Letter from Brexit-Beaten Rothschild´s/George Soros´Mouthpiece: The Just NWO War Goes on against Nation States, Whites, and Evil Traditionalists!

Avaaz.org – The World in Action

ricken-patelI have received a letter from Ricken Patel, leader of the Avaaz, the outlet of Rothschild agent George Soros, because a long time ago I signed a protest petition against Monsanto´s poisonous GMO.
Here you can see the beginning of the letter on  the Avaaz.org – The World in Action.
It has 40 mio. members and try to influence political decisions by petitions.

Avaaz was founded by Rothschild agent George Soros-funded and US democrats´Move-on. Soros  funded it in the beginning – and possibly still does.
Wikipedia:  After leaving Harvard, Patel lived in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Sudan and Afghanistan, consulting for organizations including the International Crisis Group (Board: George Soros, Gen. Wesley Clark, Carl Bildt etc.), the United Nations, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Gates Foundation, Harvard University, CARE International and the International Center for Transitional Justice.

perriello-obamaPatel´s Partner Tom Perriello is employed in the US State Dept. and is one of Obama´s best friends. Avaaz demanded a no-fly zone over Syria in 2012-13. Much more about this clicktivist NGO here.

Avaaz is, however an NWO NGO, working for the the Illuminati/Masonry.
The following letter can be seen as a greeting from Patel´s masters , George Soros and Jacob Rothschild, who  of no avail both threatened the Brits to cave in on their will (Infowars 21 June 2016 and The Guardian 20 June 2016). 

Excerpt of letter:

Today is a painful and shocking day for Britain, for Europe, and for our world. But, in one way, it may have been what we needed.

The progress we have built in our world of openness, tolerance, and interconnection is not something we can take for granted, it must be continuously, vigilantly sustained. The institutions we build to connect us must live in our hearts and minds, not just as bureaucratically functional tools. We need an ethic, spirit and culture of human connection and unity to keep the dark forces of our past – nationalism, racism – at bay.

But we must not falter now – this is one battle on a larger tapestry and the forces of fear and division are rising – from other nationalisms destroying Europe, to Donald Trump threatening generations of progress on racism and unity in the US, to much more. We must make Brexit a call to arms for our movement, a spark that reignites our passion to defend and renew the project of human peace and unity.

The youth of Britain backed Europe by massive margins, as they also oppose Trump and his ilk. The future is with us, if we can carry the banner long enough to hand it off to the next generations. Let’s gather our courage and commitment to fight for the world we all dream of.

Okiss-travelled-around-europever the past weeks our community rose and let its light shine in a beautiful way — hundreds of thousands of us around Europe met the politics of fear and division with love and unity — donating for ads and actions that covered the front pages of the media, coming out for love on the streets, calling to remove the editor from a newspaper spewing fear, and making thousands of phone calls to citizens to vote Remain.

Many UK voters – especially older voters in rural areas of England – were persuaded that Europe and the immigration it brought was threatening their communities, freedom and prosperity. Some just wanted any change to the status quo. Much of this had to do with a section of Britain’s unscrupulous media who turned themselves into naked propagandists for Brexit. But our broader movement also needs to do better on immigration – ensuring that policy choices about levels of immigration are backed up by hearts and minds. This is a weakness in many countries that movements of fear and division are keen to exploit.

New and serious battles are coming fast — Trump in the US, Le Pen in France, and Farage in the UK.

But we are a rising and powerful movement. We will meet each of these crusaders trying to drive us apart with our love and determination. And to win we are going to have to get even bigger and better to address the spreading viral cocktail of fear, nationalism and racism.

This is a distorted presentation of London City´s NWO: People for it and its racial Coudenhove Kalergi miscegenation of genes a, religions and cultures into virtual nothingness are good and loving – while we who stick to our traditions are evil forces to be defeated.

This is Today´s greeting from Jacob Rothschild and George Soros – today´s bad losers – who have, however, no doubt earned a lot of money on the enormous increase in the pound course due to their media´s false reports on the conclusion of the referendum, that  “remain” had won by 52-48% – or even more.
Even Nigel Farage acted in that deception. For on the morning of 24 June, the pound had hit the bottom!!  And I am sure the insiders knew the result.

This is old-fashioned propaganda for their Masonic Lucifer  who wants just this: No identity, no soul, no teachings of Christ, one mixed race with dark skin and low IQs instead of  the white race which has created our world for better and worse.


