ABC News New York: Hillary Clinton Died on 9/11 of 2016. Whether True or not, She Has thereafter Been Deceptively Replaced by Her Impersonator, Teresa Barnwell!

On Sunday there was an extraordinary message: The DNC is to convene to appoint a possible successor for Hillary Clinton   in the race for the White House after her collapse on 9/11 as the culmination of a long history of severe disease.

Since then, there have been rumours of Hillary being replaced by a double – even 

the ABC reported Hillary to be dead on 9/11!

Infowars contacted ABC which did confirm that this news was read because it was in the speaker´s prompt!! But it was a mistake????

The Sun on 13 Sept. also wondered  about Hillary´s possible death. So did The Express. However, they do not believe that Hillary is dead.


I would not delve i rumours – but today even The Daily Mail 14 Sept. 2016 writes about a possible double appearing instead of Hillary Clinton. So, I thought I had better try to research on what might be real – and what is “conspiracy theories”. For it is not quite indifferent whether a faked or the real Hillary becomes the world´s mightiest ruler – although both would be Illuminati puppets.

The Daily Mail brings this picture of Hillary Clinton before and after her collapse on 9/11:
What I see, is that this sick woman has changed her finger ring – and her bracelet, too.  One would expect her to think of other things!! Besides the angle between her ring and little fingers is bigger on the person right than left. Try to stretch your fingers, and you will see this angle remains constant.  The fold in the palm just above the ball of the thumb is longer and deeper in the person left – and the forms of the fingers also differ.



Bizpac Review  12 Sept. 2016: After Hillary Clinton collapsed Sunday in New York City and reemerged about an hour and a half later from her daughter’s apartment, conspiracy  theorists began to circulate a rumor that they weren’t the same person.

It was hard for some to marry the two images of Clinton, one of her limp body being dragged into an SUV and whisked away from the ceremony and the second of a chipper, spry woman posing for pictures with a child and telling reporters she was “feeling great.”

One popular observation was that Clinton appeared thinner when she left Chelsea’s apartment.

Something does not seem quite straight here.

Jeff Rense 12 Sept. 2016: Why did Hillary stay in her daughter´s apartment for  only one hour? (How could ‘Hillary’ come bounding out, happy, too happy, and practically jumping and clicking her heels in the air?) Why didn’t Chelsea – or ANYONE – come out with her seriously ill mother to make sure she got into van OK?



Hillary’ comes out of ‘Chelsea’s apartment building higher than a kite, there are no Secret Service agents protecting her, a little girl just happens to be there to run up for a cute photo op, ‘Hillary’ spews ‘pneumonia’ all over the little girl, waves, to the media and strides off to the right to find her Secret Service protection.hillary-earlobes

This sick woman managed to change her earrings and the earlobes are clearly different before and after

Bill and Chelsea will not stand next to this body double. They all know this woman, ‘Theresa Barnwell’, exists – see below. hillary-bag

Furthermore, when the body double came out of the building she was wearing a shoulder bag on RIGHT SIDE, Hillary always uses LEFT side! Women always have a preferred shoulder.

hillary-before-afterJeff Rense 14 Sept. 2016 :   The Photos left of “Hillary Clinton” before and after her collapse on 9/11 show clear differences: The hair on the person is thicker before than after.


Below. The nose before is slightly crooked – after it is rather concave. 

Jeff rense 12 Spt. 2016: Did A Hillary Body Double Walk Out Of ‘Chelsea’s Apt Building‘?

Jeff rense 12 Sept. 2016
: There is absolutely NO QUESTION that the woman leaving Chelsea’s apartment building was NOT Hillary Clinton.

The woman is a body double. This explains why there were no Secret Service agents with her.


The name of Hillary´s double is Teresa Barnwell. Here, Hillary gives her a Masonic handshake



A hoax – you just thought. Perhaps.

But Hillary´s double is a fact.

The Daily Mail 11 July 2016  Teresa Barnwell, 61, earns thousands for impersonating Hillary Clinton
She became a full-time lookalike after Bill Clinton became president.

Here Barnwell and the Trump impersonator are seen together in the great scam performance called US presidential election


Now I leave to you to form your own opinion on what is “conspiracy theory” and facts.

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