ Ferguson and Baltimore riots and here  and probably the Charlotte riots, too point in that direction. A professor fears civil war after the election. And so did The Guardian on Oct. 15..

Jim Corbett has a very thought provoking video on the signs of the time: Outrage, hatred everywhere – within families, groups, nations, West-East – a pre-revolutionary development designed and steered to trigger revolution – physically and of the mind, in order to create total chaos.
I think the only way to counteract this is to inform on the forces steering this satanism – hoping thus to make people turn their disgust at these occult forces instead of against each other.
However, I must admit that there are people who through brainwashing have come so firmly into the grip of Evil that they have irreversibly become part of it.

Clinton insider Larry Nichols last year  claimed Hillary regularly attended witch gatherings during Bill’s presidency.

John Podesta, Chairman of the Clinton Campaign, was invited to a Spirit cooking in 2015 Spirit cooking refers to “a sacrament in the religion of Thelema which was founded by Aleister Crowley” and involves an occult performance during which menstrual blood, breast milk, urine and sperm are used to create a “painting”.

This invitation goes for Tony´s Bruder, John Podesta, too  (Wikileaks/YourNewsWire 4 Nov. 2016) , 


Here is a fanatic Trump propaganda-outburst against Hillary´s satanism – while sparing Trump for the same justified incrimination!

But the following by a Ph. D. in The Huffington Post on 1 Apr. 2016  is equally grotesque political propaganda: ” Trump may be considered the modern day devil — or at least a person who has sold his soul to the devil for fame, power, and glory, because in many ways in which Trump has taken the souls of his followers like the Dybbuk (Jewish Devil).
Moreover, he has been battling a great many people and even God, when he criticized the Pope for visiting the border between Mexico and the U.S., and the Pope suggested Trump was not Christian (which the Jesuit pope certainly is not himself).
And the efforts of some countries, such as Britain, to ban him, might be compared to the actions of God in throwing Lucifer out of heaven so he becomes a fallen angel. Finally, Trump might be compared to the serpent tempting Eve in the way he has spent lavishly to show off his luxury homes, hotels, and golf courses, which provide a great temptation for the wealthy”.
I have never seen the like of this fanaticism – although it is entirely indifferent who is elected: The London City still rules the USA Inc. through its false constitution imposed in 1871.

The following is unverifiable “Wikileaks” publication by the widely read Huffington Post:  Trump and Dick Cheney are the sons of Satan, born in the 8. circle of Hell . Trump would be adopted by his parents 3 days after his birth.
Trump would have written on Twitter that “Satan is my dad” and “He is a great guy, and I am looking forward to meeting him!” Of course, this is also unverifiable.
How foolish can political protagonists be? But many believe this nonsense.

So no one can be in doubt: Vote for Hillary – not Trump!!!


But who is Satan and what is Hell really?
The following is a very serious approach by scholars to the historical development and the differing descriptions  by various religions of these 2 concepts. The imagination of Hell seems at least as old as history. Today. due to Rock´n Roll, Hell is a glorious place where the party goes on for ever. Satan is being admired and worshipped by Illuminati and their Masonic henchmen as well as by LaVey´ s World Church of Satan and many other pagans and satanists at lower levels  as well as de facto by atheists – as an excuse to follow human nature unconstrained.
You can also see near-death experiences and theatrical exorcism of demons from “possessed” persons. 


In the Old Testament, the Book of Job describes Satan as apparently one of God´s sons  – (this  would make him the brother of Jesus Christ). Satan is described as  suggesting to try man´s  (Job/Jesus) loyalty and faithfulness to God, the Creator. And God consents, thus making Satan his useful servant. I see this as the meaning of our lives.

In Isaiah 14:12-14, we are told that  started a revolution to oust God and replace him with himself.  Therefore, he was cast down on Earth alongside with his loyal angels. Satan now tries to win mankind, draw it away from its Creator, by preaching Satan´s/Lucifer´s/the “Prince of the World´s” gospel to man: “Do as you please. There will be no final reckoning for your life – no afterlife”.
Christ tried to counter this gospel with their common Father´s gospel: “Follow God´s commandments and help your  neighbour (But not the murderer of your neighbour or yourself in one of  Satan´s many names! – John 2. Epistle 1:7-11). Christ showed the way to the Creator.
In a sense, Satan is still serving the Creator by sorting out and taking over people  who do not strive to remain loyal to the Creator.