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5 Responses to Letter from Brexit-Beaten Rothschild´s/George Soros´Mouthpiece: The Just NWO War Goes on against Nation States, Whites, and Evil Traditionalists!

  1. Michael Kelley says:

    Gruß Gott, dear Anders

    I don’t know about this Brexit, myself. What I see is the absence of any context describing how Russia relates to the Brexit, so I will tell you what I think:

    First of all, Trump and his ilk are all about dumping NATO, something not inconvenient for Putin’s Kremlin, which is no coincidence at all. Now, I never thought the EU was done right, more like a Communist organization to me. But NATO is another thing, it’s a treaty safeguarding Western European nationalism against Soviet military invasion. So now so-called conservatives, led by Putin, “leader of world conservatism”, want to axe NATO, while there are something like half a million Russian military massed on the frontier with Europe. What would a show of weakness invite if not an invasion? So all this nationalist talk is just empty rhetoric. You won’t have any nation of your own with Russian troops occupying it.

    And the British are probably in collusion with Putin. Get a grip man, they are a bunch of snakes and Jews, and will forever be on the side that’s winning. So now the British won’t be compelled to come to your aid if Russia invades. How convenient, since they will, just as soon as the Jews get a civil war going to distract America. And your White nationalism? It will be on par with Russia’s: Jewish criminal overlords inviting Asians in to take your place, while paying lip service to your ethnic pride.

    I can not imagine an outcome now where you won’t get invaded, with the British safely out of it and America not far behind in handing out dearest allies to the wolves.

  2. Anders says:

    Hello, Michael Kelley.

    I think you are right.

    But I (a Dane) – and in particular many Germans – would rather see Europe occupied by Russians than by the EU rats that occupy us with Muslims
    who will with certainty introduce their hellish Sharia within the next 20 years.
    By the way – the UK is still obligated to defend Europe through NATO – but like the rest of us they send their military tto the Middle East – so that it is lacking to defend Europe.

    I also see a WWIII nuclear scenario with the US being burnt to the ground within 1 hour – if Revelation 17-18 is right (I am sceptic)

    if Hillary – the rich whore – becomes president. She will be steered by the Illuminati into war with Iran (which she declares she will to help Israel!Her grandmother was a Jewess and spoke Jiddisch) and Russia.

    If NATO, which is no longer a defence league but an instrument all over the world for the NWO-Masons/Illuminati, should really be dissolved the Europeans would enter into a pact with Russia (they already tend to) – directed against the US. Especially the germans like Putin much more than the US which has been bullying Germany and the rest of us since WWII

    So what I can fear is the US nuclear missiles.

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  4. Michael Kelley says:

    Wow! It’s that bad now. That’s so sad to me, but I see your point. Don’t neglect to pay attention to the fact that Russia has been assisting Muslim migrants in reaching Europe too, and that the whole game is a problem-reaction-solution with the participants being NWO-Illuminati in both West and East. The fact that you prefer Russian dictatorship to Muslims going apey in the street is a forgone conclusion by the engineers of the catastrophe.

    I honestly wish that my country had something hopeful to offer, but our people suffer under the oppressive Jew-British-NWO here in America, our electoral institution is a sham, and our economy is increasingly two tiered. Just remember God, the Holy Trinity, and don’t shy from acting as a Christian when the Russians have you in a camp. We will not be there to see it because we will have been destroyed.

  5. Anders says:

    Hello, Michael.

    I also have any reason to fear the Russians, having warned against the Communist KGB Jew Putin http://new.euro-med.dk/20140318-warning-against-putin-his-roll-and-environment-are-much-more-dangerous-than-those-of-scheming-obama.php

    and that he seems to be the anointed Antichrist of the Illuminati http://new.euro-med.dk/20140320-is-putin-still-a-freemason.php in. You can also see it on the Blog of former MI6 boss John Scarlett, who was Putin´s teacher, on 9 Febr. 2007 at 01:57 o´clock http://johnscarlett.blogspot.dk/2006/12/john-scarlett-eggman.html. The British MI6 and KGB agents were educated in the same school!!!

    So, my future may be death or prison no matter if the Russians occupy us or the Sharia Muslims whom I criticize even more, do.
    I hope Jesus Christ will put an end to this madness soon.
    But I also know that this will only happen in the middle of WWIII (Matth.24, Luke 21).

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