EU to Facilitate “Legal Immigration”. Personal Freedom now Lost. Rothschild Agent George Soros ´ Hacked Plan for Europe´s Destruction: Root of the Horror

We are being ruled by an evil spirit, “The Prince of the World”  – just as Jesus Christ said (John 14:30). This spirit literally looks down on mankind, despises, corrupts us and does all it can to  lead us astray from our Creator and his son, who left his 2000-years-old  3-dimensional photo  on his Shroud of Turin , the genuine, supernatural,  and irrefutable proof of his divinity.


The disciples of this evil spirit, “our” Masonic politicians”, have deprived us of our personal freedom due to their luciferian religion, the  Pharisaic NWO and here and here. Here is a shocking example:

The Express 5 Sept. 2016: A Norwegian hairdresser in Norway now faces 6 months in jail for refusing to colour the hair of a Muslim woman wearing hijab in her own shop!!!  The Hairdresser, Ms. Hodne, said she saw the hijab as a symbol of an evil ideology – and was reported to the police!
This is the ultimate deprivation of our freedom – even worse than deprivation of the freedom of speech.


Who is to blame for presenting Ms. Hodne with such a conflict – which should be none at all? The usual man: Rothschild agent George Soros.


The EU will never have enough. On the contrary, the EU will facilitate “legal immigration channels”!
The EU wants to accomodate the entire needy Muslim populations in Asia and Africa

The EU has just issued a proposal for distribution of the refugees from war zones: Every country is allowed to decide how many refugees it will take. The EU now dangling 10.000 Euro a Migrant taken.
But  Aftenposten 19 May 2013: Each non-western immigrant costs Norway about 4.1 million NKR on an average in a lifetime = 445.641 euros!! Let´s guess: No interest in several countries. Whereupon Commissioner Timmermans has threatened the use of force!
The EU has no plans to stop its transfer by its ferries from Africa and nightly secret flights from Turkey to  Europe”.

EU-Kommissar Frans Timmermans: Diversity is humanity´s destiny. Europe will be diverse – or have war!

I recently wrote on Soro´s cooperation with another Jew, Peter Sutherland, the UN  Secretary General’s Special Representative on International Migration about drowning Europe in refugees to destroy the homogeneity of the European peoples in the name of their NWO acc. to Coudenhove Kalergi and SarkozyThe Daily Caller 16 Aug. 2016 wrote that  Soros’  Open Society Funds” and here spent $7.725 million in all in 2013 to support immigration reform – working for the Pharisaic and Frankist rabbi and world ruler in the London City.

Rothschild tool Soros has openly dictated Europe and Germany how to manage refugees, he even published a plan or rather a diktat on how to do it in his notorious blog “The Syndicate Project” on 26 Sept. 2015. And as I wrote on 7 Jan. 2016 Soros has an insolent post:  George Soros, The New York Review of Books 27 Sept. 2012 . In it Soros reveals why he hates Germany and will submit it to shock therapy (mass immigration): Not because he is a Jew: He spent the best time of his life reporting other Jews to the Gestapo in Hungary – making a fortune on it. No. The reason is that the German Federal Bank and Constitutional Court would not accept Rothschild´s EU Fiscal Union, where Rothschild´s banks could go on tapping South European countries for money and have Germany pay for it until it became  just as insolvent and totally in Rothschild´s pocket.

But more and more leaked documents are surfacing. 

The Daily Caller 4 Sept. 2016:   Leaked documents from left-wing financier George Soros’s Open Society Foundations continue to reveal the extent to which the group has influenced the political response to Europe’s refugee crisis. Internal documents show OSF used $600,000 in reserve funding in March 2016 to bring pro-refugee positions into the “political mainstream.”

A summary of the proposal notes that “the proposed reserve fund allocation will allow for additional resources to be allocated towards countering xenophobic attitudes in Europe, move parts of the political mainstream towards more pro-refugee positions, and build constituencies around a more progressive approach to migration and asylum.”

A section of the proposal titled “Unforeseen need” explains that the money is needed because of the loss of sympathy for refugees in due in part to the November 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris.

What  Soros IS DOING on behalf of his master in the London City, is perfectly summarized  here by Alex Jones. What  Soros does  in politics, Rothschild’s Goldman Sachs does with business and buying “our” politicians:


The proposal notes, “While Germany started in mid-2015 with a widespread welcoming attitude towards refugees, by now general sentiment leans towards closure of borders.” The proposal claims that “Sweden, the other traditional stronghold of solidarity towards refugees, is facing similar challenges.”

As originally reported by The Daily Caller, a leaked OSF memo from May 2016 argues that Europe’s refugee crisis should be accepted as a “new normal,” and that the refugee crisis means “new opportunities” for Soros’s organization to influence immigration policies on a global scale.

That memo made a key points: OSF has been successful at influencing global immigration policy.

Another leaked memo reveals that OSF is anticipating an increase in “migration pressures in the coming decades” due in part to “globalization.”

The OSF documents were released by “hacktivist” group DCLeaks, which publishes documents from powerful political figures around the world.

Soros bribes Catholics to use them as “useful idiots”


Breitbart 31 Aug. 2016:  Leaked documents from Soros’ Open Society Policy Center reveal enormous donations to two faith-based organizations, calculated to advance Soros’ political agenda by deemphasizing abortion and religious freedom while championing liberal “social justice” causes in the lead-up to the 2016 election year

 Soros views Catholic Church leadership “as mere useful idiots to be manipulated to further [his] own political and, frankly, secularist agenda.”
According to Father Sirico, “Mr. Soros was contributing to the effort to recruit 10,000 volunteers while training 3,500 others for mobilization in order to influence the Catholic Church during Pope Francis’ 2015 U.S. visit.”
The donations sum some $650,000.

According to the New American, Soros is also “a leading financier of Obama, Hillary Clinton, the orchestrated ‘refugee crisis,revolutions around the world, the war on police, Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, globalism, and more.”

Fox News 4 Sept. 2016 “The practical capability of Europe to host new waves of refugees, not to mention irregular economic migrants, is close to limits,” Donald Tusk said at a news conference.

In Germany wagging tail Angela Merkel is having great trouble after painfully being relegated to the 3-largest party in Mecklenhurg -Vorpommern´s election.

Below FOKUS 9 Febr. 2016: CDU state Prime minister  says “Loss of conrolll no longer acceptable”!


 Also Sweden has been totally spoilt:  Its suburbs are turning into war zones  and here,  as well as sexual attacks and a police which has been imposed not to record rapes. The police in both Sweden and Germany   has been imposed not to mention Muslims as perpetrators of crimes – if they want to avoid being called “racists” – the worst invective in hypocritical Sweden. The best known scandal is the sexual attacks on New Year´s eve in Cologne. Also Denmark is under permanent attack: Stones thrown on cars, burning cars etc.

But The mass immigration is just one symptom of a deadly disease, a rottenness eating our souls from within – and our fundamental freedom to make individual decisions on how to use oneself and one´s labour.

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