Jesus Christ certainly had his experience with Satan, being tempted in the desert (Matth. 4: 1-11. Luke 4:1-13).
Jesus did speak of Hell as a place of eternal torment, darkness  and fire (Matthew 8:12  and 13:41-42, and 25:46, as well as  49-50, and  Mark 9:43, 48-49, and  Luke 16:23).

Now this would all be a personal choice to make, either : 1) sincerely following the commandments of Christ to the best of one´s ability and escape Hell – or 2) ignore Christ´s warnings and take the consequences. However, when it comes to Illuminati/Masons like Trump, Hillary, Putin their choice implies much graver consequences for the world.

Swe-saw-the_giantsatan´s/Lucifer´s proxies in the world today propagating hatred
People at this Masonic level see themselves a descendants of Satan´s fallen angels expelled with him from heaven – committed, therefore, toSatan/Lucifer and  here and hereThe Illuminati see themselves as the brotherhood of the snake existing in Eden – before Adam and Eve were expelled. (Adam and Eve had no brothers!).
On Earth, they are mentioned as the “Nephilim” and “sons of God” in Genesis 6:1-4.  And the Illuminati minions, the Masons, also imagine to  derive their “wisdom” from these angels through the Satanic Jewish Kabbala.

Onephilim-legn earth, they are mentioned as the “Nephilim” and “sons of God” and “giants” in the book of Genesis 6: 1-4. They copulated with Adam’s daughters and begot offspring which was so eveil that God extinguished mankind through the Deluge – except Noah and his family.
Right supposedly Nephilim bone – found everywhere in the world!??
But they are hoaxes! and here.

The illuminati of today even believe they are the descendants of Cain, the fruit of the copulation between Eve and Lucifer in Paradise. That’s why the illuminati of today in-breed – to keep their Luciferian bloodline intact.


Illuminati minions, the freemasons, also think their “wisdom” is derived from those fallen angels through the satanic Jewish Kabbalah. Their god is Satan /Lucifer and  here and here  because of the comparison with Venus, the light bearer, the morning star, in Isaiah 14: 12-14.

They want to destroy the Earth and build Satan´s kingdom instead. They call it the New World Order – Order out of the Chaos they Create.

The antidote against Lucifer´s angels: Jesus Christ´s commandments
In this context, one should remember that Christ is the only asserted deity who has proven his divinity: a) The many eye witnesses to his resurrection, 2) From being mortally scared cowards, his disciples suddenly turned into death-defying heroes 3) The testimony of his visiting card: The 3-dimensional photographic negative on the 1. century Shroud of Turin declared genuine by all science branches (Vatican C-14 was not performed on Shroud-material) and supernatural.

See this BBC documentary

 While you do not have a choice as for the planned course of the history of mankind – ending in the final world war (Luke 21, Matth.24) for which now even the MSM is massively preparing us – you do have a choice as for your soul which is immortal – which Lucifer, the Father of lies (John 8:44), the “Prince of the World” Satan and his angels know very well: 1) Christ´s offer or 2)  eternal life with Lucifer in a desolate place – this Earth so radioactive that no physical life can exist on it,  far from God and his living creation.

I see this as the meaning of Matt. 24: 40 “Then shall two be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left. 41 Two women shall be grinding at the mill; the one shall be taken, and the other left”. This takes place kust after the great tribulation – not before!

There is a lot of Kabbalistic demonology on the internet: It is all  Kabbalistic figments of the imagination – like the above illuminati mythology from pre-biblical times.

One thing has really puzzled me: The fulfilment of the prophecies (Ezekiel 35-38, Isaiah 17, and upcoming Jeremiah 25:29…on. Ezekiel 38-39 is being promoted by these Luciferian angels (Chabad Lubavitch, the Illuminati/ Masonic Hegelian dialectics toward their Albert Pike/William Carr plan  for WW3.

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