The Ruler of the World and His Ways: You Are Victim of An Incredible Deception. Wake Up!

The NWO is simple to explain: Turn everything upside down – and truth becomes lie, good becomes evil and vice versa, war becomes peace and vice versa, nature becomes unnaturalness and vice versa, men become women and vice versa  — and Satan becomes God and vice versa.

obama-messiaWe are being governed by people who via their Masonic (super)lodges have been brainwashed to think so and act accordingly.

And we find this abomination quite all right and vote for these corrupt people!

Here is the nature of just one influential NWO puppet – even with his finger on the nuclear bomb trigger!
In 2008 Obama was seen as the Messiah, worshiped by even the German masses to save the world after the criminal Bush  and Clinton governments. He even got the Peace Nobel Prize – and then created total chaos in the muslim world through his Arab Spring, invaded Libya, started the Syrian war and is now  challenging Russia for world war III and here.
Nevertheless, people still follow and respect him.

Where-is-obama´s birth-certificateUnless you are born in the United States of America you cannot become president there acc. to the US constitution.
Obama is the first US president in history who never presented a genuine American birth certificate – but tried to cheat several times with a forged American birth certificate.

However, he does seem to have  a genuine birth certificate – from Kenya. And his grandmother as well as the Kenyan ambassador to the US  testify that Obama  was born in Kenya – and she was present at his birth”.




This means Obama was too much of a coward to confess in public that he is gay and married to a man, deceiving Christians to give this Muslim their votes. Thus Obama is an impostor – and he is also a member of the Muslim Brotherhood to create the NWO one-world Caliphate. Western Journalism even thinks Obama works on that  – and may become the first world sultan!

Do you remember Obama´s election campaign slogan – and how this brought people under his spell? (forget the backtracking nonsense)

Obama+alisteir-Crowley-shirtThat Obama had a homosexual and Communist mentor, Frank Davis,  and here is well-known – as are his own admission that he used cocaine and pot at College.

That Obama is homosexual is no secret.

But worse: He admires the “world´s wickedest man”, Satanist Alistair Crowley – whom I described in my Obama post on 10 Apr. 2012

Next, see the video below from the beginning to the 1:36 mark:




Now you know who really rules the world.

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