US Breaks off All Dialogue with Russia over Syria. Russia Prepares for Nuclear Attack by NATO

Activist Post 3 Oct. 2016 Monday, the United States confirmed that it was officially ending discussions with Russia on plans to achieve a peaceful solution to Syrian proxy war, which has lasted almost 6 years.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters on Monday that there is “nothing more for the US and Russia to talk about” in Syria.

James Jatras who is interviewed by Russia Today in this video just wrote me an email: “Washington is convinced if bloody the Russians’ nose, they will back down. They may also believe a containable little skirmish between the US and Russia would help Hillary:It’s feeling uncomfortably 1914-ish out there”. 

ANSAmed 4 Oct. 2016Russia’s ambassador to the UN, Vitaly Churkin, said Moscow is not going through a new cold war with the United States, after the suspension of bilateral contacts by Washington to continue Russia-Syrian bombings on Aleppo.
”Cold war means clashing on any subject, this is not the case, but there are differences, diverging interests”, he added.

For its part, the Russian foreign ministry said Moscow has ”the impression” that ”in its efforts” to obtain the wished-for regime change in Damascus, Washington was ”ready for a pact with the devil – an agreement to forge an alliance with real terrorists’‘.

DWN 4 Okt. 2016:  On Monday, the US government has unilaterally terminated the bilateral cooperation with Russia on maintaining the ceasefire in Syria.
In a press release, the US State Department announced that Russia had failed to live up to her  obligations as laid down in  international humanitarian law and the N Resolution 2254.

The problem of the US government is that the warfare essentially lies with the CIA, which supports numerous Islamist mercenaries. Now the CIA calls for equipping mercenaries with ground-to-air missiles.

Your NewsWire 4 Oct. 2016 Vladimir Putin has ordered every city in Russia to take part in an urgent civil defense drill starting today. 40 million people – almost a third of the country – will take part in the exercise to prepare Russian citizens from imminent nuclear bombardment.

Russian intelligence sources believe an attack is more likely than it has been for decades. Government and media have begun warning the people to prepare for nuclear Armegeddon after the U.S. explosively announced it was “cutting ties” with Russia regarding the Syrian war.

Military and strategic experts have been warning that the Syrian conflict, far from being an isolated civil war, is actually a World War 3 powder keg waiting to combust. All of the world’s major powers are now active in Syria.
“The full force of the Russian emergencies ministry will be utilised”
said Sergey Manuilov, director of the Civil Defense Department.

However,  Russia Today 4 Oct. 2016   writes: Exercises such as these are held annually in Russia since 2012. It is timed to October 4, which is Civil Defense Day in Russia. This year’s exercise is not exceptional in terms of scale. For example, the drill of 2013 involved over 60 million people.


News of the unprecedented drill followed an announcement by Putin’s ministers that the government have built enormous nuclear bunkers capable of safely holding all of Moscow’s 12 million residents in the event of an attack on Russia’s largest city.

However fears in Russia remain at an all time high. A headline in Zvezda, a defence ministry TV channel last week read: “Psychopaths in America are sharpening nuclear weapons for Moscow.”

The nuclear bunkers being ready shows that Putin has been preparing for at nuclear showdown with the West for a long tine – for more than 10 years acc. to his former adviser Illarionov.

In the same direction points Putin´s brandnew military commando centre in Moscow.

Beside describing i.a. the influence of Alexander Dugin and Chabad Lubavitch Rabbi Berel Lazar on Putin in my analysis on 8 Oct. 2015, I brought the following 

Max Fisher VoxThe prospect of a major war, even a nuclear war, in Europe has become thinkable, experts warn, even plausible.

Widely considered both an influential leader and an unofficial interpreter of Russia’s foreign policy establishment, Fyodor Lukyanov is chief of Russia’s most important foreign policy think tank reflecting the state and its worldview. He is known to beclose to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.
I interiewed Lukyanov. When the discussion turned to the risks of war, he grew dire:“There is a growing concern within Moscow’s foreign policy elite.
Regular Russian people don’t desire war, but rather feared it would become necessary to defend against the implacably hostile United States.

encirclement of Russia-China“The perception is that somebody would try to undermine Russia as a country that opposes the United States, and then we will need to defend ourselves by military means,” he explained.

Such fears, vague but existential, are everywhere in Moscow.  For most Americans, such predictions sound improbable, even silly. But the dangers and the warnings are growing every week.

The story of that war, if anyone is still around to tell it, will begin with Russian President Vladimir Putin trying to solve a problem: Putin’s Russia is weak.
It can no longer stand toe to toe with the US. It no longer has Europe divided in a stalemate; rather, it sees the continent as dominated by an ever-encroaching anti-Russian alliance.
This is made more urgent for Putin by his political problems at home. In 2012, during his reelection, popular protests (instigated by the US/Soros) and accusations of fraud weakened his sense of political legitimacy. The problem worsened with Russia’s2014 economic collapse.

Putin’s answer has been to assert Russian power beyond its actual strength — and, in the process, to recast himself as a national hero guarding against foreign enemies.
kaiser-Wilhelm-PutinKnowing his military is outmatched against the Americans, he is blurring the distinction between war and peace, deploying tactics that exist in, and thus widen, the gray between: militia violence, propaganda, cyberattacks,under a new rubric the Russian military sometimes calls “hybrid war.

I have previously compared Prussia´s Otto von Bismarck with Putin – and Bismarck´s puppet (in the 19. century, at least) Kaiser Wilhelm II.

He believes the West will ultimately yield to his superior will.
To solve the problem of Russia’s conventional military weakness, he has dramatically lowered the threshold for when he would use nuclear weapons, hoping to terrify the West such that it will bend to avoid conflict. In public speeches, over and over, he references those weapons and his willingness to use them. He has enshrined that a nuclear war could be winnable

Putin is more popular than ever (also among common westeners).

Russia’s aggression, born of both a desire to reengineer a European order that it views as hostile and a sense of existential weakness that justifies drastic measures, makes Putin far more willing to accept the dangers of war.

Joseph S. Nye, former ass. Defence Secr. and chairman of the US National Intelligence Council confirms this.

What attracts my attention in particular is the impression of an invisible, steering hand towards a US Russia confrontation in Syria which, acc. to human estimation, could and should be avoidable. 

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